Player’s Choice Godfest Voting Advice, May 15-22, 2017

Don’t Vote Godfest Exclusives

or else…

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Player’s Choice Godfests (PCGF) are some of the most exciting events Puzzle and Dragons as it grants everyone to make their voice heard to create a special pool of monsters with increased rates.

Unfortunately, it also has the potential to turn into a disaster through the voting of Godfest Exclusives. Despite the fact that the top 25 cards will be featured at higher rates (or actually available for GFE), they are not weighted evenly.

Previous PCGF have had excessively high rates for GFE that resulted in terrible rates overall. This is because it is my understanding that all cards have a baseline value for rolling which is then augmented through each Godfest. Thus, if the majority of the top cards voted in are GFE, the overall rates for featured cards is significantly lower compared to having most of them being Pantheon monsters. This will result in a higher chance of rolling silver eggs and other forms of sadness.

This was my small sample size from Dec. 2015’s PCGF:

PCGF record 2

What to vote for

I am not going to tell you to vote for XYZ card because what you should be voting for should be what can benefit your monster box most. However, you should resist the urge to vote for GFE and instead put your choice behind a powerful Pantheon card.

Player’s Choice Godfests are meant to be for chasing Pantheon cards across different families. This is because like any family, there are some bad eggs (even gold eggs) and normal Godfests always feature the entire Pantheon at increased rates. Thus, voting for the strong select cards from each series will help create what could be arguably the strongest Godfest to date.

This has further relevance for Pantheons that do not have strong accompanying cards as you are able to “snipe” them for higher rates.

Vote for what is relevant now

Due to the rapid rate of Powercreep, you ideally want to have cards that are currently powerful. Voting for outdated cards can be wasteful as they may not make it in along with causing possible disappointment when rolled as they lose their value much faster.

Perhaps to better guide you, here is my current and updated tier list for Pantheon cards:

Pantheon Tier List – May 12, 2017

   3071 3449 Isis  3386 Carat Facet 


     Blue Valk

A Cao Cao 3110 Sheen 3387  3070  3243

Raphael 3068 3069 3238 3101 Rozuel Ariel 3202 Dark Valk

3269 3062 2985  3241 3242
3384 3271 3103 3198 Cameo Avalon Drake Michael  Red Valk
GValk 2920

Awoken Ares     3105 Famiel
3200 Muse Silk 2918 Leeza   Awoken Archdemon Lucifer 3273

Uriel Gabriel   Set I&I 3270 3054 3056
3058 3060
 2982  2916 Nobunaga Valen Zeta Hydra Thor 
  Red Guan Yu Guan Yu 

3272 Cerebrus Rider Green wee jas Fire Dragon Knight Hamal Water Dragon Knight Earth Dragon Knight Shining Dragon Knight Shadow Dragon Knight 
 Awoken Karin Genie

3239 3240 3450 3107 Thanatos  Wee Jas Laila Sharon Dark Chester
Light Zhuge Liang Red Riding Hood  Snow White Thumbelina  Sleeping Beauty
Thuban Sadalmelik Alnair Shedar Diadem  Green Zhuge Liang 2922

A Lu Bu Chiyome Hatsume Sasuke Fuma Hanzo arcline Shaitan Undine Sylph
 Dino Rider Merlin Rider Marine Rider Arthur Rider Gryps Rider
Nim Delgado Creuse Denebola 3204 3206 Lucifer Griffan Rider
Kraken Rider Unicorn Rider

Glimmer of hope

Last PCGF had a distressing number of 6-star GFE voted in due to the fact that every top-tier team required numerous rare cards to function. Thankfully, the meta has dramatically shifted towards teams that are not as reliant on Godfest Exclusives and prefer using Pantheon cards due to their new Reincarnated evolutions and updated awakenings.

Hopefully this inspires people to vote more intelligently than they did in the past by avoiding GFE.


