Creature Quest June Updates


Creatures Quest has a major update in-store for the month of June that will feature various balances/buffs to existing Creatures, Guild enhancements, new Events(!), plus more hidden gems.

There is no specified date for this update, but it will come out soon

Video Commentary

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Creature changes

The developers at VCME are continuously fine-tuning the various Creatures available to ensure all of them have a place in the current meta. This update mostly consists of various buffs/balance reworks to various Legendary Creatures.

This is fantastic as it helps keep the meta more fluid as there should ideally be no overpowering Creatures that produce “meta” teams. Another factor that helps provide diversity in Creature Quest is the counter-colour flowchart that heavily punishes and rewards intelligent colour coordination.

Special Ability/Awakening Changes:

Modifying DoTs/Poisons to deal higher amounts of damage over a shorter amount of time is a dramatic boost in offensive capabilities, even if the actual damage is left unchanged. While DoTs are less effective in the Dungeon Challenge (PvP), they are wonderful for the Battle Tower as they tend to do the most damage overall and by having them expire fast means you can reapply them once again at an earlier time.

There are no actual numbers associated to these changes, but the revealed patch notes tell us what to expect.

  • All Legendary Dragons4 and 5 Star versions received a slight damage boost and now have a 100% chance to cast Debuffs/DoTs. This is fantastic as it helps solidify them as hard counters to their effective colour. Furthermore, the higher chance to apply their debuffs have applications for PvE and PvP. Hopefully this applies to their fully evolved forms.
  • Green DragonAdjusting Poison to be shorter but stronger, allowing for more damage potential. Once again, improving their PvE capabilities in grinding down tanky encounters
  • Gold DragonAdding Fatigue debuff for more utility. To be honest, Fatigue debuffs are somewhat lackluster and have very few applications, even in PvE.
  • AlchemistNow uses LUK to emphasize Creature’s strengths. Adding Mend buff and tweaking DoTs to be shorter but stronger, providing more utility. While we do not know the exact changes to the mend and DoT numbers, this change could make Alchemist a very potent off-healer provided the mend is strong enough and will have applications in the higher difficulty Battle Tower floors through the stronger DoT.
  • ArchangelNow uses ATK to emphasize Creature’s strengths. Focusing more damage to fewer targets for more consistency. I own and use a 3-dot Archangel and his output is somewhat dissapointing as his single target damage (even with all 3 additional hits) is lacking compared to most other nuking options. Thus, by reworking him to use ATK (higher by about 200 than PWR), it could make him more competitive with other nuking options while hopefully retaining some splash damage potential. However, they need to significantly ramp up either his ATK or multiplier to really stay abreast with other options as he somewhat relies on his first awakening and high LUK to gain additional critical strikes.
  • ChimeraNow uses LUK to emphasize Creature’s strengths. Reworked to cause a massive Poison to the main hit (comparable to the Phoenix!). Awakenings now also provide vastly increased survivability. Chimera is an often underused Electric Creature as he really was not good enough at anything to warrant a spot on more diverse teams. However, by reworking his DoT potential to be on par with Phoenix could make him a formidable defender IF his awakenings do provide him with enough survivability to actually see the DoT tick once. What makes the Phoenix so strong is the high LUK, immense health, and ability to self heal with a full resurrection. This would cause players to spend extra turns fighting the Pheonix and this would ultimately lead to the powerful DOT ticking and killing any non-Water Creature.
  • KirinAdding random Cleanses to occur before the heals, providing a strong utility to this strong healer. Kirin is currently the strongest healer from a raw healing point of view as max evolution provides 10 random ticks of 60% LUK. Furthermore, the LUK buff is able to reach 50% which is key to defeating Battle Tower 51 (you can see my clear HERE). However, Kirin’s main weakness was no cleanse and having the heals target random non-full health Creatures. Thus, by providing random cleanses, it could mean Kirin becomes the strongest healer in the game as they are now able to essentially provide all the required utility needed. Furthermore, very few Dungeon Challenges feature a hard hitting Dark floor 1 which helps ensure your Kirin lives long enough to heal your team. Time to replace Siren?
  • MegalodonNow uses ATK to emphasize Creature’s strengths. Removing ‘random’ targeting and adding a slight damage increase, making it a more reliable damage dealer. Megalodon was one of the worst nuking options as he targeted a random Creature while not actually having a very high multiplier despite ignoring DEF (eg. Frost Giant was better in every aspect). However, switching to his higher stat, improving the damage, and removing the randomness could make Megalodon a more favourable nuking option. This only makes sense as he has no collateral benefit outside of damage so he should be able to hit harder than a Frost Giant. He is currently a top 100 reward in the Gold Tier this week.
  • BansheeFixing an issue with its awakened ability: additional hit has intended chance to silence.
  • Fire Giant Fixing an issue with its awakened ability: additional hit has an intended chance to stun.
  • ContenderooFixing an issue with its awakened ability: will now hit the intended number of times. This has been a major issue for a while now as Contenderoo would be dealing far too much damage and one shotting almost any Water Creature along with severely crippling non-Fire ones. This should place his damage more on-par with other Medium defenders.
  • ShaitanFixing an issue with its awakened ability: heal will apply as intended when buffed.
  • Siren Fixing an issue where the main target Cleanse was inconsistent with the adjacent target Cleanses.
  • SilenceWill now properly add the ‘Silence Immune’ shield the first turn after being applied.
Stat modifications for balancing purposes:

Buffs: I presume these are stat boosts and should help bring these Creatures back into more teams as they will hopefully be able to keep up with their current alternatives.

  • Alchemist
  • Archmage
  • Banshee
  • Chimera
  • Cyclops
  • Green Dragon
  • Kirin
  • Lich
  • Pyromancer
  • Succubus
  • Megalodon Because its Special Ability is now based on ATK, we decreased it slightly. But don’t worry – we didn’t jump the shark – it will still be doing more damage than before! Nerf on paper for his base stats, but his overall output is dramatically improved. No need to worry.
  • Forest Giant Creature was too well rounded, dealing decent damage and stunning enemies, while also healing the entire party. We like his utility, but his PWR stat made him do his job a little too well. 
    • Being a Giant, he also had massive HP. Because of his utility, we decided to make him a little less healthy than his Giant Bros. Don’t count him out though, he’ll still be sticking around the battlefield with increased DEF. 

I said it before in my previous videos, but Forest/Green Giant was far too strong in his current form. He essentially did everything as he could stun, heal, counterattack heal, and absorb massive amounts of damage. Perhaps this is a side-effect of being in the Giant Pantheon as it is probably the strongest one available due to their stuns, counterattacks, and innate tankiness. While this nerf does break my heart a little as I have been dumping all of my Battle Tower essences into him, it really does not come as too big of a surprise.

Presently, with level 105, full totems, Soldier Tome, and the +15% awakening, my Forest Giant has over 22,000 HP. This is a little ridiculous as he tends to always live through all Floor 1. The change from HP to DEF will make him more squishy, but hopefully will not be as massive of a nerf that Stegosaurus had.


Lots of exciting features coming out in June and I cannot wait for the full and detailed patch notes.

Happy Questing!

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