Scarlet Cleared and Super Gabriel Announced

Two exciting things happened to me last night: finally cleared Scarlet Scarlet Icon on both accounts and Super Gabriel being announced. This is the second time Scarlet Icon has been available for North America and I was eager to finally clear this new challenging descend as during the first rotation I only gave it a few feeble attempts before getting distracted by other things. In addition, this was the first descend I got to push my newly evolved Sakuya and U&Y to their limits.

Scarlet 1
Loving the new scaling multipier

I am usually all Gung-Ho for clearing new content, but during the first appearance of Scarlet, my non-awoken L G Sakuya and 7-star  Non Ult U&Y teams felt a bit lackluster in damage which was further amplified by monsters starting at level 1. However, with the November 11th Evolutions, I was able to make Sakuya and U&Y which massively increased my damage output and I was able to bring down Scarlet Icon in one go.

Sakuya ‘s buffed active to clear binds in addition to being unbindable herself, has allowed me to drop Metatron from my team roster as I have expressed frustrations with Metatron’s current situation in another post I wrote. As such, I was able to bring a new team roster that is capable of handling the binds as well as the chance of a large preemptive on floor 5.Sakuya Team

The only sub change I made was Venus replacing Metatron  ,which might not seem like too big a deal. However, keep in mind the team cost of the monster directly influences the amount of experience they receive. Thus, Venus ends up being a very high level. In addition, Venus brings a TPA and +light orb for offensive awakenings along with an active that can guarantee a combo-maximized board every five turns. I just recently pulled my second Kali and she and  Elia are not quite descend ready, so Venus will my temporary final spot.

Sub changes aside, it was the scaling multiplier with the new Sakuya that allowed me to safely clear this descend. Being able to consistently hit 7-8 combos grants a 49-64x multiplier and that combined with TPA potential produces massive damage even on low-level cards. The third floor was always a problematic place for me because it essentially has 10 million health due to light resistance. In addition, to the high health pool, the basic attacks nearly one shot me. This makes stalling near to impossible and requires large consistent bursts of damage to kill. You do get a “break” at 50% hp, but it could potentially ruin your future boards due to abundant wood orb skyfalls. I took a few turns to pass this floor; even with the new multiplier, but at least it was doable.

The fourth floor preemptive bind is easily handled with one Sakuya active and is simply a matter of finishing it off in two turns after. It was this floor that forced me to bring Metatron when I was using L G Sakuya . Also, remember to throw up your defensive shield before advancing to the fifth floor!

I encountered the Dancing Queen Hera on both accounts (which was actually a life saver for Fantastic as I failed to bring an adequate shield). I would have preferred encountering the DQ Hera on my Sakuya because I did bring an adequate shield; DQ Hera is dark vs light and does not produce jammer and red skyfalls. But beggars can’t be choosers, and I was still able to adequately combo over two turns to safely kill without actives.

The double boss floor mechanic is a favourite of mine because of their taunting and role playing aspect. Scarlet Icon ‘s first form creates an absorption shield of 100k for two turns and you have to wait this out. I decided to gentlly hit her without activating my leader skill to cause her to enrage. On her second turn, she hits me for 16,509 and converted jammers into red orbs. Luckily I am able to survive a hit of this magnitude and once her shield dropped off, I one shot her, causing a cool transformation. On the final floor, I had a poor board for the first turn but used valkpad and Venus actives to push her below 50% health. This caused her to enrage and bind my leaders (which was unsuccessful due to Sakuya being unbindable). The second turn was simply a matter of matching the board to kill the now-dark boss.

Overall, this descend was mildly heart attack inducing and I still struggled on the 3rd floor. Once you are able to overcome the third floor, it becomes more manageable as your monsters begin to level up. I apparently talk to myself a lot while playing descends, and my friend who was over at my house kept wondering if I had died yet. Thankfully I got to do a jump for joy when Fantastic narrowly cleared the dungeon.

For Fantastic and his U&Y Wonder Boys semi dream team, I made the mistake of not bringing an adequate shield and got very lucky encountering Dancing Queen Hera as I would have died otherwise. I elected to take my U&Y over my Shiva team because if I could survive floor two and three, the final floors would be easier due to colour preference of water > red. I used most of my actives to kill floors two and three then, stalled when I could to regain their use for later floors. The beautiful part about Sun Quan ‘s active is that the damage boost lasts for two turns so I was able to burst both bosses down in one go. The increased damage of 25x -> 36x is noticeable and I look forward to doing more content with my Wonder Boys.

Scarlet 2

Scarlet 4
Heal orbs not required

In completely unrelated news, my first REM roll of Gabriel is getting a new evolution that finally has good artwork! Other GFE are receiving minor but significant buffs to their awakenings or leader skills. which hopefully revitalizes their usage and gameplay.  The new Gabriel gains an attacker subtype, +500 attack, a slight leader skill buff, and 5 new awakenings! The new evolution grants Water Row , Water Row , Auto Heal , Auto Heal , and Auto Heal as additional awakenings. This provides Gabriel with 2000 auto heal in addition to 3 Water Row . His active is superior to Andro ‘s from the enhancing heal orb perspective, but removing dark orbs will make him an unviable Awoken Karin sub. Even after 2 years of having Gabriel and painfully max-skilling him, I still have not found a viable use or team he can play on. This could be somewhat due to the lack of power blue teams have when compared to the other colours. Also, row enhances are not in the meta at the moment due to TPA being much easier and more rewarding. The only strong blue row-based team would be Awoken Lakshimi , where the new evolution of Gabriel would perfectly fit, but Awoken Lakshimi is on the decline, and I feel that by the time we receive the new evolution, she will have fallen even further down the tier list.

Super Gabriel
Flamboyance is his forte

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