[Videos] 37 Rolls in Player’s Choice Godfest – Winter 2016


Player’s Choice Godfest used to be the most anticipated Godfest in Puzzle and Dragons. However, with the transition to six-star supremacy, it has left the player base with almost no choice but to vote them in. GungHo does not release rolling data, but it is my understanding that there is not a fixed percentage allocated to PCGF and instead it is the sum of the voted cards.

Hypothetically speaking, if six-stars have a 0.5% chance of being rolled and pantheon gods/five-stars have a 2% chance, we would have a (0.5*11) + (2*14) = 33.5% of rolling a PCGF featured card. Thus, the chances for Gala/troll golds/silvers increases with every voted six-star.

I go into greater detail for Player’s Choice Godfest in my previous article HERE and is worth taking a look at for a breakdown of each voted card.

Player’s Choice Godfest December 2016
1-5 Ult Kaede Gremory Dark Kali 3202 A Liu Bei
6-10 Eschamali 3236 Awoken DQXQ Kanna 3068
11-15 Wukong bankai Sherias Roots Awoken Pandora Isis Ronove
16-20 3101 d-d-akechi 2997 rodin Bankai Andro
21-25 Rozuel Ra Awoken Oorochi Scheat 2991

Rolling videos

All of these rolls were done on my Twitch Stream to add a greater sense of excitement. Unfortunately, the rolls were far less than exciting as only 1 out of 39 rolls was a six-star GFE (Dantalion 2991 on the account that only collects stones).

The rates are quite distressing overall, but at least I got to spend some quality time with MOMtastic.

MOMtastic’s 11 rolls

26 rolls across 4 accounts


Player’s Choice is no longer the amazing Godfest it used to be due  to heavy reliance on six-stars and their distressingly low roll rates. We can only hope that GungHo begins to bring Pantheon and five-stars on a more comparable power level. I am not saying it has to be equal, but the size of the gap we have today.

How did your rolls go?

Happy Puzzling!

93 thoughts on “[Videos] 37 Rolls in Player’s Choice Godfest – Winter 2016”

  1. 4 rolls, 50 more available stones. I got Ronove, Ra, Undine, and Kaede in that order. Rolling about 4 or 5 more times, then continue hoarding for the next one. I can’t believe my luck recently. I got Noctis, Lightning, Cecil, and Tifa out of 14 rolls in the FF Collab.


  2. Hi Mantastic,

    Just rolled 16 times and the noteworthy I got were 3 Sanada, 2 Pandora, Krishna, Ronove, Okun, Lucifier and another DQXQ. Which brings me into my question. Would a duel DQXQ with a Saria and Venus (with Red Gadius inherit) be a good sub combination for my Myr team? Just wondering your thoughts. P.S. Love your work and I’m sure everyone that you help out is really grateful.

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    1. Saria would make a MUCH better inherit on Venus, if you ever manage to pick up say a Wukong, or even another myr, that could replace Saria in the Sub lineup. Saria simply needs an evolution to be a competitive sub. Red gadius’ active is so troll. Though, he does have a nice body to inherit over, himself.


    2. As mentioned below by skylerknopp, Gadius boards run the risk of orb troll due to 4 elements. Granted you can combo with dqxq, but he is usually my last choice for inherits on Myr.

      Do you have any other sub option to run in Saria’s place in order to inherit her on Venus?


  3. I did one rol. Got a Woodbahn, and called it quits.

    With Christmas coming up, I want to try and get Christmas Lilith. She should be easier to acquire, but knowing the REM I will probably get Christmas Red Sonia. Christmas Freyja is more likely since Christmas Sonia is a good for skill inheritance.

    I think the Gala exclusives (Gemstone Princess , Legendary Heroes) should’ve just been normal pantheon cards.


      1. 11 rolls:
        * Sanada Yukimura
        * Isis
        * Andromeda
        * Viper Orochi (x2)
        * Ra
        * Durga
        * Dill Sirius
        * Lumiel
        * Sheen
        * Acala

        7/10 featured PCGF cards. 3/10 from gala. 1/10 gemstone.

