Izanami Tournament Ranking Dungeon Strategies

The second ranking dungeon is now live and brings forth new challenges and team building strategies. I have been very busy with life at the moment and have been putting PAD and my blog a bit on hold and wanted to post something at least. Comparing my initial results with the previous ranking dungeon, I did significantly worse and still fiddling around with team compositions and strategies.

Rank dungoen 2.3

I decided to somewhat borrow my strategy from the first ranking dungeon (can read more about it HERE) in that I tried to use an unconditional multiplier that provides significant damage to quickly push through the dungeon. I chose to use Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon over Dark Metatron dtron as a lead because I of the preemptive healing on floor 4 and the inability to repeatedly use Durga Durga to reset my health again. I am still struggling with comfortably establishing myself further up in the top 10% and may continue to try if I have nothing else to play over the weekend.

High Score Rank2

Yomi Dragon offers high damage with low combos provided you have at least 5 dark orbs. It is worth studying the health of each floor and determining the fewest number of combos required to sweep. My team line up consists of 5 orb changers and dtron being used for the skill boost Skill Boost awakenings and dark orb enhance active should my orb changers fail to provide an enhanced orb. With 5 orb changers and 6 floors, I only need to find one floor (most likely the 5th as it is light based) to not use an active and simply try to kill the rest with an active per floor. The second floor can provide a speedbump if you do not quickly memorize your board and match accordingly. Using an orb change active can maybe help with activating your leader skill, but fast thinking is more critical. Otherwise, this dungeon has no real mechanics to overcome such as high defence that required skilled up poison monsters. I have been playing relatively poorly and my time elapsed is suffering as a result. The time taken is by far the most important factor for achieving a high rank and that is why I am trying to use an easier multiplier.

Rank dungeon 2.3

However, I decided to change up my strategy and also managed to focus better and am now sitting comfortably in the top 2.3%. I decided to swap out dtron for Durga as her active and TPA will contribute higher to the max damage component. Perhaps what is needed to push yourself over if you do not need an orb changer is to bring a damage enhancer to seal the deal. I think I am comfortably done this dungeon on Mantastic and can rest easy and focus on the new and exciting event coming up in a few hours =D

Shiva Rank

Fantastic has been suffering as I lack a quick multiplier to mow through the dungeon and takes more time to complete. Even with significantly higher average combos, my overall score is lacking. From my current research, Ilm Ilm system teams (bringing numerous haste full board changes) and Shiva Dragons Shiva D teams seem to doing quite well at the moment. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Ra Dragon Ra Dragon teams can quickly sweep every floor and also hit the 40 million damage cap for a wonderful 10,000 additional points.

skyfall loss
Skyfall bad


Also, remember to turn off the skill confirmation animations through Others -> Options -> Dungeon -> Skills Off to save a couple extra seconds!

Skill Disable.jpg

If you have a better team composition or strategy, please leave a comment and lend me your insight and I can update this post accordingly =)

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