Player’s Choice Godfest is an exciting time, but I strongly caution you against voting for Godfest Exclusives. Your vote is better spent on valuable Pantheon cards as those will have significantly higher rates compared to GFE.

If everyone does their part by voting for Pantheon monsters, we could have one of the strongest PCGF that will hopefully be reminiscent of its first incarnation.

You can cast your non-GFE vote HERE.

Let me know who you plan on voting for and why in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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35 thoughts on “Player’s Choice Godfest Voting Advice, May 15-22, 2017”

  1. Sitting at 140 stones. I badly want a 7×6 lead for farming purposes. Ilmina is ideal for my box but can live with any of the others (Sima Yi or DiaoChan especially). Should I blow my stones on the Heroine REM or wait for PCGF?


    1. Think about this… The heroine bottom tier cards all sell for 15k MP. Worst case you get a bunch of those and boom, you got 210000.


  2. hahaha died when I say the “or else” image, good one really good one indeed XD, however I remember those times..oh so sad times, gonna vote for liu bei, need a farming lead asap.


    1. This includes Riders 1 & 2, Elementals, Fairytale, Dragon Swordsman, Wizards, Ars Nova and Goetia, Cyber Dragons/Beasts, Ex-GFE, and Legendary Heroes.



  3. Dragon Knights and Armored Knights for me! I have like five of each colour, but Gungho thinks I always need more so who am I to argue?


  4. I don’t see Markab/Alfecca/Kakkab, etc on your tier list. they do a column of a color. Are they useless?


    1. They are not in the list, but they are pretty good. Very good on the right farming team. Not going to use them much on end game teams though.


  5. You really should distinguish between 5- and 6-stars rather than GFE and pantheons. The data you posted clearly shows that 5-star GFEs like L.Kali and Saria appeared at the same rates as the 5-star pantheon gods. Thus it’s not GFE that have worse rates, but 6-star versus 5-star choices.


  6. any reasoning behind your tier list? basically cards that belong on meta teams are S tier, but everything else seem like they’re randomly placed. might as well not even have a tier list if he’s gonna make a sloppy one such as this.


      1. it is obvious that top tier subs/leads are going to be S tier. but your ratings for A and under are largely questionable. what makes robin hood leagues better than barborossa and nobunaga, they’re arguably about the same characters but for different attributes. if anything robin hood, barbarossa, and napolean are the worst of the bunch, they provide “damage” and very small utility. robin hood isn’t great either due to green tpa team’s wide pool of characters, he’s easily replaceable (not to mention his stats are sub-par and the 1.5x boost on his active is quite low). nobunaga has a bind clear active that makes dark orbs and plus he’s unbindable himself. yang guifei at least is amazing for sakuya teams, providing a board and a laser in one. though active wise, this pantheon has replacements and in terms of having unique niche-use actives, yang guifei and nobunaga easily win out.

        no idea why green weejas is a tier higher than yellow weejas.

        trailokyavijaya is rated too high. up until now, she has only widely found use as a cheese active for satan c11. other than that, she’s quite useless. as a lead, simply outclassed by others that are rated below her ie: revo yomi and sakuya and even horus. speaking of horus, why is he rated worse than ars nova and goetia? also hard to believe jizz is rated lower than both ars nova and goetia, he’s an amazing coop card with a crazy good active for certain dungeons.

        looking back at the s tier, andromeda probably doesn’t deserve to be up there. in her current state, she isn’t a very useful water card to have at all. lackluster active, not a great lead and poor awakenings. bind clear awakening but she is bindable. double sbr is nice, but triple row is nothing special in comparison to other popular water cards. single sb is generally weak. and let’s throw in a single prong because why not. she also has poor stats. same deal for wukong, but at least he has triple sb.

        mechanical gods series is rated too high. god killer is one of the worst awakenings at the moment for end-game content. take that away and they’re simply lackluster monsters. generally poor stats and double sbr/sb/oe is just pathetic. their skills are decent, but easily replaceable as there are many actives out there that hazard-clear.

