Dealing with Duplicate Monsters


Player’s Choice Godfest is in full swing and with it comes a flurry of questions fixated around duplicate monsters. Some cards have tremendous value even after pulling 2-3 of them, but some may feel a bit out of place and pulling an excessive amount of the same card can be disheartening.

This article will focus on how to approach duplicate monsters and how to make the best decision for your Monster Box.

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Your first time acquiring a card

I do not care if it is a silver or a 6-star GFE you think is lackluster, you should NEVER sell/fuse away a card if it is the very first time you have acquired it.

This is because all cards have some degree of value and GungHo has a tendency to continuously buff older cards back into relevance or when the meta shifts to a new playstyle. While silver eggs tend to receive less than stellar treatment, they may still have niche value or can be used as an SI transfer to act as a stat boost and SDR buffer.

It is also challenging to reacquire a specific card and you do not want to have seller’s-remorse as you may never be able to re-pull the same card again.

Keep at least 2 of each Pantheon/GFE

Silver Eggs tend to have less potential, even with a future buff, but Pantheon cards and GFE have infinite potential to grow with awoken/reincarnated evolutions. For example, Ganesha 3071 was upon release a disappointing card that was magically transformed with their current evolution for both the rank boosting potential and bind immune/double TPA sub. The point is, you never know how a card can turn around with a future evolution and those that are lacking an ultimate/awoken/reincarnated form have the most room for growth.

When to keep more than 2 of a card

Despite having thousands of cards in Puzzle and Dragons, you will find yourself with certain cards that are overly attached who continuously appear every Godfest. When faced with 3 or more of a certain card, you need to determine how much value does it provide and what is their current maximum evolution available.

In terms of value, you need to determine how much merit they have as a leader, sub, and inherit. While leaders you only tend to need one of, subs can be used in dupes and inherits can have widespread applications across many teams.

Valuable inherits

Cards that provide utility have more functionality than those with single orb changers, thus something like Orochi 3386 and Indra Indra are highly desired as they can be used as inherits on essentially every team.

Generally speaking, cards with the following attributes associated with their active skill should be kept in larger amounts:

  • Utility (delays, shields, true damage, burst damage, etc.)
  • Board changers that produce hearts (better)
  • Board changers that do not produce hearts
  • Orb changers that do not remove hearts
  • Orb changers that keep key colours for meta teams intact (eg. Pandora  for Dark Athena 3193)
  • Actives with higher value that tend to have longer cooldowns (eg. Mitsunari 3105)
  • Duplicates of currently used subs/leaders

Remember, board changers that produce different elements can be used on those applicable teams and it is better to pursue a higher value active and forgo the stat transfer provided you do not need to overcome a specific HP threshold.

Duplicates of currently subs/leaders is a fantastic way to provide a stat transfer while helping protect yourself against skill delays.

Current maximum evolution

One beneficial aspect of being 3 months behind the JP server is the ability to see into the PAD future of upcoming evolutions. This can help provide insight as to what a card may become, but failing that, you should determine what the current maximum evolution of a card is.

Presently speaking, the highest form of evolution is Reincarnated followed by Awoken for Pantheon cards and Split evo trees for GFE.

For Pantheon cards, they should all receive a Reincarnated form at some point while GFE tend to follow a split path. Granted this can change in the future, but you should use this information to determine if a card has room to grow.

If your Pantheon card has not even received an Awoken form, it means they have the potential to receive a buffed active and leader skill while those missing a Reincarnated form will gain an improved Leader Skill and 1,000 weighted stats.

On the flip side, a GFE tends to follow a split path that will better differentiate them as a leader or sub. However, it is hard to determine the exact power that they can receive and GungHo has a tendency to keep 6-stars near the top of viability due to their rarity.

In essence, I would be hesitant to sell cards that are missing these evolutions as they have unlimited potential for greatness.

6-star GFE

6-star GFE are the rarest cards to acquire and it is hard to justify selling them, even if there is 50,000 Monster Points waiting on the other side. Unless you are someone who is able to excessively roll, the chances of you reacquiring a 6-star GFE are horribly low and GungHo loves to keep them as powerful as possible.

