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[Video] 10x Descend Monster Points Analysis and Scarlet – Mythical Plus

10x Monster Points can now be generated from descend boss drops during special events. That means what used to be 10 Monster Points now becomes 100. This may seem insignificant considering that an MP Dragon costs 300,000; but remember, every raindrop raises the sea. And that raindrop becomes a thunderstorm when repeatedly farming the same dungeon over and over again. For Mantastic and Fantastic, it means Scarlet Descended – Mythical Plus as I want to have a Scarlet System (about 55% complete on Mantastic) and it has an amazingly high Monster Point drop rate as you can have up to 802 per run if you sell all the drops. This is quite fantastic considering it only costs 25 stamina and awards 46-49k rank experience per clear. I also wish to examine the viability of farming Monster Points from descends (vs PreDRA Infestation) as well as comparing 100 MP vs +1 selling.

Scarlet is a very challenging dungeon to beat, let alone consistently farm and I wish to share how I have been doing so by doing coop with my second account:

Scarlet team

Blue Sonia BL Hermes BL Hermes Blodin Mori Motanari Blue Sonia
Bankai Andro Ryune Bane I&I

Playing with myself has never felt so good nor satisfying and it took a few trial runs in the Legend Plus difficulty to determine the needed HP to survive DQ Hera’s preemptive without a shielding sub. Continue reading [Video] 10x Descend Monster Points Analysis and Scarlet – Mythical Plus

[Video] U&Y vs Scarlet Descended Multiplayer with Mantastic and Fantastic

I decided to take my video making skills through another descend and ended up with what I hope is an entertaining and informative video of how I am farming for my Scarlet Scarlet Icon System. Audio is okay to listen to and the narration should be helpful. I also want to say that I am my own worst enemy and blame Mantastic for a near death experience at the end. Dungeon for reference.

Mantastic: U&Y I&I Susano Kali Metatron U&Y

Fantastic: U&Y Famiel Oku Sun Quan Metatron U&Y

Continue reading [Video] U&Y vs Scarlet Descended Multiplayer with Mantastic and Fantastic

U&Y vs Scarlet Descended

Scarlet Descended is still the scariest descend available and for good reason. She grants hardly any monster experience due less floors than other rogue descends as well as each floor giving less levels. This results in your team being severely underleveled by the time you reach the 7 million health boss. This is where plus eggs comes into play as they provide their full benefit regardless of monster level. Furthermore, the dungeon is very unforgiving as most things can execute you if you fail to deal enough damage along with very large health pools.

Scarlet Team
The winning team

I chose to go with my Umisachi Yamasachi U&Y team because the later floors become easier due to colour preference of water > red. However, this made floor 2 and 3 very difficult as you face high health green monsters and your team is very low level. My general strategy was: Continue reading U&Y vs Scarlet Descended

Scarlet Cleared and Super Gabriel Announced

Two exciting things happened to me last night: finally cleared Scarlet Scarlet Icon on both accounts and Super Gabriel being announced. This is the second time Scarlet Icon has been available for North America and I was eager to finally clear this new challenging descend as during the first rotation I only gave it a few feeble attempts before getting distracted by other things. In addition, this was the first descend I got to push my newly evolved Sakuya and U&Y to their limits. Continue reading Scarlet Cleared and Super Gabriel Announced