        Only one crap roll. Very good rolls even if I didn’t get any GFE.


  4. 5 rolls, got my 3rd Akechi, Mitsuki, my 2nd Meimei, Grimrock(probably like my 5th one, may it burn in hell), and Laila. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. I guess I’m gonna save my last roll for a better gf.


  5. 57 rolls

    2x Scheat
    2x Liu Bei
    3x Andromeda
    2x Sanada
    3x Ra
    2x Orochi
    2x vritra
    Thanatos, ele
    2x hamal
    Fuma kotaro

    My first pcgf. I was p unhappy with it, then i let my daughter help flush her christmas present money down the toilet on the last 6 rolls — 3x gfe 6*. Also watching your rolls made me feel a little better >_<

    At least i got my beis and sanadas. Is krishna/sanada/sanada/urd/dantalion (idc he's awesome) or a.cao cao or red odin. Good? I need fire skill up dungeons to rotate and the fruits too before i even bother grinding it out.


    1. As a general rule, my roll videos make people feel better about their own XD

      Your rolls overall were pretty solid as you hit most of the good pantheon cards along with a modest haul of 6*.

      For Krishna, I would run Sanada, Sanada, Urd, Cao Cao in the majority of situations. Cao Cao can inherit a bind clear if needed. Just be aware of the somewhat lower rcv on the team so be sure to run the rcv badge.


  6. I rolled 3 times, managed to get Gremory. I’m pretty heart-cross-meta’d out though, so not sure I’m going to do anything with her right now. Debating whether to throw more stones at it just for a shot at Krishna, but it’s really not a good value proposition 😦


  7. Literally the best godfest I have ever rolled. 3 rolls all ones I needed and wanted badly. Ronove, Akechi, Liu Bei. Gungho is forgiven for shit luck on GFE godfest.


  8. 10 rolls, 8 gold 2 silver
    Dupe Ronove
    Dupe Wukong
    Sherias Roots
    Ray Sirius

    Meh. Some solid rolls but didn’t get any of the things I needed. And there was quite a bit I needed from this GF.


  9. About 3 packs, and only TWO Golds.. thankfully at least they were on my main, and one was my 3rd Kaede. (other was Dantalion)

    On my alt is where I rolled the vast bulk of the stones, and I did manage to get some good Myr subs like DQXQ and 2 Wukong, some great dark subs like 2 Pandora and 3 Akechi, as well as a Sanada for my Krishna, and my 1st Liu Bei. But for 3 packs I was hoping for a bit more. (literally NO 6* on that account, with around 50 rolls)


    1. The six star rates are depressingly low and getting Dantalion almost feels like a troll….

      On the bright side, a third Kaede means you complete the system!

      You alt pretty much nailed all the key pantheon cards to build a great krishna, myr, and dark team along with the glorious button liu bei

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      1. Yeah.. I kinda like Dantalion but only as a potential sub on something like RGrem (lol a man can dream) or if we get RMyr.

        Your rolls were lots of fun. Loved the guessing game, and the questions were fun. I was the one who asked about y’alls favorite dates. ^_^


        1. For those who are praising Dantalion on RGrem, sure it works, but that is a rare card for an even rarer card. If Grem was purchasable with MP it would be a different story

          Also glad you enjoyed the rolling on stream!

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  10. Test roll = Mitsuki. Grrrr! Quit for 1/2 hour. Came back and got:
    Hatsume (dupe)
    Alnair (dupe)
    Kakkab (I call him kabob)
    4th earth swordsman

    7 rolls and only 1 worthy Sanada. I saved up for 30 rolls on this alt account. Rethinking now cuz I’m NIAP. Trying for a Krishna so I can CoOp easier. If I roll to 15 I’ll reply with results.