        no idea why michael is rated higher than gabriel and uriel, they’re the same characters but different colors. if anything, uriel is more usable than michael thanks to red rows being a serious team (also xiang mei).

        can you even vote avalon drake? anyway he’s op so that’s cool. if anything he should be rated higher. great active and his new extra sb provides an alternative to tengu, though an expensive one and coop only. also if we’re talking pad z, woodbahn is super great as well but he’s missing. he’s an amazing inherit on mathena and wood teams in general. anima and cursed dragon provide alternatives as multiplayer leads vs mzeus/mhera/mathena so they’re not that bad either, though not great.

        i would say akechi is rated too highly, he has a great skill but that’s about it. sanada is way better but he’s a tier lower. i would say sarasvati has a step up on krishna thanks to having 3 sb, which lets her be a good inherit-base.

        why are ariel and rozuel rated so highly? ame no uzume is a better alternative as a r/b bind clear vs rozuel, lower damage but damage is generally an non-issue for their purpose on teams. can’t say for ariel, but she’s just an unbindable triple tpa character.

        why is dark valk better than green valk? green tpa teams are more accessible than dark tpa teams, plus green leads tend to be combo oriented as well so you can utilize her 7c awakening. i suppose she can fill haku’s spots in dathena/kushinada teams, except she’s not nearly as good as haku. also green valk is objectively way better than robin hood.

        why is algedi rated lower than hamal? why is gan ning THREE TIERS worse than ma chao and xiahou dun? also hard to believe lzl is same tier as fairy tale girls and chester; his capabilities as a leader alone already qualifies him to be higher than his competition in C+ tier. red chester is missing from this list.

        also i would say acubens is actually one of the worst pulls, if not the worst pull, avaialble in the rem at the moment. he doesn’t have any sb, 1 sbr, and a god killer. plus a terrible active minus jammer meta. his stats are straight terrible too. if you decide to skip his god killer, he literally does nothing at all except for 4 water oe.

        these are just some flaws i see with this tier list, there are definitely more issues with it but picking away at them would just further prove how poorly thought out your A and below tiers are. though i don’t blame you, having to rate each and every card makes it very hard to group card under certain strength levels, but at least be consistent with your placements. ie. elemental series, genie and thanatos can be considered higher tier than shaitan, undine, and slyph due to light and dark super hits being more rampant. but arguably genie and thanatos have about the same usefulness so place them in the same tier. same applies for laila/leeza/sharon. and then there’s also usefulness as sub vs leader. sakuya horus and yomi all deserve higher placements for their leader skills alone, their weaknesses in surviving can be offset by skills and inherit. this also means anubis is rated too highly, he’s purely firepower but also leagues ahead of sakuya who’s also purely a glass cannon which more damage control, which actually gives her more merit vs certain spawns.

        and gfes don’t increase silver rates; they have the same pull rate as monster in the same rarity level. grodin is as likely to pull as bastet, except he only appears during godfests. hence godfest exclusives. but i’m sure you’ve already been given tons of shit for that.

        and by the same respect you can create the ultimate godfest by choosing popular overpowered gods, you can do the same for gfes. instead of waiting for a godfest that features red odin, ilm, and sherias roots, you can pick the red odin you want along with other 6* gfe you want so you have a much higher pull rate on specific 6* gfe versus a normal godfest. of course, blue odin is more useful than red odin now a days so that’s a poor example, but you should get the point. (if you didn’t, you have a higher chance to dodge awful 6* gfes while having a better shot as amazing ones)

        just my two cents. you don’t have to agree, but that’s what i see is wrong with your post. of course it’s very easy to just place in-meta characters in S rank because everyone’s using them with proven results, but don’t just go generalizing the strength of lesser used cards and randomly sorting them for your tier lists. please put more thoughts into your posts in the near future. and try to avoid spreading false information.



