Thoughts on Player’s Choice Godfest Results


6 Star Godfest Exclusive Player’s Choice Godfest results have been officially announced and will take place this Friday starting at 12am PST. All rolls will feature +44 to a random stat and only the voted GFE will be featured (which means no Sonias/Metatrons etc.). This post will cover my thoughts and opinions of the voted cards along with who I felt should have made it in, but failed to make an appearance.

Video commentary

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The results

Unlike previous Player’s Choice Godfests, GungHo did not have a running tally of the leader board and many votes probably went to waste on the top winners.

Player’s Choice Godfest December 2016
1-5 Ult Kaede Gremory Dark Kali 3202 A Liu Bei
6-10 Eschamali 3236 Awoken DQXQ Kanna 3068
11-15 Wukong bankai Sherias Roots Awoken Pandora Isis Ronove
16-20 3101 d-d-akechi 2997 rodin Bankai Andro
21-25 Rozuel Ra Awoken Oorochi Scheat 2991

For the most part, the voting makes sense with the featured cards as the majority of them have a place in the current (or near future) meta. However, what is most shocking is the fact that 11 six-star Godfest Exclusives were voted in.

Implications of 11 six-star GFE

From the data collected by me in the previous December PCGF, you have a disparagingly low chance to roll a six-star GFE.

PCGF record 2

Player’s Choice Godfests should be used to acquire the best pantheon cards available and by having 44% of the featured monsters being nearly unobtainable, we have essentially defeated the purpose of a PCGF. Six-star GFE are best acquired during a 5x GFE event or the special 10-stone REM (if it returns). I understand that those events do run the risk of other GFE appearing, but if we want 11 six stars, you are quite likely to roll them anyway. Six-star GFE will greatly lower the chances of rolling a featured monster and will most certainly add to the disappointment of higher silver egg rolls.

Voting in 11 six-stars is an unhealthy indication for the state of Puzzle and Dragons. Too many teams desperately require these elusive cards to function and without duplicates of the same six-star, their team is significantly weaker. It is not a bad thing to have six-star GFE as a top tier leader, but when you require nearly a full team to be optimal, then we have a problem. However, GungHo appears to be continuing down the path of six-star supremacy as the new evolutions for the 5 MP Dragons does not advance the current rate of Powercreep for leaders, only brings Ra Dragon 3265 on-par or marginally better than the best heart-cross leaders. In addition, the best Ra Dragon team consists of 3/4 six-stars.

Cards who did not make it in

These are my personal opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt. These are also pantheon cards who have a better place in PCGF than six-stars. Another thing to take into consideration with PCGF is trying to vote in pantheon cards who have poor cards alongside them. This way, you can avoid the lower value rolls and only focus on the desirable ones.

3238 Minerva

Minerva was part of the first wave of Reincarnated Gods and has proven to be a powerful leader. She can pair with Ilm 3235 to form a powerful 60x ATK / 2.5x RCV team that passively reduces damage by 50% from fire, light, and dark monsters. Furthermore, dual Minerva teams are able to cheese end game content like Arena 3. She is also a regular pantheon God. Perhaps she is not as popular due to the fact that duplicates of her have low value.

3071 Ganesha

Ganesha has proven to be a phenomenal leader as he is the only one who can boost your rank expereince gained. However, this is for more end-game oriented players and many of them already own Ganesha (except me) and duplicates have low value.

3069 Sarasvati

Perhaps Sarasvati was forgotten amidst the hype of all the new released cards and heart-cross meta, but she still fulfills the glass cannon role better than nearly any other card availabe. She is one of the easiest 100x leaders and can unleash explosive damage when stacking rows. You do not need her for every single dungeon, but when you require amazing burst damage, she is your go-to girl.

Despite all of that, you could probably replicate similar damage levels with a fully invested Liu Bei A Liu Bei team and be less scared about mechanics and matching. However, Sarasvati is still a pantheon monster and we could have done with more of them being featured. Duplicates are also of low value for Sarasvati.

A Cao Cao Cao Cao

Cao Cao is a powerful monster who forms a reasonably strong team that has similarities to Liu Bei, outside of no Dios equivalent, and that has put a damper on his popularity. However, he is one of the strongest bases for Skill Inheritance on mono-fire teams as he can be transformed into a hard bind clearer who has a powerful base active. Due to the popularity of Krishna 3068, I thought we would see a Cao Cao make an appearance.

3269 Venus

Considering how powerful Myr Miru is and the sheer potential for the future Reincarnated Venus, I am surprised she was not voted in. Venus is perhaps one of the strongest bases for Skill Inheritance (outside of Orpharion who is unobtainable for 99% of the PAD population) on mono-light teams due to her powerful awakenings, 4-turn base cooldown, and high weighted stats. Perhaps the low value of duplicates also applies here.

