10x Plus Egg Descends Afterthoughts

With 10x Descends drawing to a close, players are still combing through their box to sort out whether they got their last few RCV pluses and admiring all the shiny new +297s, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what this means for the state of PAD.

First off, the end result is amazing. 7 plus eggs from 50 stamina on an easy to clear dungeon? How would you resist? I farmed so many plus eggs with minimal refilling and am now the proud owner of 15 +297s.

+egg mantastic
Before 10x
Plus Eggs
After 10x

With only the weekend remaining, I managed to gain ~500 plus eggs which is ridiculous considering the time investment required. I used to get excited from gaining 50 plus eggs from Star Vault and after 10x, everything else will feel empty. The shift in expectations may take some getting used to and has somewhat diluted the joy of finishing a +297. However, what are the implications moving forward when plus eggs are so readily available? This is where powercreep raises its’ ugly head because it may become mandatory to have full +297 teams to clear what will become the future current content. GungHo will have to start designing dungeons based around the expectations players will be using heavily plussed teams. We have already experienced a dramatic jump in leader skill multipliers and descend bosses with gigantic amounts of health.

Pressure will shift to players to farm more pluses at a much more frequent rate to keep up with current content. Granted things are getting easier overall in PAD with best friends, 5 (soon to be 3) minute stamina recharge, ample experience of a lifetimes, and the ability to pull the rarest evolution materials from the Pal Egg Machine decreasing the grind of the early PAD days. There is significantly less grinding required in the first 100 ranks as the uses of the more niche farmable monsters has been devalued with access to higher multiplier leads. However, the grinding component will be shifting to the more middle/late game where you will now be grinding out plus eggs instead. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it allows new players to enjoy content faster and ideally build a more loyal fan base. As such, players will not hit the metaphorical wall as early, but may become frustrated once that does occur.

Pessimism aside, 10x descends has been wonderfully productive and injected a sense of excitement that had been missing (in my opinion) for a period of time. The first several descends played made me giggle like a little boy on Christmas morning and couldn’t believe how fast my plus eggs were rolling in. I am now able to branch out into non rainbow teams and have started a new project with my newly purchased Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon . If I continue to be able to farm 400+ plus eggs per event, I could easily begin branching out into even more teams who would offer different and hopefully exciting play styles.

Kanetsugu +7 run
Dreams come in the form of 7 plus eggs

Happy Puzzling!

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