I Want Your Feedback


Over the past several days I have been reinstalling my entire desktop due to a hacker infiltrating this website stealing 3 months of ad revenue by putting their PayPal email address over mine. I have repeatedly changed the passwords, email address used, and even reinstalled everything on my desktop to try and keep them out.

The whole process has left me somewhat depressed as every single penny I earn goes to funding my medical expenses and not something that is actually fun or entertaining. I have a physical disability that leaves me in constant pain along with a potentially cancerous lump in my right eye (can read more about it HERE) and I created this website to share my passion for Puzzle and Dragons as well as helping others. I never expected to surpass 3.7 million views since starting in October 2015, but here I am averaging over 11,000 views per day in 2017.

Regardless, I want to take this opportunity to find out why you come to my website as well as helping guide me/make suggestion for future content while I finish putting everything back together on my computer.

Video commentary

—video goes here—-

Reasons why you come to here

Everyone has different reasons for coming to my website and while the vast majority of referrers are search engines (with Google occupying 98% of them), there are a good chunk who have bookmarked this site. While I can see what are the more popular articles, I would also like to know the whys behind them.

With that being said, there are certainly things I enjoy writing about more than others, but I want to know what your reasons for coming here are.

Thus, I will try to use the poll function in WordPress to quickly gather data. You can vote multiple times, but may only submit once. I don’t know how I will see the results but I can figure it out along the way. Feel free to elaborate in the comments below.

Where you consume and how you consume?

Weird question, but I want to know where you access my website along with what electronic device you use:

Length and detail of each article

What style of postings do you prefer? I would like to maximize time spent to the amount of people it could help as some articles can take days to write.


Thank you for providing your feedback as it is important to me as well as future content creation moving forward. The polls should work, but the comment section is always a great place to leave your thoughts.

Happy Puzzling!

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41 thoughts on “I Want Your Feedback”

  1. That sucks, sorry to hear that. I’d try contacting paypal, they should be able to reverse those funds that went to the hacker’s account.

    I love all your posts, they help me out a lot!


  2. Mantastic, contact your local police. Call PayPal again and escalate to management. I know they are a pain to deal with but try.

    Also contact BC Attorney General.


    1. PayPal has insisted that it is a WordPress issue so they cannot help (the hacker has also used dif emails each month so idk what month 1&2 were)

      I am not sure how to proceed with contacting the authorities as the person is potentially outside of Canada


  3. What is the actual paypal the funds should go to? when we donate on paypal it would list out the eventual recipient, so posting that could be helpful


    1. What happened was the person who got into my WP account changed the email address for the PayPal to go to them from the ad revenue. So my PayPal was not compromised, but WordPress was.


  4. Very sorry to hear about the hacker situation =( I also hope your health is going as okay as it can be these days for you.

    In regards to site content, I absolutely adore this site and have it bookmarked. I’ve become a better player and I hardly make a move on pulling without consulting your site. I hope to become a Patreon in the future too! Just keep up the good work and being awesome!!


  5. Sorry about the hack man, that sucks.

    Regarding the poll, I’m subscribed to the blog and any time I get a mail notification I check out your posts. But I will concede, the Creature Quest stuff is not interesting to me. I watched some videos of you playing, and it totally looks like that game is not for me. I appreciate you spending time with another game when there just isn’t that much to write about in PAD lately, though… if it works for you, it works 🙂


    1. You are one of my longest term viewers and one of the top commenters so I am thankful you always come back around =D

      Writing about a different game is sometimes refreshing as it is all new/exciting still. I know that CQ isnt for everyone, but quite a few of my friends play it and the discord channel for CQ is growing.


  6. Wow that is so unfortunate that you were hacked and they did that to you. I love coming to your site to check out your opinions and your views on PAD. It has given me a new appreciation for the game that doesn’t compare to other games now. Hopefully your health gets better and thanks again for all your hard work! Happy Puzzling!


  7. I don’t usually post, but I would remove ad earnings estimates as that is against terms of service and could result in account loss.


  8. I’m so sorry to hear about your encounter with a hacker 😦 I’ve heard of several business that were affected by the recent ransomware thing and malicious hackers really are just the worst >.< Best of luck in resolving the issue 😦

    I voted! Honestly I like a bit of everything, this blog is one of my favorite places to stop by online.


  9. Thank you for all you do! My brother and I access your site daily, and it is awesome. We love the team guides, the thoughts on godfests, and especially the recommendations on evolution tiers.


