January 14 Ultimate Evolutions

The latest patch brought fourth 9 new ultimate evolutions and I want to explore their viability and if they will become a must have card or quickly forgotten the next day. The 9 monsters to receive new ultimate evolutions are Hathor Hathor , Awoken Freyja Awoken Freyja , Famiel Famiel , Ruel Ruel , Ariel Ariel , Lumiel Lumiel , Uriel Uriel , Gabriel Gabriel , Michael Michael , and Raphael Raphael .

Hathor Hathor received 2 additional enhanced light orb +light orb awakenings to bring her total up to 4 which allows her to have an 80% chance all light orbs will fall down as enhanced. In addition, Hathor received a skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist and time extend Time Extend awakening. All of this makes her a viable sub on rainbow teams because her 25% gravity can be used to bypass problematic resolve floors. Furthermore, the top rainbow teams are light based and the 4 +light orb awakenings and blue sub colour adds plenty of damage and sub flexibility. When used as a lead, Hathor is still reasonably strong as she creates very tanky light based rainbow teams and should be able to push beyond 40k health and 8k base recovery. However, the damage output will still be lowish even with the countless +light orb awakenings as the damage output receives diminishing returns beyond 5 awakenings. Overall, I like the evolution as it breathes life into her role as a sub.

Awoken Freyja Awoken Freyja is the only new awoken evolution to be released at this time and will start to bring a shift into the mono green meta with wood row Wood Row awakenings. Historically, mono green teams have been two prong attack TPA reliant as Awoken Bastet Bastet is currently their top tier lead. Awoken Freyja brings 3 Wood Row , 1 TPA , and an amazing 2 Skill Lock Resist awakenings. When paired with the newest godfest exclusive Sylvie Sylvie , you form a 2 HP/10.5 ATK/2.5 RCV team with the potential for numerous Wood Row , TPA , and double damage for green and dark monsters through Awoken Freyja ‘s active. 2/10.5/2.5 teams are becoming popular as they can easily stall and tank giant hits repeatedly when heavily invested and if your leaders are not bound. You are able to build your Awoken Freyja / Sylvie with quite a bit of flexibility as shields are somewhat irrelevant due to a massive health pool. Due to the heavy investment many players made into their Bastet teams,  Awoken Freyja / Sylvie will become popular once more players are able to pull Sylvie .

Famiel Famiel received minor stat improvements along with an astounding 3 TPA awakenings! However, your joy will most likely be replaced with disappointment due to a lack of viable teams  Famiel can be used on. Her board change is outclassed by almost everyone else except when played on a Umisachi Yamasachi U&Y because you create your 4 needed colours for leader skill activation. As such, Famiel will almost certainly be a staple super sub for your wonder boys (who I am very biased towards) due to unbindability, incredible burst potential, and light sub attribute. The only downsides are a lack of Skill Lock Resist and low flexibility for other teams outside of U&Y . On a related note, I decided to hypermax my Famiel on Fantastic as my U&Y team is still the strongest team I can form and the synergy of another healer with 3 TPA benefiting from Sun Quan’s Sun Quan active was too hard to pass up on.

HM Famiel

Ruel Ruel has been somewhat forgotten until her new evolution and even a total of 3 TPA , she is still outclassed by Vishnu Vishnu and Liu Bei Liu Bei due to a less powerful active (that is currently impossible to skill-up) and lesser awakenings. Don’t get me wrong, Ruel can still be very powerful on mono green teams; however, without a Skill Lock Resist , it will constrict sub flexibility when competing with other top tier subs. The new evolution turned the spotlight on for a brief moment, but will be quickly forgotten after you read this posting.

Ariel Ariel also got buffed to 3 TPA awakenings along with having her skill-up material Ariel Skill up being released in Hel Descended. However, her viability still remains in question. The only team she makes a reasonable fit on (rainbow teams may cringe due to the randomness of the active) is Saria Baby Saria / Thor Thor , but even then, a lack of Skill Lock Resist and no row enhance Light Row awakenings diminish her value. Even the artwork for Ariel is meh and leaves me wanting at least something more tempting to write about, but currently have nothing.

