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Thoughts on Player’s Choice Godfest Results


6 Star Godfest Exclusive Player’s Choice Godfest results have been officially announced and will take place this Friday starting at 12am PST. All rolls will feature +44 to a random stat and only the voted GFE will be featured (which means no Sonias/Metatrons etc.). This post will cover my thoughts and opinions of the voted cards along with who I felt should have made it in, but failed to make an appearance.

Video commentary

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The results

Unlike previous Player’s Choice Godfests, GungHo did not have a running tally of the leader board and many votes probably went to waste on the top winners.

Player’s Choice Godfest December 2016
1-5 Ult Kaede Gremory Dark Kali 3202 A Liu Bei
6-10 Eschamali 3236 Awoken DQXQ Kanna 3068
11-15 Wukong bankai Sherias Roots Awoken Pandora Isis Ronove
16-20 3101 d-d-akechi 2997 rodin Bankai Andro
21-25 Rozuel Ra Awoken Oorochi Scheat 2991

For the most part, the voting makes sense with the featured cards as the majority of them have a place in the current (or near future) meta. However, what is most shocking is the fact that 11 six-star Godfest Exclusives were voted in.

Implications of 11 six-star GFE

From the data collected by me in the previous December PCGF, you have a disparagingly low chance to roll a six-star GFE.

PCGF record 2

Player’s Choice Godfests should be used to acquire the best pantheon cards available and by having 44% of the featured monsters being nearly unobtainable, we have essentially defeated the purpose of a PCGF. Six-star GFE are best acquired during a 5x GFE event or the special 10-stone REM (if it returns). I understand that those events do run the risk of other GFE appearing, but if we want 11 six stars, you are quite likely to roll them anyway. Six-star GFE will greatly lower the chances of rolling a featured monster and will most certainly add to the disappointment of higher silver egg rolls.

Voting in 11 six-stars is an unhealthy indication for the state of Puzzle and Dragons. Too many teams desperately require these elusive cards to function and without duplicates of the same six-star, their team is significantly weaker. It is not a bad thing to have six-star GFE as a top tier leader, but when you require nearly a full team to be optimal, then we have a problem. However, GungHo appears to be continuing down the path of six-star supremacy as the new evolutions for the 5 MP Dragons does not advance the current rate of Powercreep for leaders, only brings Ra Dragon 3265 on-par or marginally better than the best heart-cross leaders. In addition, the best Ra Dragon team consists of 3/4 six-stars. Continue reading Thoughts on Player’s Choice Godfest Results

Players Choice Godfest 101


Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) has been announced for North America and the polls are open from 12/7 – 12/11. Each player can cast a single vote and there is no way to cancel or change your choice once submitted, so please choose carefully. Player’s Choice Godfests are a rare and special occasion and I want to provide some clarification and advice to make your vote count.

Video commentary

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How does PCGF work

During a Player’s Choice Godfest, everyone is able to to vote on their favourite God and the top 25 will be featured in a special Godfest. Furthermore, Godfest Exclusives that are not voted in will be unavailable during this time. You can cast your vote HERE.

Who to vote for?

This will always be a point of controversy amidst the Puzzle and Dragons community and you should keep the following points in mind:

Vote for who you want

Vote for what can benefit you the most. Just because Krishna 3068 is a dream leader for some people, it does not mean you should be voting for him if it cannot benefit you. You should vote for the God that can benefit your box the most. This can come in the form of a new leader or key sub for your favourite team.

What is being released in the next month or two

Think about what is being released in the next few months. Do you have a strong Ra Dragon 3265 in the making? If yes, it would be wise to vote for one of his ideal subs. Continue reading Players Choice Godfest 101