Unless you are sitting on more than 4 of a single one, I would not sell them.

How many is too many?

I would say a safe rule of thumb is keeping no more than 4 of a single card barring exceptional value or potential.

I say 4 because a system team (albeit aging team build) only need 4 along with rarely needing to run that many on a single team.

However, if a card has a widely used utility, it can be advantageous to have many duplicates as it will save you time and effort inheriting.

1 Magic Stone = 5 box space

If you are ever unsure as to what you should do with a particular card, just remember, you can simply add box space. A single Magic Stone will provide 5 box space and you are far better of making this investment if faced with an overloaded box instead of selling it away.

Furthermore, increase box space is always a worthwhile investment as it never “goes bad” and is a permanent upgrade for your account.

If unsure or find yourself hesitating to sell a card, you should keep it.

Plus eggs or Monster Points

With most Godfests containing bonus Plus Eggs on each roll, it can sometimes be challenging to determine if it is better to sell for Monster Points or fuse for Plus Eggs.

Both options have their own merits and in this day and age, both are easy to acquire. With access to Star Den, 10x Descends, and the +9/15 PEM plus eggs have never been easier to acquire.

On the other hand, GungHo is increasing the frequency and rate of free Monster Points and we have received over 500,000 in the past few months alone.

Thus, the question bottles down to what do you need more? Are you closing in on a valuable Monster Point card or are you trying to fully max out a certain team?

From a dungeon farming perspective (in coop), it takes 25 stamina to acquire 10 plus eggs or 500 Monster Points. However, farming plus eggs tends to be significantly easier and more accessible overall. As such, I tend to use a 1,000 MP = 10 Plus Eggs template for determining if I fuse or sell a card if I am in different to either option. Therefore, a 3,000 MP card should be sold if it contains less than 30 Plus Eggs.

Again, this is my own rule and does not mean it is something you must strictly abide by.


While this may seem a bit ambiguous, it is important to be able to understand how and why cards are important before removing duplicates from your Monster Box.

Everyone has different goals in Puzzle and Dragons so you need to use your own judgement as to whether a card is valuable enough to keep when faced with duplicates. However, regardless of your situation, you should ask yourself where could I possibly use this card before getting rid of it.

Happy Puzzling!

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53 thoughts on “Dealing with Duplicate Monsters”

  1. Just rolled 3rd indra and 2nd orochi as well as sheen. Is there any use for burst active/delay for a revo kush team? Any reason to use orochi over zeta hydra on dathena?


    1. Kush does not need burst as you hit 9-10 combos and everything melts. Thus, board change + Kush = explosion

      Non-awoken Orochi is same skill as Zeta Hydra which is best delay for DA


  2. I’ve got my third Kush yesterday… what to do with her? The first one is alreay reincarnated, maxskilled an +297, Should I sold one and UEvo the other? :/


    1. I used my second one as a SI buffer on the primary one

      Kush is currently the best she will be for a while now so it is hard to foresee a situation where you need 3


      1. Thank for your advice. I’ll Reincarnate the second and UEvo the third.

        With my last PCGF roll I’vo got a second Persephone… Raincarnate and SI (well, what about Awoken her for my Aizen?)


  3. I know that feel Bro! Over the time of my account I rolled a total of 9 Bastet’s… Whenever she’s featured in a godfest I end up rolling her. I even got Bride Bastet 3 times during the June Bride REM last year…


      1. Haha you got me on that one! 😂 I guess Kushi is such a lady, she doesn’t need to annoy to get my attention, cause she knows that she’s my number 1!

        While talking about Kushinada, I rolled a Fujin during the PCGF today and now I’m debating weither or not I should use Fujin on my Kushinada as Inherit, since I’m running Indra right now on her.