  10. Want some feedback well ur page sucks…(yeah and I visit it everyday XD) jokes aside, you do a really good job on your articles and have a clear element that makes people come and visit your page often( at least by my standards) and it is that you upload content often…Pad changes way too fast and most pages are not able to follow up with the meta, however you do…and even make some corrections of your previous videos according to how the meta changes…also your guides are fun and it reflects the love you have for the game as they are detailed, just to give you an understanding on how much value your page gives out to me and other like me..just know that I cant roll on a godfest without seeing your review first and this is always a rule twice a month…Im sorry about the hacker incident hope this doesnt stop you from the great work you do…life gets tough sometimes but those who work hard will always persevere..good luck man best wishes.


    1. Thank you for your feedback and kind words =P

      I am able to see what the more popular articles are, but it helps to see why people enjoy them so thank you for the response and feedback!


  11. Sorry to hear about you getting hacked. That really sucks. As for why I visit this site, its a lot of things, but mostly because you’re an experienced player and the info you provide has helped me move forward in the game. Reviewing cards and providing team building suggestions around them is immensely helpful. I’ve quit PAD a couple times, and even lost an account cause I didn’t keep up with my info, due to the walls you tend to hit moving from early game to mid game content. I had strong cards but no idea about the best ways to use them. Ive only been reading your blog since March but in that time I’ve managed to start reliably 0 stoning decend dungeons and the higher levels of normal and technical dungeons, though I haven’t hit arena or colosseum yet.


    1. Glad my content has helped you progress and thank you for the feedback as to what is most important to you =)

      It seems that reviewing new evos is the most popular theme thus far


  12. Hello man,

    As everyone, I’m so sorry for your loss of money and time. Be careful if you stick with WordPress, it’s one of the less secure publishing thing in the internet world, just after going on a random website to search for p**n. Please don’t include a critical data that would hurt you if changed / deleted. That was my 2 cents, easier to say that to do I guess. Else you can try to update wordpress immediatly everytime an update is released.

    Content wise, I like almost everything you do. I’m just personally not interested much by videos, and not at all by non PAD stuff.

    But for everything else… I doubt I would still play PAD without you. It’s good to see your passion, I benefit from your analysis, I don’t go much on facebook so I get all news from your website, I refresh the page every 30 min when a new premium machine / GF is coming to decide if I should pull or not… without your blog, PAD would be much less colorful!

    Gambatte ne!


    1. I have been exploring other mediums for my website but none seem to be in-line with my own tech abilities/ease of usage.

      I dont use any plugins and I have left is pretty basic thus far and no sensitive information is stored here

      The videos part is good to know, I started to make videos to go alongside articles so people have a choice of which medium to pursue and I feel that has been successful overall

      Finally, I am glad my content has been helpful and I can enrich your overall PAD experience =D


  13. Ahhh I dont know what I would do without you or your site! So much insight and thought put into a game that I at first thought was extremely basic, but now realise how deep and intricate the game is.

    In terms of suggestions maybe, as someone who is only rank 250 ish and is starting to get a couple of teams well rounded off, I would like to see maybe some team guidelines for the higher dungeons? So like what I should aim for within my team in order to deal with the certain spawns, control damage etc..

    I know some of it would cover very basic elements of a team composition, but as I was levelling I didnt really look too much into the mechanics of the game and just played it as a match the colours game with a rainbow lead, so when I got to the harder dungeons with mechanics, it did get a little overwhelming.

    Or maybe just what you look for in a good team, to give the newer players an idea of what kind of cards are worth keeping when they roll them from the egg machine.

    Anyways thanks to you and your guides I’ve been able to form a decent Krishna team as well as almost finish my dark athena team also – super pumped!

    Hope you win the battle to get your money back – hackers are so spineless these days.

    All the best


    1. Glad I have been able to enhance your PAD journey =D

      As for your suggestion, I feel that linking more YT clears for the harder dungeons may help as it will showcase how to deal with challenging spawns/mechanics (you can look at my ch8-10 clears in the next post)

      I have written about team building in the past from a general point of view but maybe need to update it

      Finally, I am glad your Krishna team is coming along as well as your DA!


  14. I’m very sorry to here about this incident. I hope you are able to get your hard earned money back. I wish you the best of luck with all future endeavors! Thanks to you, I am able to evolve from using trashy leaders to becoming someone who is much more decent at the game!


  15. Sorry to hear about this…one of the ‘benefits’ of website success. Good web security is hard. It is true that wordpress is a magnet for hackers as it has a well deserved reputation for security holes. Do you have any idea how the hackers got in?


