5×4 Latent Resist Farming Teams

Thoth & Sopdet 5×4 is one of the descends available through the coin dungeon shop that offers us the opportunity to farm the 1% light resist Latent Tamadra Light Resist . These Latent Tamadra become invaluable at higher levels of play as it grants the opportunity to survive attacks that would kill us otherwise. 1% resistances prevent death via 100% gravity attacks and it is worthwhile to have a monster with the full rainbow resistance to be immune to all 100% elemental attacks.

However, acquiring these can be tricky as most players do not have 20k Monster Points readily available and 5×4 boards can be challenging due to fighting the same challenging descend on a smaller board. The boss’s health and damage remain unchanged and many conventional teams will struggle with 20 orbs.

As such, I wish to share the wide variety of leaders that can safely clear 5×4 descends. The general overarching theme in building a successful team is orb changers, less conditional multipliers, focusing on row enhances, and sometimes bringing a damage enhance. In addition, teams also need to be able to survive the invading Tamadra at 13,660 damage per turn for 2 turns without active skills. Row enhance teams can thrive because they only require a horizontal line of 5 orbs to trigger the bonus damage. This also opens up the potential for teams that rely on matching 5 orbs with 1 enhanced as they can now trigger row enhance bonuses.

 lead notes
 Shiva D Shiva Dragon is perhaps the king of speed farming due to an unconditional 25x multiplier. This is also augmented by Fire Row and TPA awakenings. Lastly, the recovery bonus allows for easy stalling.
Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon excels in 5×4 due their match 5 condition benefiting from Dark row awakenings.  Furthermore, their active almost guarentees activation and augmented recovery allows for ample healing.


 Sumire is the water version of Yomi Dragon , but with a lower multiplier and no enhanced recovery. Still viable due to the abundance of Water Row subs and being able to trigger both row and multiplier with a horizontal line of 5 orbs.
Red Sonia Lu Bu  RoBu teams are still powerful due to their tankiness and ability to burst with actives. Furthermore, their Dark row only require 5 orbs to trigger.
Minerva Venus Awoken Hades  Awoken Minerva, Venus, and Hades all make viable 5×4 leads due to their inherit tankiness against 3 elements, ease in stacking row enhances, and unconditional multiplier. Your playstyle will be similar to a tank team and must be patient when playing.
Antares Alrescha Spica Pollux Castor  All the Mechanical Gods follow the pattern of match 5 orbs with 1 enhanced to deal 16x damage, but also have 51% damage reduction against 4 elements. This allows for easy stalling as well as the ability to burst through row enhances. Pollux is less ideal due to not resisting the invading Tamadra’s damage.
 Isis  Awoken Isis is a rainbow lead, but only requires 3 colours to be matched. This is doable with only 20 orbs and many teams stack Water Row awakenings for added burst on 20.25x damage.
I&I Ryune   I&I and Ryune excel on smaller boards due to being mono colour and Water Row oriented. They can safely stall for actives due to 2x HP / 10.5x ATK / 2.5x RCV as well as bursting through I&I ‘s active.
Saria Thor  Saria and Thor also have 2x HP / 10.5x ATK / 2.5x RCV and numerous Light Row awakenings.  Safe and reliable, just watch out for leader binds.
Awoken Freyja Sylvie  Freyja and Sylvie are the third pair of leads who grant 2x HP / 10.5x ATK / 2.5x RCV but instead focuses on wood rows Wood Row . Equally effective otherwise.
Amate  Awoken Amaterasu grants healers 16x damage and can focus on either TPA or Light Row . However,  it is her ability to heal you to nearly full health every turn that makes her appealing on small boards.
dtron  Dark Metatron is one of my favourite 5×4 leads as she grants 1.82x HP and RCV while boosting dark type damage up to 29.16x when under 50% health. It is easier to manage your health with an augmented health pool and less heart orbs as well as forming dark rows with 5 orbs.
Nephthys  Nephthys only requires 3 elements (including heal) to trigger her 9x activation. However, by boosting dark monster’s health and recovery by 1.82x makes her durable as well as having the built in 1.5x enhance allows for reasonable damage. Furthermore, she can also go Dark row heavy due to a deep sub pool.

Let me know your success with latent resist farming and Happy Puzzling!

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