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[Videos] Player’s Choice Godfest Rolling Results

I had to split up the video into two parts due to the sheer size of each one and the fear that OBS was about to crash. I also have a running tab alongside to showcase each roll as they come in so you have the option to skip ahead etc.

Full PCGF review can be found HERE

Part 1


Part 2

Hopefully your PCGF turned out well for you.

Happy Puzzling!

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Thoughts on Player’s Choice Godfest Results – May 2017


Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) voting has come to a close with the results revealed in the latest GungHo NA stream. While PCGF can be an exciting time, it also has the opportunity for dissapointment due to poor voting choices of excessive 6-star GFE and even missing some key pantheon cards due to the votes not being made public. This was most notable last PCGF when we had eleven 6-star GFE (full post can be found HERE) and the surprising absence of Ganesha 3071.

Voting in too many 6-star GFE is problematic as it dilutes the pool of desired monsters as they have depressingly low roll rates but it was honestly bad timing in terms of what was current in the meta. Thankfully, the meta is shifting away from 6-star supremecy and Pantheon cards are now the key cards for many top tier teams.

This post will go over my thoughts and commentary for each voted card along with notable cards along with those who I felt should have made it in.

To sweeten the deal, all players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull. Official announcement can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video goes here—

If you wish to watch the rolling videos, please check out my subsequent post HERE.

The results

Keeping the trend of hiding the votes (and not even disclosing the actual numbers) removes the chance for strategic voting as you run the risk of a popular card not making it in if you simply assume everyone will vote for them. This probably made many votes go to waste on already shoe-in winners.

Winners are in order from left to right:

Player’s Choice Godfest May 2017
1-5  3414   
6-10 Indra Dark Kali 3385  3071
11-15 A Liu Bei 3386 3416 Bankai Andro Isis
16-20 Lumiel Eschamali 3233  
21-25 3236 3273 3202  

By comparison to the last PCGF, we only have six 6-star GFE as opposed to eleven. along with no 5-star GFE. However, there are Continue reading Thoughts on Player’s Choice Godfest Results – May 2017

Player’s Choice Godfest Voting Advice, May 15-22, 2017

Don’t Vote Godfest Exclusives

or else…

Video commentary

—video goes here–


Player’s Choice Godfests (PCGF) are some of the most exciting events Puzzle and Dragons as it grants everyone to make their voice heard to create a special pool of monsters with increased rates.

Unfortunately, it also has the potential to turn into a disaster through the voting of Godfest Exclusives. Despite the fact that the top 25 cards will be featured at higher rates (or actually available for GFE), they are not weighted evenly. Continue reading Player’s Choice Godfest Voting Advice, May 15-22, 2017