        My team currently is:

        Kushinada (Indra)
        Haku (Ishida Mitsunari)
        Haku (Lumiel)
        Haku (Sheen)
        RValk (got Orochi during the PCGF, once he’s awoken, I’ll put him on her)

        I was mostly using a very high ranked friend with a Fujin Inherit, but I’m still not as smooth with Arena3 so I’m kinda lacking the dragon killer latents… Do you have some wise words for me? 🤔


        1. Fujin on any card will make you more popular with your friends.

          As for Fujin on Kush, it makes it easier and if you are playing coop, you have plenty of actives to spare.

          Running RValk is for guard break but you are running Lumiel as an inherit? I feel that may make Vishnu/parv harder. I feel that Sheen isnt really needed due to the rapid scaling


          1. Thanks for your advice! 🙂

            I’ll put Fujin on Kushi and Indra over Sheen on Haku.

            Instead of RValk I will probably use something like RevoAstaroth or Mito!


      1. two more rolls, squeezed out a few more challenge mode stones and bought some coin dungeons : dragon rider and haku…. sometimes one roll can turn your day around, also now i can make a 4/1/4 team which recovers 30% of its health every turn as well as making heals -_-


  4. I kept 3 Indra … sold the other 2. And I still plan to pull more tonight … we’ll see if they come back home. Ha! 🙂 Thanks for the thoughtful consideration. Good points to ponder.


    1. I agree that they have been more rare and hopefully they do return, but at least it exists. For myself, I did stock up and always get a large influx from the GH PEM


  5. I got 5 mor motonari’s. If i make a team with B/F as lead and B/B how much content can it clear and how useful is 3 isis’s


  6. Hahah Gadius was my overly attached (6) but now its leilan… (7)… I also had 6 kurone. I did pull 4 skulds somehow.


        1. She is getting a split uevo which will include the additional attack (resolve killer) awakening and two 7 combo awakenings on top of 1k weighted stats. If that wasn’t enough, this will also be the leader focused evo which can form a 56.25x atk, 6.25x rcv team just by matching water and wood.


  7. Got simayi. For some reason I had to talk to liu bei and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down.


  8. Great guide, thx “man”. BTW, I have about 50 weapon series sitting in my box, I don’t use them, and their AS is so bad that when used as assist it will literally ruin your base card skills, and I can’t use them as shield for skill delay either because of their 3 turn low CD. I been keeping them for years, what should I do with them? Thx


    1. Weapon series (Claymore etc) are mostly used in luxury button farming builds as they have massive ATK to inherit Grimjoww. Really niche tbh and I havent used mine either


  9. Loved this post! I saw you make several similar comments in the last few months so I haven’t sold any of my REM rolls for mp in quite a while.

    I decided to spend a little and break my non-iap vow.

    Main ended up rolling some dqxqs, anubis, and 2nd and 3rd haku. Unfortunately no kushi for me, but it looks like I now have a pretty solid anubis team between my two accounts… Time to learn how to puzzle!


    1. Yeah i thought it was about time I actually put down my thoughts to figurative paper and I am glad you enjoyed it!

      I hope you learn how to puzzle as Anubis is lots of fun =D


  10. So now I have 5 d kalis talk about fancy dupes, and no rainbow teams…I seriously have no idea what to do with them…


  11. I rolled a lot of dupes during heroine (seems like elgenubi won’t stay away, and Ilmina will never be mine) and ended up selling all but one to get DA. However, I just recently got 2 andromeda, a second Haku, a second Isis, and my husband got 2 ilmina and we’re keeping all of them. As you said, he made 1 ilmina a leader and the other a sub/team member. For Isis I do plan to have two separate evolutions. I don’t tend to roll too many dupes, but with new evolutions coming out, it certainly makes it less disappointing when I do get one, for sure.

    I rolled surprisingly well during this recent PCGF so I’m still riding that high…


  12. Great article
    Suggestions for:
    5 sleeping beauties
    4 fumas
    4 lokis
    4 acalas
    4 lui bei
    4 Sarutobi sasuke
    3 dark hanzos
    2 mighty dragón samurai

    Thanks bro 😉


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