3241 3242 3243 Indian 1

The Indian 1 pantheon has always been strong leaders that were just a little too weak to ever break into the top of the meta. Even with their reincarnated evolutions, they still fall short of the best despite the fact they are very powerful. Despite having 4x RCV, they can never truly shine due to no HP component because leaves them vulnerable to mechanics and forces you to bring a shielding sub. Lakshmi and Parvati also have less intuitive leader skill mechanics and this may also put a damper on their popularity.

Shiva is largely outclassed by Krishna, but he has the advantage of speed and ease of activation and is mostly lacking due to no HP multiplier. Lakshmi is a powerful 100x row leader, but again has fragility issues and a dangerous vulnerability to binds. Finally Parvati is also less popular (which I do not see why) and may be attributed to a lack of SBR Skill Lock Resist and tankiness.

Shielding monsters Raphael

Out of the 25 voted cards, not a single shielding option can be found. This is probably testament to the heart-cross meta along with tankier teams being released, but it is interesting to see the direction PAD is taking. Most notably, Raphael did not make an appearance as his shield is arguably the strongest in the game as it completely voids all damage for 2 turns.

Thoughts on the voted monsters

As mentioned above, the votes make sense in terms of featured monsters, it is just a shame we are flooded with six-stars instead of pantheon cards. The votes also reflect a strong desire for both the leaders and subs that compromise end game teams.

Ult Kaede Kaede

I am not surprised that Kaede took the top spot. She is a top tier leader who is very difficult to team build as you require at least 2 duplicates to maximize efficiency. It is this luxury that places her out of reach for the average player and contributes to her number one spot. Furthermore, two Kaede are key subs for Ronove Ronove.

Gremory Gremory

I am well aware that Gremory is powerful, but I did not realize she was the second most popular card in North America. Gremory teams are powerful, but she is on the decline in terms of overall power due to the active skill clause. However, she is well positioned to be transitioned into a sub role if a stronger dark leader should emerge.

Dark Kali Dark Kali

Ra Dragon 3265 will always appear to be strong and desired as indicated by his new evolution and inclusion of L/L Kanna 3233 on his ideal team. Thus, Dark Kali will always have a place in the meta and numerous duplicates are strongly encouraged for Skill Inheritance as both a buffer for skill delays and providing a full board change.

3202 Acala

Acala is part of the new Wisdom King series and is on par with Krishna 3068 in terms of the strongest pantheon leaders available. Acala provides 2.25x HP / RCV along with a blistering 1,640x ATK when matching 3 colour crosses. This level of damage allows you to bypass PreDRAs Fire PreDRA with ease while providing enough damage control for absorption bosses. Her main drawbacks are a vulnerability to binds along with an issue with combo shields. However, she still has no ultimate evolution and I look forward to her future.

A Liu Bei Liu Bei

Puzzle and Buttons. Not surprising to see the king of coop being voted in.

Eschamali Eschamali

I would have been surprised to not see Eschamali voted in as she has been a fan favourite for a long time. In addition, she still makes a dream sub for the future Yomi Dragon evolution.

3236 3235 Ilm

Ilm was voted in at number 7 and she requires Minerva 3238 (who was not voted in) for optimization. Probably testament to the disparity in rarity between the two. In addition, Ilm has value on Xiu Min Xiu Min / Tifa 3299 along with future benefit if NA receives the Heroine REM.


DQXQ is one of the best starting leaders who is capable of transitioning into a powerful leader that can tackle some end game content. What makes her a fantastic leader for newer players is the ease of damage, the ability to teach you combos, and being able to farm all of her awoken materials. Late game, DQXQ transitions into a Myr Miru or mono light sub along with providing perfect board synergy with Apocalypse Uevo Apoc.

3233 Kanna

Kanna is one of the ideal Ra Dragon 3265 subs as she provides bind immunity and 4 TPA awakenings for massive burst damage. Outside of this, she makes a modest leader in her dark form and L/L has potential on a TPA-oriented Myr Miru team. Her main drawback is an underwhelming active.

3068 Krishna

Krishna is the strongest fire leader available and is capable of clearing end game content. He is still vulnerable to binds and gravity-based attacks, but has a relevant spot in the meta. If you wish to read my team building guide, it can be found HERE.

Wukong bankai Wukong

Like DQXQ, Wukong has a valid place on mono light teams along with Myr Miru. Wukong can act as a soft bind clearer, but his main downside is a lack of full board synergy for heart-cross teams.

Sherias Roots Sherias Roots

Sherias Roots is still a powerful rainbow leader, but he is now outclassed by the new Ra Dragon 3265. This is due to a lack of an HP multiplier and a vulnerability to binds. However, Sherias Roots has one of the most powerful actives and can provide his skill to other rainbow teams or be used as a sub. Perhaps in a future evolution he will gain a God typing and become desirable on Ra Dragon if the dungeon has no binds.

Awoken Pandora Pandora

Pandora is still a capable leader, but her focus has begun to shift towards a sub-oriented role. Her active has synergy with Mitsunari 3105, Batman Armoured Batman, and Zuoh Ult Zuoh. In addition, Pandora will almost always be used on mono-dark teams that are row oriented as she provides wonderful awakenings and active. Furthermore, with two viable evolutions to choose from, you can easily customize to fit your needs.

