Athena Ranking Tournament Top 10% Scores

GungHo has kicked things into overdrive by overlapping Athena Tournament, Bleach Collab, and 10x Plus Eggs in Descends. Even with 480 natural stamina every day, it may feel overwhelming as there is so much to play! With that being said, I only spent a few runs in Athena Tournament to ensure my top 10% placement. Perhaps there will be some movement as more people participate, but I am confident my place will be secured. For full reading of my initial strategies in a previous posting, please click HERE.

Due to no restrictions for Athena, I decided to mirror my success I had in the Izanami Tournament by using Dark Metatron dtron for Mantastic. It only took a few attempts to safely secure my top 10% and I am on the verge of 1%.

Mantastic Rank

Mantastic 97k

dtron Persephone Dark Valk Lilith Durga dtron

Dark Metatron is powerful but challenging to use effectively due to the health restrictions tied to her multiplier. This is further complicated by the 2 different preemptives in this dungeon. However, you are able to circumnavigate those with a small amount of healing. I chose to bring Persephone Persephone as a means to safely burst Neptune on floor 8. Claire Dark Valk can be used twice throughout the dungeon and ideally on floor 3 and Athena. Both of these subs remove heart orbs and this is crucial in maintaining under 50% HP to ensure your full multiplier. Lilith Lilith is used to manage the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA on floor 4. Finally Durga Durga is used to reset your HP to 1 on the first floor and also doubles as a damage enhance to pad your score on the final floor or as an emergency HP reset.

My run went fairly smoothly; however, I have plenty of room to min/max my score. If I was 3 seconds faster, I would have achieved 1% and will try again this weekend if I am still close to the 1% threshold. A major benefit of dtron ‘s high multiplier is you can use sub colours for the easiest floors (1 & 6) and dark TPA TPA through your other subs for modestly difficult floors. This is something I should have utilized more as it takes less time (and orbs) than forming a horizontal row of 6 dark orbs to trigger my Dark row awakenings. I also may have spent too much time on the boss as my maximum damage easily exceeded the 40 million damage cap and probably lost precious time there.

The main drawback of using dtron compared to Shiva Dragon Shiva D is the HP requirements that require an HP reset (losing an orb changer and having to use an active that has animations and eats up time). This also reduces your consistency as excessive heart skyfalls can push you beyond your damage multiplier range and can ruin an otherwise successful attempt.

I also achieved very respectable scores on Fantastic and MOMtastic (she visited me and I did a play through on her account) by using Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon . Both accounts only required 2 attempts to achieve their top 10% scores. The successful runs went as planned and only had some unwanted skyfalls. I find it amusing how they nearly have the same average combos and time elapsed. Yomi Dragon has the benefit of not requiring HP management along with more orb changers. However, you are more orb hungry as you require 5 orbs to sweep a floor. The main difference between these 2 scores was the maximum damage on the final floor. This due to one account possessing the amazing Akechi Akechi plus Haku Haku combo.

Fantastic 84k

Momtastic score

Momtastic Rank

Even if runs like this are beyond your means or skill level, you should still participate in the tournament as it is possible to complete and collect the lower tier rewards and magic stone. My new to PAD friend was able to clear the dungeon and still score in the top 75% with a negative score. To be fair, your scores are lower compared to previous ranking dungeons because of the 10 floors and finishing with less time remaining.

Pancake score

Pancake Rank

Hopefully this post gives you some inspiration or hope and let me know how you fared in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

I am impatient and believed that I could improve upon my score and after 8 more trys I achieved my goal =D

Dtron 102k



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