Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 10 Clear

With a week to go for this challenge dungeon set, I felt it would be helpful to post my level 10 clear to hopefully aide those who are still struggling. The dungeon is quite unforgiving in terms of the sheer HP of the bosses along with near lethal attacks and large pre-emptive strikes. In addition, the enhanced skyfall for jammer orbs play havoc with orb management and required 2 Light Kalis Kali for board refreshes.

I decided to use the lovely Awoken Sakuya Sakuya as my leader, Awoken Susano Susano , 2 Light Kali Kali , and Echidna Echidna for subs.

CH10 team
The winning team

Susano Awoken Susano was chosen to cover the green and red attribute as he is unbindable (in case bound on Satan or Vishnu) and provides a powerful shield to smooth out pre-emptive damage, survive the Storm Punisher attack from Athena, or tank out Vishnu’s abilities should you fail to kill in time

Kali Kali x2 was chosen to provide 2 board refreshes as taking hits from any of the floors is near fatal. Make sure you use your board refreshes before taking hits as you are unable to heal after converting the board to red, blue, green, light, and dark orbs.

Echidna Echidna has not seen much use with the advent of pre-emptive status void shields; however, for this particular dungeon, she is invaluable as she can be used to delay any of the floors on the first turn. For myself, the 2 most dangerous floors are Athena and Vishnu and would always try to save my delay for Vishnu as I am unable to one shot him due to the 1 million absorption shield. Do note that her low HP can cause you to die to the second floor’s pre-emptive of 22,601 so please check your health before entering. Any delay can be used in place of Echidna as you are only concerned about the delay and not the stats, colour, or damage output.

CH10 possible team
Was tempted to use this team too

valkpad Valkyrie was a tempting sub to bring as she provides the green coverage along with a quick orb changer to convert heart to light orbs. From a damage output perspective, it may have been advantageous to bring her instead of Susano , but my overall health would have been too low to survive the second floor pre-emptive. I did miss the quick orb changer to ensure I had ample light orbs, but I would have to shift around my team composition too much to accommodate.

Dungeon Strategy:

  1. Floor 1 has 5 million health and hits for 17,250 per turn and also causes jammer and red orbs to skyfall at an increased rate. It is these skyfalls that make the dungeon significantly harder as it becomes challenging to manage your orbs efficiently. I had to either burst her down in one go or push below under 50% to trigger the combo shield. I did not want to get hit as I would most likely never be able to recover enough to survive the second floor’s pre-emptive as my total health was only a couple hundred above the 22,601.
  2. Floor 2 has the nasty pre-emptive of 22,601 and the boss only has 3.2 million health. In addition, you get one free turn where he puts up his shield along with only being hit for 13,908 every turn. This is the most manageable floor to stall on and do not worry about your health going into the next as you are healed to full health upon arrival.
  3. Floor 3 has an amazing 8.5 million health and hits incredibly hard. From past experience, she would do her abilities in any order she wanted and it made it impossible to predict what she would do. Maybe they fixed it for this challenge set, but I did not want to take the chance and would use one Sakuya gravity to remove 1.7 million health to give me a better chance of killing in one shot. I sometimes was forced to use Susano to ensure I can survive the Storm Punisher attack along with having enough health for the 10,164 pre-emptive of the 4th floor.
  4. Floor 4 is occupied by Satan (I wonder when we will fight his evolved form) and he has a walloping 10.7 million health. Thankfully, he starts in the dark attribute and allows me to quickly burst down with my light heavy Sakuya team. You get 3 turns before he utterly destroys you for 109k damage so take your time as needed. He will put up his shield, wave of fear 2x (10k damage and bind 1 sub for 1 turn), then 109k execution attack.
  5. Boss Floor has the never before seen Vishnu and he changes the enhanced skyfalls to become heart and jammer orbs. In addition he has 7.6 million health along with an absorption shield that heals him for any attack that exceeds 1 million damage. As such, it is very unlikely you can ever kill him in one turn and using gravities will not work as that will also heal him. It is because of this absorption shield I brought Echidna to delay and have 4 turns to try and safely kill. I did encounter serious orb troll due to the jammer skyfalls and actually had to tank 1 turn with Susano ‘s shield before successfully killing. I took 2 turns of dealing damage (5 turns total due to orb troll) to kill successfully and you will most likely need to budget that as well.
Ch10 clear
Cutting it close with 981k damage from Susano

Overall, this challenge was enjoyable as it forced me to use some creativity to overcome and look forward to what ever GungHo has planned next.

Ch10 reward

Happy Puzzling!


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