Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 9 Cleared

Normally Level 9 is quite straight forward; however, the inclusion of Ilsix Ilsix as the boss floor with his 30% resolve provides an awkward challenge to overcome. In addition, the 6th floor has 50% wood and light resistance and would make my Awoken Sakuya Sakuya hard pressed to deal 10 million damage while attempting to survive 20k hits or a 27k execute. With all these factors in mind, I decided to use my new Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon team as dark damage is most favourable for the dungeon along with rapid access to haste and shields to allow for easy stalling and safe clears on every floor.

Ch9 team
The winning team
  • Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon teams provide 36x damage and 2.25x recovery for god type monsters. In addition to the rapid access to haste, I am able to deal lethal damage with only 5 dark orbs and this becomes crucial for the final floor.
  • Haku Awoken Haku an amazing sub who offers high base stats, a full board refresh (does not remove locked orbs), haste, and synergetic awakenings.
  • Pandora Pandora offers a powerful heart and dark orb generating active along with utility based awakenings. I can use her for emergency heals and for burst potential.
  • dtron Dark Metatron provides a 35% damage reduction along with dark orb enhance on a 5-turn cooldown. In addition, she has high base stats, but it is her orb enhance ability that makes her mandatory for this strategy (I do not own any other competitive dark orb enhancer).
  • Diza Dark Izanami was chosen as the last sub because I wanted to have constant shielding through her own 35% damage reduction shield (lasts 3 turns on a 6-turn cooldown), dtron ‘s shield, and the haste actives. She also adds a considerable amount of HP to allow me to survive the harder hitting abilities in case I fail to sweep the floor.

Dungeon Strategy: The first 6 floors are relatively straight forward for Yomi Dragon and I used actives as needed along with having shields up to protect myself in case I failed to kill a floor. The real challenge comes from the boss Ilsix and his 30% resolve.

Ilsix has 7.5 million health, status void pre-emptive, and attacks range from 99% health cut to 31k when above 30% HP. His resolve is removed when below 30% HP and should you kill him he will heal to 50% along with hitting you for 17,766 damage. Normally I would have happily used gravities to push him into an ideal health percentage; however, with his health being reset to 50%, I would require a 40% single gravity to remove the resolve. Double Sakuya actives will only push him into 32% and thus would require me to bring a third gravity to properly counter. This would have put constraints on my team building and decided to bring Yomi Dragon instead.

If you push the boss to between 1-29%, Ilsix will use his Frenzy attack which transforms the entire board into blue, hearts, and jammer orbs along with hitting you for 22,208 (if you resist the jammers will be hit again for 22,208 damage). In addition, the jammer orbs become locked and cannot be removed via orb changers. Ilsix will only do cast Frenzy one time and afterwards hit you for 111,040 damage every turn. Therefore, you must kill him on your next turn should you push him into this threshold.

CH9 boss1
The board I was given with his Frenzy attack

Keeping all of this in mind, my strategy was to push Ilsix into his 1-29% threshold to activate his frenzy (and thus removing his resolve). To do this I had to either burst and control my damage or trigger his resolve and have him heal to 50% and then gently push him into the 1-29% range. This is where having Diza proved invaluable as I could better manage the incoming damage while trying to control my damage. Once I pushed him into the 1-29% range and triggered his frenzy, I used Haku to board refresh the non locked orbs, Yomi Dragon to spawn more dark orbs, and then dtron orb enhance to allow me to trigger my leader skill.

Ch9 boss2
Your end is close…

Afterwards it was simply a matter of triggering my leader skill to finish Ilsix off and collect my hard earned reward. My finger actually slipped mid-match, but I luckily had already matched my 5 connected orbs and thankfully the boss died.

Ch9 boss3
Enough pew pew to win

Hope this was helpful and maybe provided some inspiration as to better tackle Ilsix and his dangerous 30% resolve.

Ch9 clear

Happy Puzzling!

5 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 9 Cleared”

  1. Think you could possibly do a video? i’ve been losing to this level so many times, I want to try it out with my yomi dra but I would like to see how you run it


    1. I am still having issues recording from my ipad which has my Mantastic account =(

      The floors prior to the boss are relatively straight forward, kill things, stall as needed. On the boss its just a matter of pushing him into the 1-29% range and then actives to finish. I wish I could record as it would be so much easier for everyone ><


  2. I had some troubles with this dungeon using my own yomi dragon team(very similar to yours) so I ended up grinding it out in >300 turns with a RaphaelxThor team :c


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