PAD is love, Plus Eggs are Life

PAD playtime

10x descends is quite hectic and I may be going a little overboard at the moment. I am actually closing my eyes and seeing the plus egg drop and that wonderful *ding* noise along with using different fingers to prevent fatigue. Perhaps it is the sign of madness, but I have also farmed ~1,000 plus eggs across both accounts over the course of these 2 days. After the weekend, things will begin to slow down again as my 2 favourite dungeons, Kanetsugu Desc Kanetsugu and Hera Sowilo Hera-Sowilo, end their rotation (however, Hera Sowilo does return next Sunday).

All att team

All att team 2
Teams used for all attribute

I chose to play Kanetsugu Desc and Hera Sowilo because they offer a wonderful amount of rank exp along with 5-6 plus eggs on average per run. I prefer this over Almight God Zeus or the other push button farm dungeons because I lack a push button team and it feels more wasteful due to less plus eggs and no collateral benefits. For more information, feel free to check out my chart detailing plus egg rates and exp/stamina in the more popular descends HERE.

PAD playtime 2

Hopefully everyone still has their sanity and is reaching their plus egg goals/target.

Rest your eyes
Words to live by!

Happy Puzzling!

4 thoughts on “PAD is love, Plus Eggs are Life”

  1. Because of homework and sheer fatigue I was only able to use 3 stones on Kanetsugu yesterday 😦 Will be attempting to stone some on PADZ today, and later on Hera-Sowilo. It must be nice to be out of college if you are 😦

    As a result I have only farmed up about +350 or so. Shameful right 😦


    1. Well 350 is still quite a bit! Your favourite team just had a large injection of power so all is not lost!

      My pluses are split between my 2 accounts (although Mantastic does have more) and I managed to clear Kanetsugu in ~3 minutes, but it still took time. And yes I am finished post secondary and was lucky Kanetsugu fell on a Saturday XD I am a bit burnt out and will not try as hard today and tap away more at my blog


  2. Hey Mantastic –
    I’ve really been enjoying your blog – thank you for putting another great PAD resource together!

    I have what must be a really silly question, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet – do you have a good method for sorting your newly acquired plus-eggs by stat? I can get them all to the bottom of my box by selecting “CHR” to sort by, but from there I’m a little lost. As it is, I’m spending WAY more time checking each egg, combining, rechecking, combining and I’m sure there HAS to be a more efficient way of doing things.

    Thank you!


    1. Thank you for the encouragement! And that is not a silly, but truly valid question. I do not have a foolproof method, but this is something that has some success:

      1st priority – Fav – Reverse
      2nd priority – + – Standard
      3rd priority – (stat you’re looking for) – Standard

      This does order your pluses by each monster, but you dont know where the cut off points are and it resets for each monster. So would only be modestly helpful when farming large numbers but still need to check =(

      Reverse just allows you to not have to scroll down all the time XD


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