GungHo Collab PEM, Let the Good Times Roll?

*I wrote about this in December and only remembered when I saw people finding it via Google. My writing style is noticeably different…..*

The short answer is no. I say no because this collab is old (and thus outdated by powercreep), the monsters lack powerful actives and awakenings, and the art is mehh overall. My view is largely biased from a productive/efficient point of view and I do not have any emotional attachment to cards/characters. However, if you are fond of the featured monsters or badly in need for 3 Kingdom skill ups, it can be okay to roll.

With the inclusion of the 3 Kingdom chibi cards, this pal egg machine event reminds me of the skill up carnival, but worse due to the GungHo collab monsters. Your pal points are much better spent through the enhance or evolution events as all the rolls are helpful and save you stamina in the long run. I go into more detail about pal points and their uses in my S Rank Guide if you care for further reading.

Gungho collab

With that being said, the 2 “interesting” rolls to be obtained are Holy King Arthur Holy King Arthur and Pianis Pianas (still unsure of how to pronounce her name…). Both are reasonable for pal point monsters, but would have been more useful if they had arrived a year ago. The chibi 3 Kingdom gods share the same leader skill as their adult counterparts and can be used as makeshift subs or leads when developing a new account.

I did do 10 rolls for science and was surprised by the 2 plus eggs (though that is probably a rare case), but was met with an overall feeling of “why did I just do that?” as I could have received 10 (super)kings instead. I do somewhat like the art for Yukari Yukari and Kyubi Kyubi so I will evolve them and keep for prettiness reasons.

Gungho Collab PEM rols

Regardless, let the good times Roll, but ideally in a different PEM event =)

Happy Puzzling!


3 thoughts on “GungHo Collab PEM, Let the Good Times Roll?”

    1. I guess the point is, Arthur is actually a great monster for button farming, as the nuke gives a decent amount of damage, while the suicide skill gets you to use your devilfish/Vritra.


      1. Ah that is a good point! I wrote this last December before coop/button hype so that is good that there is a use for him (if you do roll him). It would probably only benefit players who are rolling in pal points and they may not need the extra button, but it is nice to be aware at least

        Thanks for mentioning!


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