      1. Heh…’holes that are known today’. Maybe your tech friends have suggested this but I will just throw it out there just in case:

        The main thing as far as revenue is that your donation link goes to the right place. So one idea is to fire up a recurring task (cron job in tech terms) on another system that visits your site, checks the paypal links and if something is amiss, sends you a panic email.


  16. I’m sorry for what happened, I believe this is a problem when we use something that is widely known as wordpress (mainly code).

    About my feedback, the main reason that keeps me accessing your site is actually you.
    You helped me a lot when I started playing this game without expecting anything in return, and even today when I have vital decisions to make I always ask you before.

    So don’t worry about what you just lost today because God will give you back in double.

    Take care of your health brother, I wish you the best, and always happy puzzling.\o/


  17. I love all your insight for PAD! It is so useful and I don’t know where else I would get it it if you didn’t do this. I am currently following you on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and on here. What I personally find most useful is your reviews on new content, team building, and especially as a pretty seasoned rank 472 player the updates on the current state of the meta. Well stay healthy! I’m sure karma will bite those hackers. Most of all thank you for all the time and effort you put into this just to help players like us out.


    1. Thank you for your kind words as well as elaboration as to what kind of content you enjoy =) This helps me better focus on what people want to read while being mindful of the time commitment etc


  18. Wow… I had no idea about your life situation, my husband and I have been using your site on and off (been rather heavily depending on it lately as I got better, occasionally we’d muse about what your occupation was) and now I won’t roll or evolve cards unless I’ve checked your opinion on it! We honestly cried when we read your health update post last night and today I subscribed to youtube, twitch (I have amazon prime), twitter etc. Kind of have no idea what I’m doing on discord but maybe I’ll get there.

    For why we come here… I was on a steep learning curve with PAD, started playing 200+ days ago and it’s helped me understand the game a lot better, build teams, and give insight into what direction we should go in. I like seeing how kind and excited you are about the game, and it makes it fun coming here. Also, you actually care and respond, which is awesome.

    As for articles, I read most of them except the ones on the game that isn’t PAD. My husband and I are struggling a little bit with inherits (using them when we need them, forgetting to and having the first ability pass us by and getting stuck) and are on the edge of clearing annihilation mode but we need to get ourselves in order and plan a bit more for those dungeons. It doesn’t seem like other people have this problem and maybe we’re just being too haphazard… Also having the right killers for the right situations, maybe we don’t have enough cards 9_9;; He loves games and PAD is one that I took a shine to, so it’s something I can do with him that involves me in his hobby, and by extension, you help us with that time together 🙂


    1. Hey sorry for the late reply!

      Thank you for your support across my variuos platforms and as for Discord, you simply join my server and can then sync your twitch account to your Discord account (via User Settings) and you unlock an exclusive chat channel (classy contributors) and a special colour

      I completely agree that PAD has a massive learning curve (comboing/orb matching along with the actual knowledge of the mechanics/cards) and it really does not feel like a mobile game

      I am thrilled to hear that you and your husband are able to bond over PAD and I am confident you will move forward into annihilation content soon! As for Skill Inheritance, just view as a tool to bring new utility to your team as you can use actives that would otherwise be inaccessible.


  19. Hey, I have been meaning to comment on this post for a while. Your content is the sole reason I can even keep up with new monster additions and honestly, you’re the main reason I keep on playing. A formerly close friend introduced me to the game then left me high and dry. It’s really thanks to you that I am still playing (over 450 days). It feels wonderful to have someone else to talk to about this, and I feel a great sense of community on your site.
    I finally cleared Legendary Snowy Valley (It took two stones, but it still counts! XD) Your articles and analysis are the only reasons I didn’t rage quit this game months ago. You’re never condescending in your responses, and you aren’t disgusting in your commentary. I’ve ditched similar sites because of really rapey comments and the like. But you manage to still be funny and helpful all at the same time


    1. I think the variation in your articles is really great because due to my disability, I either hyperfocus or have no attention span whatsoever, and it’s great to know that I can also revisit articles easily. Your site is very accessible as is the language you use in your articles. It’s super fucking shitty of those who robbed you because you are a community resource, and I am so happy that you decided to continue to publish because I wouldn’t blame you if you had decided to go on hiatus at least. But thank you for all the work you do. Thank you for inspiring me as a disabled person not only to hold onto things I enjoy, but also to take pride in the work I do.


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