Isis Isis

Isis still retains her spot as the best water/wood option on many rainbow teams and will probably hold that title for the foreseeable future. If her reincarnated evolution removes the wood typing, many players would not even hesitate to keep her in her awoken form for her colour coverage. What makes Isis so strong is her bind immunity and 3-turn cooldown that allows you to easily inherit another skill.

Ronove Ronove

Ronove was the only 5-star GFE to be voted in and his sole purpose is forming a powerful 144x ATK / 57.75% damage reduction rainbow heart-cross team. Despite requiring a luxurious team for full optimization, many players have found ways to overcome this by running a variety of subs as he does require all elements for easier activation. His main drawback is a vulnerability to binds, but he also is lacking an ultimate evolution that may address that in the future.

3101 Sanada

Sanada has one of the most powerful actives for fire teams as he has amazing synergy with Urd Urd to produce a 2/3 enhanced fire, 1/3 heart board. Duplicates are also ideal as you can inherit him onto other cards if you require different awakenings. Finally, with the anticipated release of Fire Gremory for Christmas, Sanada has even more value on a heart cross team.

d-d-akechi Akechi

Akechi has remained popular since his release due to the power of his active skill. He can beautifully combo with Haku Haku or Zuoh Ult Zuoh to produce a 2/3 enhanced dark board. In addition to his ideal home on row-based teams, D/L Akechi 3110 will find popularity on the future Yomi Dragon teams.

2997 Paimon

Paimon is another 6-star to be featured and acts as both a powerful leader or sub on mono-light teams. His 4 orb enhances help add passive damage to your teams along with having high weighted stats. He is also lacking an ultimate evolution so that is something to look forward to.

rodin Red Odin

Red Odin has always been a luxury push-button card to own. However, his value has diminished through coop, but he is still the fastest option for those wishing to maximize their time efficiency. Furthermore, with a future split evolution in the works, we may find a bit more use for him.

Bankai Andro Andromeda

Andromeda functions wonderfully in today’s meta as she is able to generate water and heart orbs along with having the capacity for soft bind clearing. In addition, her God typing will have value on the future Neptune Dragon teams.

As a side note, 0apie will be jumping for joy with her being voted in.

Rozuel Rozuel

Rozuel may seem like a strange choice to be included in the PCGF, but she is actually one of the ideal subs on Ronove Ronove as she covers the awkward Fire and Water elements along with acting as a bind immune card. However, for those who do not own Ronove, she will have lower usage.

Ra Ra

Ra has been a favoured push-button monster for a long time and is easier to acquire than Red Odin. He also has the niche ability to overwrite time debuffs and his short cooldown makes him easier to transfer to a different monster. Furthermore, with his future Reincarnated evolution, he gains a significant boost to his offensive capabilities along with covering the awkward wood slot.

Awoken Oorochi Orochi

Orochi is still the strongest inheritable delay as he can prevent a boss from attacking for 4 turns while only being on a 15-turn cooldown. If you wish to gain a 5th turn of delay, you can leave him in his other forms, but must wait 20 turns for activation.

Scheat Scheat

Scheat is a little surprising as she is a heart breaker in a heart-cross meta. Furthermore, her 5 TPA awakenings and low base attack provide little value on row oriented teams. Despite all this, her active skill is one of the strongest inherits possible (provided you do not need heart orbs) and I feel that is her main reason for being included. However, she is mostly a poor choice as she is low value and simply takes a spot for a pantheon monster who could be more easily rolled.

2991 Dantalion

I fail to see the hype and inclusion of Dantalion. He does not fit onto any current team as his active is too low impact for Shiva and Krishna along with lacking a fire heart-cross leader. Maybe with a new card or evolution he will gain viability, but for now, he is wasting a slot in the Player’s Choice Godfest.

With that being said, Dantalion may have more value on the future Christmas Gremory as his enhanced orbs add damage diversification to a row-heavy team. Unfortunately, from the released information, Christmas Gremory will be an elusive 8-star Collab roll.

Korea’s PCGF

For comparison, here is the voted monsters for Korea who also has 11 six-stars, but differing pantheon choices:



The voting for this year’s Player’s Choice Godfest was reasonable for the most part. Most of the votes made sense and the main drawback is a heavy inclusion of six-stars.

How do you feel about Player’s Choice and who do you hope to roll?

Happy Puzzling!

130 thoughts on “Thoughts on Player’s Choice Godfest Results”

  1. Acala
    Sun Wukong
    Sanada Yukimura

    Those are the non-GFE cards I don’t have. I’m probably better off just waiting for a godfest where heroes are featured.

    I got Rinoa and Y’shtola from the FF Collab, so Isis has gone down in my priority list.

    Sanada Yukimura would probably help me the most right now because of Krishna.