    1. Went for a few more rolls because I’m gullible like that.
      Andromeda (dupe)
      Ra (3rd)
      I guess I shouldn’t complain cuz that’s 3/14 from the list, but damnit I am complaining!! 😀
      Resisting urge to pull a few more…


        1. I’m a glutton for punishment so I rolled last hour of PCGF.
          Rozuel (hrrmmm, do I feel lucky?)
          Scored Krishna! but thought I might be on a hot streak so I rolled again…
          Sylph. #^!!#%@&!!!
          Got angry and rolled again…
          3rd DQXQ. quit.
          Rate went up to 6/18; 33% PCFG rate.

          Final tally:
          Main: 8/36; 22% hit rate
          Alt: 6/18; 33% hit rate

          Took a hit on my main. Most stones I’ve ever used on a GF, but also the first time I saved up 300 stones! I’ve always gotten lucky with pulls so I could quit while ahead. Not so this time. Moral of the story. Stay away from PCGF!!


  11. 12 rolls so far, 3 silvers, 1 six star…Blue Valkyrie ._.
    (And I already have her!)

    Notable rolls were back-to-back Hakus for sheer surprise (putting me at 5 total now), a third Akechi for inherits, Acala (Apparently she’s good or something) and Fuma Kotaro (only ninja I was missing, and seems good for Myr and Tifa x Xiu Min).

    I’m tempted to keep rolling, but literally all I want are six-stars, another Orochi, and Sheen – who is actually the main reason I’m still rolling I think. I really want a jewel princess!


    1. If you are after a Jewel Princess, you would have to wait for a Director’s Choice Carnival. I would stop now (kind of have to any way as PCGF did end) as you only want 1 more pantheon card.


  12. ::PCGF:: 90 Stones
    Shotel Shotel Shotel *Shotel
    Black Gryph rider
    goetia goeatia
    *Kraken Rider

    I posted in the previous thread, thank you very much for your advice Mantastic! I thought it’d be helpful for those farming stats to have the roll stats on the roll page so posting results with less fluff here. I farmed a few hours and rolled 3 more times, Shotel 4,Gambler =(, And Kraken rider… Which was as perfect as it’s going to get I think! A blue coverage unit that lets you activate Ronove!

    Current team Ronove, Kaede, Fat Chocobo, FirstEvo Rodin (r/d coverage, body), Kraken Rider.

    I feel like I should stop farming to spin on this godfest and start figuring out how to clear Gainut and Linthia to replace Rodin and FatChocobo. >.>

    Thank you again for your advice!


    1. It is always very helpful to see what other people rolled as the comment section is one of the most helpful aspects of any post.

      You are very welcome for all the advice and help and best of luck farming Gainut and Linthia!


  13. Feeling pretty happy about my rolls on my main — dupe Andromeda for inheriting somewhere on my Sarasvati team, Sanada for my Krishna team, dupe Rozuel, and my first Liu Bei. One sub got a third Avalon Drake and a bunch of junk (no more Bahns, ever, please. That was 6 & 7 respectively on that account. :P), and the other got an Acala plus junk, but doesn’t have anything good to make a team with her yet.


  14. Hey Mantastic,

    I managed to land an Ilm to round out my Ilm-Minerva team, which is supposedly one of the best arena farming teams. However, I’m wondering just how much more consistent that team would be compared to something like Cloud/Cloud/Cloud/Attackerasu/Ilm and if it’s worth the investment.


    1. Well Minerva/Ilm will always have a passive 50% damage reduction to fire/light/dark bosses which tend to be the most common encounters in Arena. You also have a much higher damage output by comparison. You also have more friends to pick from as Cloud is quite niche. So I would say it is worth the effort


  15. Well, I’ve firmly decided to skip this GF. Holding out for Heroines which I expect to hit sometime in January or early February. Meanwhile, my mother who can barely play Minerva pulled her second and third DKali back-to-back in the span of three pulls. Time to experience Ra Dragon vicariously.


  16. Did a bit of rolling and ended up with Kaede, 3x Acala, DQXQ, Kanna, Sun Wukong, Pandora, Red Odin, Rouzel, and Yuki Sanada. The only card I really wanted was Sanada for my Krishna team. With that said, I think my rolls were pretty decent. 🙂


      1. Those are my notable ones, I omitted a couple of Riders, a couple of Machine Animals, an Undine, and x2 Hades, though Hades isn’t exactly a bad roll. Not a single silver.


