Light Metatron, Still in the Meta?

Metatron Light Metatron is one of the oldest godfest exclusives (GFE) along with the Odin pantheon. As with any long-lasting and content-rich game, the issue of powercreep will raise its ugly head. Powercreep occurs when older monsters become more trivialized and less capable of clearing the newer and harder content. To help combat this, Gung-Ho has been systematically going through the older pantheons and giving less popular cards an awoken evolution to propel them back into top-tier status. Re-buffing older cards is healthy for Puzzle and Dragons because  many players will have rolled a worthless god months ago and an awoken evolution breathes new life into their box. It also encourages other players to yearn for it and thus roll more heavily during a godfest. It is a win-win situation for everyone and users do not feel the constant pressure to roll for new gods all the time. With all that being said, Metatron is still stuck in an unfavourable spot and it has only gotten worse with the advent of more exciting (and offense oriented) bind clear monsters such as  Isis , Amate , Ame , and Sakuya . Furthermore, the high end game play in Puzzle and Dragons is less bind focused (partially due to many unbind-able leaders) and revolves around explosive bursts of damage.

Lmeta stats
Still very pretty!

Metatron is capable of being a modest leader and can make a very safe farming team that can easily push 25k hp with max leveled-subs. The 3.5x multiplier combined with an HP buff to healers ensures you can tank most hits and still pump out enough damage. I can use my own Metatron team to clear every normal dungeon  with relative ease (but is less consistent on King of Gods). One weak spot I have noticed is having a team with very large amounts of health can actually get you killed. This mostly applies to large, one-turn cycle hits that prevent the two Metatron heal actives from putting you above 50%. This will result in you having no multiplier as you can not escape being under 50% health. This is a rare situation but worth mentioning as a potential weakness.  However, as a purely farming lead, there are countless options for team building and you do not need to own a Metatron to quickly clear easy content. With all that being said, I wish to focus this discussion on her role as a sub on high end teams that wish to push end-game content.

From a sub perspective, Metatron brings Skill Boost Skill Boost Auto Heal Bind Clear awakening and being unbindable to the party. One of her shining aspects is the double Skill Boost as this can ensure you have crucial actives ready by turn one, but provides no other benefit once actives are ready. Other than that, the rest of the awakenings are defensive in nature. There may be occasions in which the Bind Clear awakening can save you, but it is becoming less common to have either repeated binds or binds lasting more than 3 turns. The 500 auto heal can sometimes prove useful as it can on rare occasions allow you to survive another hit. The bind immunity can allow you to bait out water or light binds (provided she is the only water or light sub on the team) safely and thus grants one extra turn. Overall, the awakenings provide lots of survivability, but at the cost of having no offensive potential. In addition, Metatron is still missing a key Skill Lock Resist which could be partially due to the fact she is an older GFE. Missing the Skill Lock Resist can hinder team building as achieving 100% resistance (5 Skill Lock Resist awakenings) is becoming more crucial and as a purely defensive sub, she should have access to at least one Skill Lock Resist considering Amate has two. Lastly, Metatron  lacks a TPA or +light orb and thus providing no additional damage to the team. I strongly believe Metatron needs an awakening update as she is becoming a less valuable GFE.

Thankfully, skill ups have become more readily available with Light Chaser invading in Mechdragon technicals, appearing as the boss in a survey dungeon, and randomly appearing in descends. Furthermore, the addition of Blue Mask granting a skill up chance further increases the chances of max skilling your Metatron to a six-turn cooldown. The active provides a consistent access to a modest heal (6x your Metatron‘s recovery) that scales with plus eggs, monster level, and latent awakenings. The heal can provide extra stalling potential as you can use it quite liberally provided you have max skilled her. Ever since I began dropping Metatron from my regular descend team line up, I do miss the heal, but not enough to warrant her a sub slot. Metatron ‘s active also provides three turns of bind clear and she herself is unbindable. This can be a life-saver when a boss binds every card on your team and you need to kill it on the next turn to avoid execution. However, the niche of being the only bind immune-bind clearer has come and gone as awoken evolutions of   Isis , Amate , and Sakuya are also bind- immune bind clearers. This is healthy for the overall state of PAD because it allows flexibility in team building and prevents the reliance on a single sub to achieve one goal. Yet, this pushes Metatron out of a sub slot because her other weaknesses cannot be as easily overlooked. The main advantage Metatron has over Isis , Amate , and Sakuya  are farmable, non-pii skill ups.