    1. Isis is mostly for Ra Dra as Y’shtola functions better as a mono water sub due to orb generation

      I hope you have Urd to combo with Sanada as his damage is huge as it adds ~50% on a good board


      1. I have a Beach Urd. I could use her as a Skill inherit for Krishna. He has Saria’s skill right now. I would lose the haste, but I need Saria for a different team anyway.


  2. For the next one it might be better to allow players to vote for two monsters. 1 Pantheon God, and 1 GFE. Then the top 25 pantheon gods and top 5 GFE get chosen.

    In your opinion would waiting for a 4x GFE Godfest be better for people who are chasing the 6 star GFE?


    1. YES, the amount of GFE available during a normal GF is MUCH higher than compared to PCGF, that’s Mantastic’s point of “PCGF should be used to compile the best pantheon gods into one GF.”

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  3. My vote was for Akechi, I want he so badly for my Gremory, APandora and ALuci teams… I’ve got only 20 stones this time, hope for some luck 🙂

    Well there’s some cards I’d like to get: Rozuel (I’ve got two Ronove), second DQXQ, Eschemali, Krishna, Acala (I’ve got one on my alt)…


    1. I drew Akechi in the last GF for my super thin dark collection. Currently don’t have much for a use for him even though I’ve collected many dark cards since then, though they’re very TPA heavy. I would instantly trade him for a Sanada since my main lead is Krishna.


        1. I have one Satsuki, and I use her on my dark Cecil team, interchangeably with Akechi, Persephone, Dark Kanna, Sheen, and Oku, swapping her in and out depending on the dungeon.. I’ll probably make use of Haku as well now that I have her.


    2. Still no Akechi… but I’ve got Krishna, my red box went from zero to hero in a couple of monts O_o

      Other rolls, om my main:
      – 3k MP Fuu
      – nice inherit option Fire Dragon Swordsman
      – 2nd Onunikushi I’ll want to awoken
      – Castor
      – Shadow Dragon Knight

      Krishna was a terrific roll for me, I’m super excited (I own Sanada), now a Fire team is top priority


        1. Thank you 🙂

          I like the 3 of the same colour combo playstile of Sarasvati, the tankiness of Krishna is a great plus for me as she’s too fragile. Can’t wait! I’ve a lot of work to evolve his subs (and I need fire insect dragon dungeon asap) :/


  4. I forgot to vote. Good thing we don’t know the results as it would haunt me forever if Minerva lost because of me. As for what we did get, I’m missing nine of the GFEs and five of the pantheon cards. That normally would be a clear sign to skip this but, the draw of Sanada, Akechi, Krishna, and Isis is really strong.


  5. Meh. Could use another Kaede (lol) or 2 more Dantalion on my main (for the new RGrem), but I don’t think I’ll be buying any stones for this one.. especially after reading the data your provided on 6* rates.

    For my alt, I was hoping that more Krishna subs would get voted in, like Yamata and Urd. Also was hoping for Minerva, for A3 cheese with my main.

    Sry Ganesha didn’t make it for you..


    1. I am also surprised by the lack of fire pantheon cards for Krishna

      Cao Cao, Urd, and Yamato are all amazing subs but I honestly thought Cao Cao would make it in.

      Maybe just roll using free stones and leave it at that?

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  6. I voted for pandora only to notice that I accidentally rolled her next sec from normal rem (phone rolled for me in pocket xD).
    With my unbeliveable good luck and being favorite of RNGesus, I might profiili of this but more afraid for my friends that have said that they’ll quit if they won’t get anything good from this pcgf…

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  7. dumb question but why would anyone bother voting Sakuya into a pcgf? I get that she´s an unbindable bindclear with a gravity active, but it´s not too hard to come across a team that doesn´t need that even in arena. The only idea I´ve got right now would be as Roots´ bind cleric, but aren´t there other choices for that? Apart from the fact that I fail to see how Roots can still get that high in a pcgf while he has already stopped appearing almost entirely on my friend list and probably a lot of other people´s (and I can see why tbh, he´s not THAT impressive and is soon going to be majorly overshadowed by Radra´s ult)


    1. Probably cause those players are anticipating her Reincarnated ult which should be out relatively soon. Because of how her leader skill works (and the high base damage) she most likely won’t get a damage buff with her leader skill (all reincarnated creatures have gotten a leader skill buff) and will most likely get a utility buff in her leader skill.

      She also has very high base stats for a unbindable bind clearer that aren’t as heavily weighted in RCV (ie Awoken Ama and Light Metatron). Also neither Awoken Ama nor Light Metatron have a Time Extend awakening.

      This is just an aside but she also has a somewhat fanatical fan base.

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      1. I agree about the fanatical fan base, she was many player’s first PAD love.

