What am I doing for 10x Descends and Why

Now that 10x descends has been live for over a day, the question of what is best to play is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Before I elaborate on what I recommend and do, I want to emphasize that everyone has different goals in PAD and varying levels of commitment, orb matching skills, current teams, and frequency of refilling stamina. My way may not be the best way for you and I want you to take my playstyle with a grain of salt.

I currently play on my Mantastic and Fantastic account and I commit differently to each one. Mantastic is my main and original account and it is the one that I put the most effort and investment into. On the other hand, Fantastic is an account that I acquired from a friend who quit over a year ago and I try not to waste stamina, but make less time for it. As such, my strategies employed by either account should help you make a more educated decision of what is best to play for you.

Mantastic Rank

Fantastic Rank

For Mantastic, I try to play Zeus Mercury as I gain 4-7 plus eggs per run along with ~34k rank experience per 50 stamina spent. Granted this is a more challenging dungeon to clear, but I am comfortable playing my Awoken Sakuya Sakuya and can clear the dungeon with relative ease in probably 7-8 minutes. I elect to play Zeus Mercury over the Regular Zeus Descended  because of the chance at higher plus eggs along with over 3x the rank experience and 7x the coins. In addition, I like to play PAD/match orbs/make combos/etc. and fast farming teams will quickly drain my stamina and significantly reduce my playing time (as I probably take 90s to clear Regular Zeus Descended). As such, I choose to go for the more stamina efficient choice over time efficient option as I have only refilled maybe once thus far? I may start refilling more frequently if I have more time on my hands, but I do want to save stones for the upcoming 4x godfest.

Yet to get a +7 run, but have a handful of +6s
Yet to get a +7 run, but have a handful of +6s

Zeus Merc Team

Zeus Merc Pew
Pew Pew


The Sakuya Sakuya team I use has an unbindable green sub along with unbindable leaders. This allows me to cruise more easily through the dungeon and also decreases my clear time. When I am feeling more lazy or brain dead, I will still play Regular Zeus Descended and most will take my Dark Metatron dtron team and steam roll through the floors with minimal combos made. This still grants 4 plus eggs per run and very fast clears, but the coins and rank experience are very low.

4 plus eggs but low collateral rewards
4 plus eggs but low collateral rewards
dtron 10x team
Set HP to 1 and easy clears

My Fantastic account is also capable of clearing  Zeus Mercury, but my time and motivation for this account is lower along with being less flawless when playing on my phone for longer periods of time. As such, I have mostly been sticking to the easier Regular Zeus Descended and breezing through with my Awoken Shiva Shiva team. This better suits my goals and commitment and I do not mind being less stamina efficient on this account as I can quickly dump my stamina and carry on with my life.

Furthermore, you should try to conserve your gold by fusing 6 of the same pluses together. By that I mean choose a single monster with a +1 and fuse 5 other monsters with a +1 to the original. This results in a +6 monster and lots of gold saving. Repeat this until you have 5 monsters with a +6 and you can then select a fresh +1 and fuse those 5 to make a +31. Doing this is the most gold efficient way to combine your plus eggs.


With all that being said you will need to refill for stamina to continuously play and are paying 50 stamina for 4 plus eggs. Therefore, the cost for 1 plus egg is 12.5 stamina and you need to calculate the plus eggs per stone spent to determine their value. For myself, Mantastic gains ~21 plus eggs per stone refill (max stamina is 262) and a pull on the Rare Egg Machine would then become 105 plus eggs. Now those troll rolls seem very costly and I may try to refill and abuse 10x more even if I only play the Regular Zeus Descended. For lower ranking players (and thus less stamina), refilling may be of less value and you may decide to conserve your stones to roll in the upcoming 4x godfest. This is a personal choice and do not let the decisions of other players persuade you into deviating from your own goals. Also, plus egg farming is still a time commitment and not everyone has luxury speed farming teams and playing PAD should still feel like a game, not a chore.

Happy puzzling and may your +297s dreams come true =D


One thought on “What am I doing for 10x Descends and Why”

  1. I know this is a couple months late, but making +31s is not the most cost effective method of feeding plusses. If you fuse by only using +31s and a +18 then the cheapest amount you pay in plus egg tax is 1,024,000 gold by my calculations. If you do the +36 method (make target a +3, feed 3 +36s and a +6 to get a +117, then feed 5 +36s to get +297), it only costs 999,000 gold total in plus egg tax. It’s not a super significant amount, but it is cheaper while being just as simple.


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