U&Y vs Scarlet Descended

Scarlet Descended is still the scariest descend available and for good reason. She grants hardly any monster experience due less floors than other rogue descends as well as each floor giving less levels. This results in your team being severely underleveled by the time you reach the 7 million health boss. This is where plus eggs comes into play as they provide their full benefit regardless of monster level. Furthermore, the dungeon is very unforgiving as most things can execute you if you fail to deal enough damage along with very large health pools.

Scarlet Team
The winning team

I chose to go with my Umisachi Yamasachi U&Y team because the later floors become easier due to colour preference of water > red. However, this made floor 2 and 3 very difficult as you face high health green monsters and your team is very low level. My general strategy was:

  • F1: Set up board and kill while leaving some blue at bottom
  • F2: Oku Oku + U&Y U&Y to kill green demon as it most likely wont die in 1 turn
  • F3: U&Y U&Y and pray to get below 50%. Famiel Famiel board refresh on 2nd turn if needed to get below 50%, once below easy kill
  • F4: Kill on second turn after clearing binds with Metatron Metatron and putting up Kush’s Kush shield
    F5: If red can knock below 50% for extra turn. Dark can be knocked below 50% and row of hearts to clear binds then kill
  • F6: Oku Oku if available and sweep
  • F7: Use everything you have and save Metatron Metatron for bind if knocked below 50%
Scarlet Board
Level 26 is not fun….
Scarlet Dmg
Pew pew

I regret not making a video as it was quite a Fantastic clear, but may do so if I find the time (or stamina).

How have you been tackling this challenging descend? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!


8 thoughts on “U&Y vs Scarlet Descended”

  1. This descend is the bane of my existence awoken shiva has a tough time, and so does yomi dragon. My u and y team is severely under leveled and under plussed, so that’s out haha


    1. Under leveled is not an issue as you start at level 1 anyway; however, the lack of plus eggs are probably the real killer. Having that bit of extra health can mean the difference between surviving an attack (such as the one in the picture I posted) or dying. Shiva needs to bank on getting Red Hera but he does have an easier time on the first 3 floors. I tried using Shiva but found him less consistent on the boss compared to U&Y


  2. Awoken Susano is great for this descend and rogue dungeons in general. I ran with UY/Susano/Isis/Famiel/DKali/U&Y.

    Both leads and Famiel were hypermaxed, the rest had minimal plus eggs.

    With Susano’s double TPAs, floor two is a lot more doable managable and with his level scaling I was able to tank Armadel’s normal hit which opens up an extra turn to hit her below 50%.

    With a fully hypermaxed team you can even tank Scarlet’s rose burst (jammer to fire) in her first form.

    Susano is certainly a better option than Kushinada if you happen to have him.


  3. Awoken Susano is great for Scarlet and rogue dungeons in general.
    I used U&Y/Susano/Isis/DKali/Famiel/U&Y

    Both leads and Famiel were hypermaxed, the rest had 22 +eggs between the three of them.

    With Susano’s double TPAs, dealing enough damage on floor two is much more manageable and with his leveling scaling I was able to tank a regular hit from Armadel.

    If I had more plus eggs, I would have been able to tank Scarlet’s rose burst in her first form (jammer to fire) at full HP allowing me to save an Isis active.

    Susano is definitely better than Kushinada if you happen to have him.

    One thing to note though is that my U&Y have two skill delay resist latents (a decision I definitely regret) so I was able to make her skip a turn by not dealing any damage.

    If I had enough plus eggs I would have been able to stall out her shield without having the rest of my team get skill delayed.


    1. I am glad you found success with the Wonder Boys! I do agree that Susano excels in rogue dungeons due to reaching near max level in most scenarios (I use him on Mantastic). Scarlet becomes easier for U&Y after floor 3 and I do not have any latents on my teams but my higher plus eggs do allow for taking a hit from Rose Burst (hence why my health was so low)

      And don’t worry about the WordPress comment spam, I have to approve comments made from new users, but afterwards, they will show up right away (as an anti spam measure)

      Great job on clearing it though!


  4. Lately I’ve been crushing nearly every dungeon first run with my A. HERMES team. Damage control and low rcv are my only issues but I’ve proven that patience and strategy does work.

    I’d love for you to give this team a go and let me know what you think.

    A Hermes
    A Freyr
    Rodin or Valen depends on if you need a poison or damage reduction and more tpa.
    A Hermes

    Just crushed scarlet descended without even breaking a sweat.


      1. You should try pairing with Awoken Sun Quan to gain a 2x RCV component when a skill is used. In addition, you don’t actually have to run water/fire or fire cards to benefit from the multipliers. It would be more ideal to run a full mono-water team and inherit your Urds instead. You do not need Freyr with Sun Quan as he boosts water damage


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