        As for your other points, Sakuya is unique as a bind clearing sub due to the diverse awakenings and well distributed stats. In addition, her bind clear is unique as no one else combines a gravity and bind clear. This can be used in both offensive and defensive scenarios and helps cut down on utility actives

        For example, you can naturally use her as a bind clear, but say you arrive at Arena Kali, you can use the 20% gravity to avoid her execution with relative ease. Two-fold benefit that no one else can replicate

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  8. Mantastic, as a person with a under developed box, is rolling in the PCGF still the route to take? Everyone says it will be filled with silver eggs so would it be better to skip the PCGF and wait for the next GF to roll in?

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  9. First off, I couldn’t agree with you more. The voting this time around is just awe inspiring. Apparently, when given a choice, players readily take an infinitesimally small chance of getting something really good over generally getting something useful for their stones. To each his own I guess.

    I did have one question for you. I’m not sure the point you were making posting the Korean lineup. Was it meant just as comparison of the pantheon gods? I ask because, if I count right, they also picked a ridiculous number of 6*s and 21 of the 25 are the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Showing Korea was more so for a comparison of what they value (just as many 6*) but the differing pantheon choices.

      As for voting numerous 6*, it is partially caused by the supremacy of those cards along with most players not knowing how the process works. There are 10m+ downloads in PAD and how many of them read third party websites/reddit/forums/etc? Also doesn’t help that GH shows 6* on the voting page as the images

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    2. I think many players do not understand the way GH calculates which monsters will emerge from the REM. GH likes to market the popular monsters that people want even when they have a tiny chance of being awarded. They never market the 50% silver egg event.

      btw.. my results for 4 pulls, 2 silver eggs and 2 Pandoras.


      1. Well look at their featured image that I simply recycled: Kaede. They always feature 6-star GFE as the selling image. Gives the illusion of a higher chance

        As for your rolls, 2 pandoras are reasonable (provided they are your first)


  10. Ok, so I’m trying to wrap my head around the likely implications of not only this many 6* GFE’s being selected, but the % of the total selections they represent. From the info I could find on past line-ups – this looks significantly “worse” from past PCGF’s, assuming a certain roll % isn’t simply reserved for PCGF and sub-divided between PCGF selections. Everyone seems to be suggesting this is not how it works, but that the total % of PCGF featured rolls are an aggregate of the individual odds of each pick – meaning more 6* GFE’s will simply mean a lower overall % of rolls during PCGF will be PCGF featured picks, and more will be Gala or non-featured REM. This also seems to be implied by Gungho’s statement about a fixed increase to standard odds being applied to each PCGF selection.

    It looks like PCGF’s in 2015 featured the top 30 picks (plus some possible debuts), but in 2016 they now only feature 25 picks. Wouldn’t this have already diluted the odds of netting a PCGF pick? Is there any data on rolls from the PCGF earlier this year?

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    1. Some really rushed back of the envelope math based on the following assumptions: 1) That the data from the December 2015 PCGF you cite is basically an accurate representation of the average overall % share of PCGF rolls that godfest; 2) That the % share of rolls that are PCGF featured picks at boosted rates are an aggregate of the individual odds of each featured pick; 3)That the boosted rates are unchanged between the December 2015 PCGF and this one; 4) That the base odds by either class of card (ie 5* GFE vs 6* GFE vs 6* Pantheon) or by individual cards, have not changed since the Dec 2015 PCGF; 5) That a given 6* GFE will on average be rolled 3 times out of 1048 rolls (perhaps a generous interpretation); 6) That Pantheon gods and 5* GFE’s comprise a common class of cards for the purpose of discussing their likelihood to be rolled in a PCGF – that likelihood being on average 16.4 out of every 1048 rolls for each individual card in this class.

      If those assumptions hold it would mean we’d be looking at something like 115 fewer PCGF rolls per 1048, simply because there are 7 fewer cards featured, then an additional 67 fewer PCGF rolls per 1048 because of the increased number of 6*GFE’s. All told that would leave players rolling PCGF featured cards in ~26% of instances. .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m wondering if that third assumption isn’t unwarranted. Did GH reduce the total number of featured cards in the PCGF to compensate for an increase in the boost to the rates? (eg 3x to 4x?)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. First off, GH never has and never will release rolling data and it is all up to individual players to collaborate.

          It is my understanding that there is no fixed amount of rolls set aside for PCGF. By this I mean there is not 30% of rolls allocated for PCGF. Thus, with the higher number of 6* included, the overall % chance of rolling a PCGF card goes down. By comparison, if we had 20 pantheon cards and five 6*, we would have a higher overall chance of rolling a PCGF card as the individual roll rates differ from card to card.

          Hypothetical example: Pantheon cards/5* are 2% while 6* are 0.5%

          In our PCGF, we would have 28 + 5.5 = 33.5%
          Thus, increasing the pantheon cards, we would have a higher chance overall for featured cards

          Increasing the chances to 4x is probably to combat the larger monster pool, but may still result in the same rolling rates as last year (speculation).