        1. Thank you for your detailed response,

          Robin hood has significantly more merit than Barborossa and Nobunaga as water TPA and and dark rows are falling out/not in favour. Wood TPA with 7c AND double SBR with Attacker typing is key for Ruel and only Vishnu can really replicate this. You can argue that Elize has similar awakenings and typing, but her lack of SBR makes using her challenging on Ruel teams.

          Yang Guifei’s board changer is perfect for Sakuya, but the lack of dark orbs places constraints on her usage considering most top tier teams are dark-based. What teams require those four colours?

          Perhaps Nobunaga should be higher as his active is dual purpose

          Green Wee jas was probably from when Kaede was more meta

          Trailo is the only true/fixed damage gravity (outside FF MP card) and cannot be replicated atm.

          Sakuya and Yomi are just glass cannon leaders (which is pretty frowned up atm) and while they do have uses as a sub, they are not extremely desired. Yomi is a HP/TE stick with an underwhelming active

          Horus is mostly an SI base but his 1k stats n tpa may be undervalued by me and could be higher

          Jize’s 99 true damage + 2 turn cd is amazing for z8 farming and bypassing Zeal but the coop boost has little merit as dark farming teams don’t really exist. However, the unique active can/should make him go a bit higher

          Andro has a split evo and she is used on essentially every mono-water team i can think of. She is also probably the best 2 SBR water card atm

          God Killers are bad for A3 but have merits otherwise. They make a difference when pushing through content that does not have absorbs/voids

          Michael’s Healer typing makes him one of the few Astaroth subs and the active is pretty strong there

          I agree that Avalon drake should be a bit higher

          Akechi has one of the best actives for dark teams outside of Dark Athena

          Rozuel and Ariel are unbindable 3TPA cards and that gives them flexibility along with their short base cd. You can inherit a bind clear or even use them as alternative Ra D subs due to God Typing. R/B Ame is a pretty bad card compared to Rozuel

          Like you said, Dvalk is a Haku replacement which is pretty good overall. Green Valk has no SBR so it makes it hard to use on Ruel unlike Robin Hood

          Hamal has a reasonable active skill. Algedi does not offer very much

          Gan Ning doesnt fit very well on water teams and his main use would be orb unlocking

          Acubens is pretty bad, but again I feel you undervalue Killer awakenings

          Genie/Thanatos are good cards to have and are better than the other cards in their series

          Leeza has Dragon Killer and is quite valuable on ALB farming. esp in SDR

          Anubis has RCV and ~40k hp in solo. He is still more glass-cannony than tank, but he is very powerful and miles ahead of Sakuya/Yomi. Also, he can ramp up damage from pretty much any board as he is not as colour restricted by comparison.

          I am not sure about 5* GFE vs pantheon pull rates, no one knows and no one has “given me shit” for it

          I am not sure what you mean by the ultimate GF part and discussing 6* GFE

          Once again, thank you for your feedback, some point do have merit but I strongly doubt this is false information and your tone is rather insulting at times

          I encourage you to create your own website and create your own tier list/guides as the community can greatly benefit from more contributors


            1. Other than that, I really enjoyed the discussion generated. The tone may not have been as polite as I prefer, but the conversation was informative. Thanks for taking the time, both of you, for the thoughtful responses.


  7. Thx for the list, mantastic, I’m so glad to know that ” the turtle” and “weapon series” won’t show up in this PCGF, it’s such a relief…. I voted for Ganesha btw


  8. I know my choice most likely won’t make it in, but I decided to vote for MeiMei. Really want to build a RomiaxAnubis team.

    This was a really difficult choice. I was about to submit Andro but my water box is pretty strong as of now, so I think I could hold off, especially since I rolled a second U&Y for the B/G.

    I think I made the right choice. Great Review as always!


    1. MeiMei is still a powerful card and she should be reasonably popular. Who knows, she may make it in =)

      I am glad you took the time to think about who to vote for!


  9. why is the light and dark guys from the wisdom kings not higher? they make challenge mode a breeze and i have though of (but resisting) the temptation to best friend one…


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