Thoth & Sopdet 5×4 Latent Resist Farming Strategies

Now that the weekend has passed and with it my favourite descends to farm on 10x, I have turned my morning stamina to playing Thoth & Sopdet 5×4 from the coin dungeons in hopes of acquiring the 1% light resist Tamadra Light Resist . 5×4 descends are much more challenging than their regular counterparts as you face the same bosses/mechanics, but on a smaller board. This automatically cuts down on viable leaders to use, but you can find a handy reference list I created HERE of strong 5×4 leads.

Aside from the invading Light Resist , the major hurdle of this descend is a 5-combo shield put up by Sopdet. Normally 5 combos should not be an issue, but in a 5×4 dungeon, it can be quite challenging as many of the top teams are row enhance/match 5 connected orbs reliant. As such, two prong attack TPA heavy teams will have an easier time. Regardless, I still elected to go with my Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon as it has the most pluses along with an augmented recovery multiplier to help stall on minimal heart orbs.

5x4 team

I initially had Awoken Haku Haku in place of Dark Izanami Diza , but decided to switch to increase my health pool as well as benefit from the 1,500 auto healing. In an ideal world, you want to have more than 27,320 health or sufficient damage reduction to survive 2 consecutive attacks from the invading Tamadra. This is because your skills will be delayed by 2 turns and may face heart orb troll. Auto heal Auto heal awakenings also contribute to your health pool in this instance as it restores health without triggering heart orb matches.

Dark Valkyrie Dark Valk and Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer joined the party as they have smaller orb changers (critical for the final floor and 5 combo shield) along with 5 dark row Dark row enhances to augment my damage. By smaller orb changers, I am referring to their ability to spawn a few dark orbs in hopes of retaining a 5-combo board. Furthermore, the true damage component from Awoken Archdemon Lucifer can be used to execute the invade and his god killer God Killer ensures massive burst. Zaerog Infinity Z8  was the last sub as I wanted to help my chances of achieving 5 combos through his dark skyfall enhance active. Z8 is not guaranteed to produce an extra combo, but why not take all the help you can get.

Conversely, the safest way to guarantee 5 combos on the final floor is to bring Dark Kali Dark Kali and use her active in conjunction with Dark Valk (or any other single orb changer if you run different colour teams) to ensure at least 5 dark orbs along with a set of red, blue, green, and light orbs. You may need a dark orb enhancer such as Dark Metatron dtron to enhance the orbs if none came enhanced after the board changer. You can also use Light Kali Kali , but she cannot be combo-ed with any other orb changer and may not fit all teams or produce boards with sufficient damage.

Invading tama
Oh I am smiling =D

The rest of the dungeon plays smoothly as none of the floors should provide too much trouble and is simply a matter of managing your orbs and actives. However, you should always try to keep yourself at full health as the invade can happen at any time. If possible, try to also save heart orbs in a bottom corner so you can heal as needed.

The boss floor itself can prove tricky as you need to deal 3 million damage to 2 different targets, make 5 combos, and have both die on the same turn. This is where luck (through skyfalls) can come into play as you may not have a guaranteed board. You can help yourself along as best as you can through smaller orb changers that either spawn a few specific orbs or convert a single orb to your desired colour.

Boss perfect board
Sometimes you do get lucky
Perfect match
Perfection in a nutshell

However, PAD, like life rarely goes according to plan. This is where you take a gamble with skyfalls to reach your 5 combos and using Z8 or any other skyfall enhance active greatly increases your chances, it doesn’t even have to be dark, any colour combo will suffice. In addition, you can continuously kill the purple boss (who does not have the combo shield) to trigger the resurrection and not take any damage. I had to do this repeatedly for a few turns before I finally matched 5 combos, but it eventually got the job done.

Delayed kill
Eventually got 5 combos…

I wish there was a more foolproof way to guarantee 5 combos aside from Dark Kali + any single orb changer, but we must work with the tools we are given. I only did 5 runs successfully, but was quite fortunate with 3 Light Resist invades and hope you are just as lucky too!

Let me know what teams and strategies you used to conquer these 5×4 descends safely in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

2 thoughts on “Thoth & Sopdet 5×4 Latent Resist Farming Strategies”

  1. Just to add to this, the ideal combo would be Dkali > Claire > Nepthys rather than dmeta or another orb enhancer since Nepthys packs 4 orb enhance awakenings which makes it easy to fit lucifer/Pandora or other utility subs without worrying about not having enough orb enhance awakenings


    1. Yes Nepthys is more ideal, good point on the 4 orb enhances =). However, you can still use others in lieu of no Nepthys, but she is probs the best option. Hope you have had good success farming!


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