Lumiel Lumiel is similar to her blue cousin Famiel in that her active is somewhat lackluster when compared to other dark board changers and only shines on one specific team, Durga Durga . Unfortunately, Durga teams are quite weak due to the leaders only having 4 awakenings and caps out at 25x damage. As such, most players choose to lead with someone else in favour of more power and stability. Therefore, Lumiel will be quickly sidelined even with the additional 3 TPA awakenings as countless other cards fill the board refresh role better. I actually preferred the ghosts in the 6-star evolution form better as they at least made me laugh.

Uriel Uriel received an ultimate of an ultimate evolution which added 2 fire row enhance Fire Row and 3 auto heal Auto heal awakenings. Being able to heal 2,000 HP passively every turn while providing 3 Fire Row awakenings allow Uriel to be used on Shiva Dragon Shiva D teams to great success. Even when played on an Awoken Shiva Shiva team who is historically TPA based, the high base recovery and enhanced heart generation allows for easy stalling and survivability. Uriel has now been propelled into a high end red sub and is well worth the investment

Gabriel Gabriel has a strange place in my PAD heart as he was my first REM god roll (after starting with countless 3 and 4 star monsters) and still has yet to be used. However, after receiving an ultimate of an ultimate evolution and being bolstered a total of 3 water row enhance Water Row along with 2,000 autoheal, Gabriel may be taken off the metaphorical bench and finally see some usage. Water row based teams are starting to see a resurgence in popularity with Awoken I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune being capable of clearing end game content. Furthermore, Gabriel will become a fantastic sub for Awoken Lakshimi Lakshimi when her leader skill gets buffed to 39x and once again becomes a viable lead.

Gabriel Stats
Took the time to max skill him a long time ago and may finally get the chance to use my pretty boy!

Michael Michael  also received an ulitmate of an ultimate evolution and is following the new trend of Wood Row based teams for  Awoken Freyja / Sylvie . Bringing forth 3 Wood Row and 2,000 auto heal along with a Skill Lock Resist will land Michael a slot on the newer mono green teams as his active will most certainly heal you to full health when used. However, there is not too much to say for the viability of Wood Row based teams because of how new Awoken Freyja / Sylvie combo is and will take time for players to heavily invest in before end game content is explored.

Raphael Raphael is a fun loving-discoball crazy god who now has an unprecedented 5 Light Row awakenings along with a Skill Lock Resist being added into the mix. This is the first monster to receive 5 row enhance awakenings and makes me wonder if anyone else will even come close in the near future. Naturally, Raphael will synergize wonderfully with the Light Row row based team of  Baby Saria / Thor . Granted you will need a Valkyrie valkpad to break the hearts to capitalize on your damage, but you are most likely bringing one anyway. Furthermore, Raphael received a revamp of his active to now include 2 turns of 100% damage reduction (complete damage immunity!). The long cooldown should not be an issue for  Baby Saria / Thor as stalling comes easy due to high recovery and base health. Overall, Raphael brings fresh life into Light Row based teams and I wish I owned one.

If you feel I overlooked any monster or have any questions, feel free to post a reply and Happy Puzzling!

4 thoughts on “January 14 Ultimate Evolutions”

    1. Famiel lacks water row awakenings (unless you are aiming for TPA based Lakshimi) and their active does not spawn heart orbs and thus requiring you to use more actives to trigger your full leader skill

      Alrescha’s active also directly removes heart orbs and thus preventing your leader skill activation.

      Lakishimi requires heart orbs for optimal damage so you want subs who can generate blue orbs (and ideally heal orbs at the same time)


  1. I actually disagree with your comment with the viability of wood row teams. I think its worth mentioning that Michael is a splendid sub for Awoken Astaroth, which will hit NA sometime soon. Wood rows are making a big debut (they arguably didn’t really exist before now), with leaders like Sylvie + Freyja. Wood rows as a whole aren’t that strong. However, one of the most powerful leaders in the current meta, Awoken Astaroth, makes very good use of them.

    tl;dr I would actually say that wood rows are very powerful in today’s meta, mainly thanks to the powerhouse that is Awoken Astaroth.


    1. Those are good points Ted! Perhaps I have downplayed the viability of wood rows as we have not got all the pieces needed to make a powerful team. I will push them a bit harder when Astaroth comes out =)


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