          This is all hypothetical, but appears to be consistent with previous PCGF


          1. Thanks! Yes that is the assumption I was working off of as well. For what it’s worth 3 out of my 13 rolls this morning were PCGF. That’s in line with the 26% average I estimated above (of course with such a small sample size it could be a coincidence). They were good rolls, but I’ll probably be steering clear of future PCGF’s if in fact ~26% rates or worse are going to be the trend.


              1. The main problem with PCGF is that it was once the best GF around and people still yearn for that. This will not happen again until the gap between 6* and pantheons is brought closer like it was before


  11. i honestly thought at least one of the chinese gods would have made it on, but it’s true that they’re fallling behind now. ill take my chances a few times, but probably save most of my stones for a good gfe x4/5. i hear an x5 is coming soon?

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        i pulled an evolved eschamali in jp pad??? :ooooo WHAAAT :’D


  12. I may be in the minority, but there are 11 non 6* cards I’ll be happy to roll. With the 6*’s being low percentage pulls and x4 rates for the rest the odds are incredibly good that I’m going to come out of this with something I can use.


  13. Cards of this godfest that i own are ronove, wukong and dark kali, i’m currently using dark metatron as leader and i think pandora and eschamali or even akechi would fit my team, should i roll this godfest?


  14. I voted for Acala, and she made it in, so I’ll be rolling all my stones. I figure it’s as good of a time as any to chase her.


  15. I was really disappointed that Minerva didn’t get through either. I really wanted her so I could pair her with my alt. Maybe I can get lucky and pull some cards from my ronove teams.


  16. bleh, dark gala means akechi and pandora and highest odds
    only andromeda and rozuel have any value to me
    going to save up for the christmas machine, i’d rather go for 0.5% odds there


  17. A lot of people forget that despite the egg rate not being great, most of the monsters are pretty powerful. Despite good luck with an ilm roll on main, getting bvalk on alt does make me wonder.


  18. rolled 20 times and got
    Pandora, liu bei, acala, eschamali, kanna, viper orochi, sanada, dupe ra, 2 light wee jas, 5 unnotable golds, and 5 silvers.

    This was my first pcgf and I’m decent happy with it but not sure relatively how good of a haul this was.


  19. Historically, pcgf is not great for me. My pulls this time:

    Main: uriel dup, andromeda!!!, phact. totally worth it. sumire and sara are happy 🙂

    Alt: persephone, isis!, exahydra, sheen, diadem. Sometimes the galas ovewhelm the gf. persephone is good, Guess I could inherit sheen onto isis on my sumire team.


      1. Today, I hit 1000 days on my main act 🙂 Scraped together enough stones for two more pulls with my alt: mei mei dup and Ilm! I plan to save the reward on main for later.

        Re: pcgf…I tend to think that if I get something new that improves my team, the REM event does not matter that much. Some of my best pulls were not even featured at the time. As I think you wrote elsewhere on the site, this game is all about patience. I get more enjoyment from all the small accomplishments than finishing.


        1. You are very correct in that this is a patience game! You are also unable to “win” as this is not that type of game.

          As long as you continue to make progressive steps forward and enjoy yourself, that is what counts!


  20. Well i rolled Gremory, Ronove(dupe), piece of shit mistrain, Ra, Umi&Yama, Acala and Akechi, i think this godfest was pretty good for me


      1. updating
        Farmed some more magic stones and rolled 3 times more, got Viper Orochi, Goetia and Isis, had non of them, best godfest ever for me


  21. Had about 50 eggs and rolled Kaede, Acala, DQXQ, Pandora, Avalon Drake, Ronove, and Rouzel. None of which I had, but none of which I needed either. Sanada, where are youuuu!?


  22. 15 rolls, got Pandora, Isis, and a 2nd Ilm. While I’m happy I can have both branch uuevos of Ilm, I’m rather irked that I couldn’t roll Sanada, Rozuel, or even DQXQ, and wound up with like 6 gold trash eggs to boot.


      1. That is true. It’s mostly bothersome because it delays me from forming a really solid Krishna team, and I’m trying to piece together good Myr subs before I start trying to farm her. Tbh it comes down to me being impatient and wanting to get strong Krishna subs so I can power through more stuff, since my comboing skills on their own are not up to snuff.

        I have no idea what I’m going to do with Isis or Pandora. I have a Sumire and a bunch of decent subs for her, so maybe Isis can find her way into there for some 5×4 board shenaniganry. As for Pandora, I’ve had a Z8 team I’ve been pairing with friends’ Anaphons that I’ve been having loads of fun with, so maybe one of her forms could fill in a slot there. Or, she may just replace Z8 as a lead entirely, I’m not sure. The dream of having Waifu Ilm and her leader form is real, though.


        1. Krishna can still work wonderfully well without Sanada, just make sure you have a 2/3 fire board combo for burst (refer to my guide if unsure)

          Awoken Pandora is a reasonable leader in her own right if you have the devil support


          1. First thing I did when I learned of Krishna’s Uuevo was look for your guide lol. I have Urd and CC, as well as Femme, but I really don’t like how much of a double-edged sword her heartbreaking is. The only other potential subs I have are the very situational ones like Riding Hood, Ame, and Tsubaki, and I feel like investing Ruby Dragons and +eggs into those would be a waste in the long run (except maybe for Tsubaki).