  17. 2 rolls got trash
    Randomly got 800 day login, roll two more times, got 5000MP and Rozuel for my Ronove team

    Spend rest of day maxing Rozy (Has a Ronove)
    Is happy


    1. Nice, I’ve rolled quite a few Ronoves, but have avoided using him despite the fact that my green team is the deepest by far. Now that I have a Rouzel and Kaede, I might try to make it work.


      1. If you have Rozuel and Kaede, you are nearly at the optimal team as Ragnarok Dragon can in theory be purchased! Also, Linthia is a reasonable farmable sub. You can also use the numerous wood TPA cards once you have dark covered


        1. I’m thinking about picking out up Ragnorak, though who should I pick for my last spot? I have access to Revo Ceres, Vishnu, Ruel, Ishida, and Meimei.


      1. Problem with Scheat there are very few teams that can capitalize on the TPA and her low base attack means she will be dealing very little damage on row-oriented teams. She thus becomes a luxury skill inherit in most cases


                1. I was thinking on something like ASQ, Andro, Sumire and Scheat, with some Urd/Sitri inherits somewhere… Just I will craft the team when I have the MP for BMyr and the collab shows off.


  18. Pretty much useless rolls other than Acala. One of the worst GF I have had.

    Water Dragon Swordsman
    Dark Dragon Swordsman
    Cursed Dragon
    Isis (my 5th, she loves me apparently)


    1. That does seem a little saddening considering dupe Isis are not that valuable. However, you may want to save at least another one in case Reincarnated loses the wood typing


  19. Non-IAP, saved for months.

    Chrono Turtle
    Dark Chester
    dupe Laila
    dupe Dark Chester
    Dill Sirius

    I’ll cut my losses here. Not to disappointed: DQXQ is still solid, and Andromeda fits into my Sarasvati team. Hope the next Godfest is better.


    1. Well didn’t do TOO badly. Orochi is still the best delay option available while Andromeda is used on every team. DQXQ will probably remain a top-tier light sub for the foreseeable future


  20. Usually Non-IAP, but I splurged a little as a Christmas treat to myself. Mixed bag for me. I can’t complain, because I did score several very coveted cards, but I’m still chasing after the two that I ree-hee-heaally wanted. And yes, I know you’re not supposed to chase specific cards, but I only had 11 of the 25 featured and was just looking forward to some new things to play with.

    What I kept :
    DKali (first pull and a huge suprise!)
    Acala (dupe)
    Liu Bei (dupe)
    Pandora x 2 (both dupes, but wanted an extra Panda to begin with)
    Isis (dupe)
    Ra x 2 (dupes, but useful)
    Chester, for skill inheritance
    that weird mech elephant looking thing that makes a column of blue
    Akechi, but I’m not sure there if is a use for 3 of him.

    I won’t get into the troll golds and silvers that I sold back.

    I’m pleased about DKali, but I know that Radra teams require 2 of her, so I’m not sure where to use her really. Don’t even know if Acala and Liu Bei work as dupes on their own teams. Psyched about Sanada, but I’m not sure who to replace on my Krishna team, it’s been doing pretty well without him but I know he’s one of the optimal subs for Krishna.

    TL;DR, I feel… okay? I probably won’t IAP for the next one, or at all really for a good long while.


  21. 40 rolls across 2 accounts distributed between DC,pcgf & Xmas machines lately.
    All silvers unfortunately, nothing that worth be mentioned here.
    All good, sometimes I get awesome cards, sometimes things like that just happens…
    So, moving on 😀


  22. Did 11 rolls, hope for my fourth Kaede, Liubei for mp farm, sanada for krishna, kanna and isis to complete my ra dra + 2 Dkali team.

    Result in order:
    Paimon, sanada, andromeda, ivory dragon (doh), anubis, liu bei, creuse 2x (double doh!), Akechi, Yomi and finally Kaede came in time.

    Well… No luck for ra dra… Guess its time to farm for sweet mp.


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