Light Metatron was my 4th hypermax on Mantastic and my 2nd for Fantastic, and even my mom has a hypermaxed one. I love her artwork as well as the various fan art cycling around the internet, but I yearn for a buff. Even just a single TPA or Skill Lock Resist will breathe fresh life into her. I still rely on using her on my Fantastic account because I have fewer 297s and it is a large stat hit to absorb for my U&Y team. However, I have been starting to swap Metatron out for my lowly plussed Isis to help hit the 100% skill bind resistance cap as well as provide an on colour sub. The biggest loss is felt in the recovery department as 1160 recovery is still amazing.

U&Y team 2
With Metatron
U&Y team 1
With Isis

With all that being said, Metatron is still an amazing sub for the bind clearing role and can still be utilized. She fulfills the blue and light slot on rainbow teams along with being unbindable with two Skill Boost . Her stat distribution is wonderfully recovery heavy and what I am mainly yearning for is either an awakenings update or a small buff to her active spell. She just needs a little something to help her achieve top-tier status again and to help her feel like the powerful GFE she used to be. Let me know what you guys and girls think as I may have overlooked something or under-emphasized her strengths.

Happy Puzzling!

8 thoughts on “Light Metatron, Still in the Meta?”

  1. Light metatron was my first hypermax nearly 2 years ago and she carried me through a lot of content but now the game has been advancing so quickly and lmeta ha been left behind. Just look at her sister, dark metatron. Dark metatron has been buffed countless times and now her Leader skill has 1.82x hp for all dark monsters and 29.16x Atk max multiplier with two rows and now an added SBR and lmeta is still stuck in 2014 metagame. Please gung-ho just do anything to revamp lmeta and I will be so happy


    1. I feel the same way =( My hypermaxed Light Metatron has been sitting idle collecting dust for a few months now. Hopefully they revisit and revamp her back into usability.


  2. LMeta was my first true leader I pulled about three weeks into my PADlife and my first hypermax. Seeing her get only teeny tiny tweaks when DMeta gets a complete facelift among other GFEs just makes me so frustrated. I pulled Amaterasu only about five months ago and she has completely, officially taken the spot that LMeta used to own. Makes me sad. LMeta took me through countless descends. I have considered feeding her off for the +297 but I staunchly refuse to. She was my first card that took me places I never dreamed I could arrive at. She was my first hypermax. LMeta has already been forsaken enough by the developers. But she has done so much for me, she deserves a place in my box.

    It’s worth mentioning that there are a few specific situations where Awoken Amaterasu x LMeta is sometimes a safer pairing than A.Ama x A.Ama. Especially if the enemy hits are over the HP maximum of A.Ama. A fully hypermaxed A.Ama team struggles to hit 24,000 HP, pair with L.Meta and you have 27,000 HP instead while retaining autoheal. Not to mention A.Ama heals by flat % of your max HP. It’s rare that this is necessary but it is appreciated.


    1. Light Meta was my 4th hypermax and used to be a staple sub on my Sakuya team. She actually replaced King Bubblie (back when Sakuya had physical typing) and those were her glory days. Now I almost never use her as even as a farming lead she is surpassed by Athena teams just because of TPA

      And yeah, there definitely situations where Ama/Lmeta is the superior combo, but even so, it will be hard to clear higher level content. Hopefully she will get revamped like Dark Metatron and at the very least get an awakenings upgrade =(


  3. Can this be updated? I still use my lmeta all the time and she was one of my first cards. Her recent buffs help clear content better now, but definitely not end game material. I recently started playing pad again after a few months and was happy to see that she wasn’t forgotten.


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