            P.S. I really appreciate your content, it’s wonderful to learn from someone who enjoys this game just as much as I do.
            P.P.S. Momtastic is great and it’s so adorable and heartwarming to see you guys playing together.


            1. I agree that femme is a risky card to use, but you can always use her as a base for skill inheritance. She has huge rcv along with reasonable awakenings and a low cd active. Can inherit a board changer (eg. Saria verdandi)

              Investing in Krishna, Cao Cao, and urd is worthwhile and possibly femme

              Also, I am you enjoy my content as it’s a healthy medium for my pad obsession XD

              My mom really like staring in some of my videos =D also another way for her to bond with me


  23. So much regret from trying in this PGFE.. First time buying stones in long while in hopes of improving my alt acct so I can try doing something asides Zeus Dios everything but I get a load of crap for my $125 for 95 stones.. Not only did I learn apple is horribly more pricey for in app compared to android for magic stones but such crappy rolls.

    – 3 Acala ( I already got a hypermaxed one)
    – 2 Andromeda ( already got one and I dont got sumire to make use of dupes)
    – Archduke Lucifer (Dupe)
    – Kano/Kurone (under the same useless series)
    – Snow White/Sleep Beauty (under same not so great series)
    – 3/5 Fruit dragons..
    – Tiamat and his smaller Evo
    – Cyberbeast Leonis (eh?)
    – Lu Bu (useful but not necessary)
    – Yomi (useful but not necessary)
    – Haku (useful but not necessary)
    – Isis (Great Sub)
    – Sanada Yukimura ( Useful for Urd’s team)
    – Sun Wu Kong (Useful for Myr’s team)

    Overall horribly disappointed, I can only keep Acala in hopes dup can be useful later but unlikely and too many useless rolls for very small amount of decent rolls… Was hoping for Liu Bei, Krishina, DQXQ and maybe Ronove..


    1. Those rolls sound disappointing, but it is on par with what is the norm for PCGF nowadays.

      I did 39 rolls across 5 accounts and had a similar roll distribution luck

      I do not foresee dupe Acala having much value as her active skill is lackluster; however, Andromeda remains a staple water sub and dupes are always good. (combos with Urd inherits)


  24. I recently rolled with my alt account and rolled 2 Dkalis, 1 Acala, 1 Liu Bei, and 1 Kaede only to be sad that my main account has no Dkalis or Kaede after rolling numerous times during GFE exclusives 😦


  25. Quick question, I already have Isis and Dark Kali, but none of the other featured gods and goddesses. I really want to save my stones for the Heroine rare egg machine, which only gives out 5 star and above cards, but costs 10 stones. So, should I roll in this PCGF or keep on saving? I already have 38 stones.
    Side note: I got both Kalis from the last PCGF.


  26. Post containing rolls and also wouldn’t mind advice:

    Account is nonIAP created Dec 5th. First roll Meimei Second Roll Terra
    Got 4x 297’s and one of every chibi except BKali. Have a Moogle and Fatchocobo, ate the droid to make a 297.

    ::PCGF:: 75 Stones saved so far
    Shotel Shotel Shotel
    Black Gryph rider
    goetia goeatia

    Current Team: Ronove 297, Kaede 297, Meimei 297, Fat Chocobo, Gilgamesh.

    Any interesting farmable subs I should chase? Any team I should build?

    Many thanks!


    1. Ronove is def your strongest team option and Kaede is a perfect sub.

      As for farmable options, Gainut and Linthia cover fire and light along with providing boards like Chocobo (but with better bodies/awakenings). You still need water, but that is a good place to start


  27. Can’t believe I pulled eschamali lol along with isis for my three rolls. My dark box is now only missing akechi and I’ll have most of the great dark subs as I have two Zuohs two Pandoras a Haku a Lu Bu Persephone and Hades and Anubis. Do you think this is enough to justify an investment in Yomi Dra?


    1. Just thought I would give my two cents as someone who plays Yomi Drag.

      Eschamali is a great pull and synergies well with Yomi Drag due to her enhanced orb awakenings. D/D Pandora and D/W Haku are also great subs for Yomi Drag as well, especially Haku who synergies with Akechi (hopefully you roll one at some point). Based on the other subs you list, the problem is that you want a god typing and not a devil typing because Yomi Drag gives an additional ATK bonus to those with God typing. I think your subs go well with A. Lucifer or A. Pandora. You could run something like Yomi Drag/ A. Haku/ D/D Pandora/ Eschamali/Flex.

      Yomi Drag is also a great sub because of her active, good awakenings, and can clear binds. Plus she is getting a Super Ult. I think it also depends where you are in the game too. Yomi Drag can’t really tank hits as well as the heart cross leaders and her damage output is low compared to the current meta. If you already have other leaders that can clear end game, it might best to purchase something else.

      My own bias is that Yomi Drag is worth investing if you have a good dark sub pool, but the above comments are just additional things to consider.


      1. Thanks for Yomi Dra feedback. I’m pretty far in (rank 380+) and have a Myr team with Saria, DQXQ x2, Venus x2, and other random light monsters (Indras, AThor, AAma, ARaphel, Pollux, dupe Ras, and AIzanagi). I’m missing ideal subs such as apollo or wukong to run end game contents effectively. My Ace Bastet team can only get me so far with Liu bei AGenbu verandi and Perseus. I have a rlly deep wood box but wood is currently out of meta besides kaede and ronove neither of which I have.
        I’m also working on a water team with I&I as leader and skuld andromeda blodin hazume orochi u&y now isis as subs. Hopefully that can get me further.
        Otherwise I’m still looking for a legit go to end game team to destroy arenas and lvl 10 challenge dungeons.


  28. So I got a Ronove, a akechi, and that dark night thing with the burst.

    I wish my rolls weren’t so random.

    I have been playing for two months and I got LKali (but no rainbow leads), Sumire (but no water monsters that make hearts), Paimon (but my light box basically consists of saria x2, ars novax2), Satsukix2 (but no dark tpa or row lead), balboa (my team right now is Halloween Parvati, A. freyja, tengu, and the green cyberdragon and its probably my best team), Sherias (what am I supposed to do with this???), twin Grodins (OK, but something else would have been nice) and an avalon drake (not sure what to do with this either). Eventually I guess I will get so many cards some team will form. I hope so at least.

    Anyways sorry for ranting, I just wanted to thank you, you have helped so much Mantastic. I will forever remember you for helping me get 3.9% in the fixed ranking dungeon. I also want to wish you happy holidays.


    1. You are correct in that you are collecting pieces to form a powerful team in the future. You have to remember that you are progressing through the game at a significantly faster rate than I did (due to 3 instead of 10 min stamina, coop, powercreep, etc.) so you will be feeling a little lost from a team building perspective as farmable cards are more mid-end game related (Rogue descend bosses)

      Regardless, I am glad I was able to help you achieve an amazing score in the Ranking Dungeon.

      Happy Holidays! (puzzling =P)


  29. How is my luck so good? I rolled 4 times, and I got Ronove, Ra, Undine = 3k mp, and Kaede in that order. There is a glitch, when your internet is bad, it takes away all of your stam, your 5 magic stones, then logs out. But when you log back in, your stamina is back, and it basically rolled for you, although you didn’t see the gold machine animation. This happened on both Kaede and Ronove, I assume it is a good thing. And I still have 50 stones.


      1. I decided that when I get 300k MP, I will get Yomi Dragon because it is the best. However, I was thinking of selling my DMeta to get that 300k MP, but now I can’t, because that is one of the best possible subs. Still, out of all the rolls I’ve done, I only rolled 3 wood monsters, GrOdin, Ronove, and Kaede. I’m debating whether to sell any of them because I have 110k MP. I don’t know what to do, but I’m not selling DMeta now.


        1. But if I were to get, suppose Neptune Dragon, due to 40% of my REM’s being water type, I would still be wondering whether or not to sell DMeta and/or Kaede. For REM’s, I have 2 Fire, 9 Water, 3 Wood, 13 Light, and 10 Dark.


          1. Do not sell any of those 6* GFE as they are incredibly rare and difficult to reacquire. You can grind for Monster Points or sell the silvers. There is no rush to buy an MP card and you have Ronove and Kaede is one of the best subs for him!


  30. :’D my alt got my akechi that i voted for…. *sulks* trying to scare up enough stones for another roll out of desperation 😡 but yeah… my alt did quite well for herself and she’s way lower level than my main xD (that weird moment when I’m envious of myself. Got the Akechi that’s supposed to be for my main, DQXQ, 2 Ra…. sun wukong x2, urial, and Paimon. Meanwhile my main got a lot of dupes [which i find weird when I only had a fraction of what’s on the list] and junk. Can’t complain though. Got Acala and Persephone, and a few dupes that would be good for inherit [which I’m way too lazy to do lol])


    1. You are not alone when feeling alts have all the luck =P Fantastic usually does way better than Mantastic

      I am glad you managed to roll helpful cards across both accounts!


  31. Wait, so basically, my luck declined but out of the 10 more rolls that I did, I ended up getting some more good stuff. The rolling order of my remaining 50 stones went something like this:

    Masamune -> Chester -> Hattori Hanzo -> Green Fruit Dragon ->
    Red Riding Hood Uvo -> Red Riding Hood Devo -> Orochi -> Yomi ->
    Dragon Samurai -> Dantalion.

    So in this PCGF, out of 14 rolls, I rolled
    2x 6 star GFE’s
    1x 5 star GFE
    3x 5 star Pantheon
    36000 MP


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