November 11 New Evolutions: Awoken Sakuya, L/D Izanagi, Umi Yami, and Kushinadahime

New evolutions are out and bring many game changers to the table!

Izinagi Izanagi has fallen a bit out of favour while waiting for his new ultimate evolution. I felt he was being pushed out of the meta because his viability as a sub was being outshined by other options. In terms of descend capable teams, he would be a sub on L G Sakuya , Kali , and  Hathor . With the advent of Sakuya losing her god typing and gaining a higher scaling combo-based multiplier, Izanagi’s burst (and awakenings) can no longer benefit your two leaders and should not be used as a staple sub anymore. The dark typing is an amazing addition to the other light-based rainbow teams as you now have a stronger option than Arthur Rider or Diza if you do not need the shield. Kali and Hathor teams are the only ones left who will truly benefit from his additonal TPA Skill Boost  Skill Boost  and dark typing. One other use for the new L/D evolution is the ability to cover all the colours for a  U&Y team. This can allow you to choose three unrestricted subs and can help you go more mono blue. The Wonder Boys still retain their god typing, so the  Izinagi active is still beneficial. Overall, the new evolution is very welcomed, but just a little too small and too late to fully capitalize on release. Furthermore, I discussed the struggles that rainbow teams face in a previous Posting and Izanagi is still regulated being a rainbow sub that can now fulfill dark requirements.

I had started to put pluses on my own Izanagi as he would have become a better dark sub than my hypermaxed dtron for my Kali team. Dark Metatron is to a certain extent a beefy stat stick, and most of the active and awakenings are wasted. Now with two  Skill Boost being added, I can safely have my Kali active ready on  turn one without compromising my other sub choices. I am now sort of regretting the plus egg investment as my kali team will most likely be somewhat sidelined once Sakuya is released. If Izinagi had been released a few months ago, I could have much better capitalized on his strengths as the current top-tier teams were not viable at that time (most notably Awoken Yomi and Z8 who are present-day monsters).

Verd Verdandi was the winner of a fan-based survey to receive a new evolution in the godfest exclusive category. Whenever a monster wins these types of polls, they tend to get a hastily made evolution that is not quite warranted as they are still performing well in the current meta.  As such, she did not gain as large of a buff as was hoped for, but it is still a slight power increase. She gains an additional  Skill Boost   Time Extend   Green Enhance awakenings and modest stat increases. Her role as an endgame leader is overshadowed by the Best Cat Bastet as Verdandi’s multiplier is too slow to scale. That being said, Verd still makes a great fast and mindless farming leader has amazing sub potential. She will often jockey for a sub slot with MeiMei as both provide a full board change on a 9-turn cooldown. The added haste effect to MeiMei gives her a slight edge, especially if combined with other haste monsters. That being said, Verd provides heart orbs and this could mean the difference between victory and defeat. MeiMei does outshine in the awakenings department, but Verd has a much more balanced stat distribution with her recovery being exceptionally high. Overall, both are close contenders for an endgame sub slot, and it may not be a bad idea to have both on your mono green team.

Verd new ultimate evolution is a welcomed power boost, but it can feel underwhelming as it was a survey-voted, rushed evolution. Perhaps she will in the (far off) future receive a more meaningful evolution, but GFE tend to be very delayed so don’t expect too much.

Sakuya Awoken Sakuya ahhhhhhhh hype train Choo Choo. Okay, pure excitement aside, I am probably in love. So in love that I wrote a comprehensive guide/discussion on her awoken evolution. Tl;dr version: she is amazing and new evolution propels her into the top tier of leads again, along with providing sub utility.

Hyper Sakuya
Rando Message

U&Y Uuuuummiiiii Yammiiiiiii!!!!!!!! (a.k.a. the Wonder Boys) got an ult of an ultimate evolution and still haven’t grown past puberty. Maybe the next evolution they will become the duo dream boats, but for now they will settle for two more awakenings and a massive health boost. U&Y teams have always struggled with low base HP and no Skill Lock Resist . This special evolution will grant an additional 900 HP along with Skill Lock Resist and Green Enhance . The skill lock resist is definitely the big eye catcher, but the Green Enhance should not be overlooked as both leaders will now contribute 4 Green Enhance total. Furthermore, they become a 36x lead when using an active (plus their active gets buffed to 7-turn cooldown, so save your Blue pirate !). This evolution is very similar to L G Sakuya , but it is coming many months later and U&Y has been pushed out of favour. I enjoy the playstyle and feel of U&Y and thus am very excited to see them resurge in popularity.

My alt account, Fantastic, had U&Y as its first hypermax, but I have been neglecting their team for the last few months due to the raw power of Shiva . The increase to 36x damage and the increase in more powerful subs (most notably I&I ,  Isis  , Amate , and  Kush ) add depth and dimension to their team. The new Izinagi can now fill the full colour requirements, so it is a newer option in team building. Looking strictly at awakenings, U&Y has more passive power and damage compared to L G Sakuya and Kali as U&Y has double TPA and double blue + orb along with an active that floods the board with their primary colours. I really want U&Y to return to top-tier status as they are an amazingly powerful lead, but rainbow teams as I discussed before, are going to be lacking to a certain degree, even with 36x multiplier.

A thought to play around with is abusing the very short cooldown of Isis ‘s active in order to constantly proc the 36x multiplier. Furthermore, Isis has wonderfully synergetic awakenings, contributes a Skill Lock Resist , and can replace Metatron as a bind clearer. Lastly, U&Y is going to gain another boost in power when Famiel 巡警の星天使, Famiel gains triple TPA awakenings. Of course, I no idea how long the wait will be, but it is something to look forward to.

I am still very excited for this new evolution and it will give Fantastic more options in clearing high-level content =)

U&Y re-hypered
My body was ready

Kush Similar to U&Y and L G Sakuya, Kushinadahime (Kush) receives and ult of an ultimate evolution which provides her first Skill Boost awakening and a second Green Enhance . I am extremely excited to finally receive a Skill Boost awakening as I would always be one skill boost short of using an active on turn one for my L G Sakuya team. Kush will have even greater usage when she can become the sole green slot on Sakuya teams. Her leader spell received a small boost; however, the viability of her as a lead is still outclassed by virtually every other combo-based character. Thus, this evolution is merely a attack stat boost along with the two awakenings. Kush’s shield is wonderful for the one turn it lasts, but I feel it has become outclassed by Susano (or even the farmable Diza)  who provides three turns of shielding on an 11-turn cooldown along with haste. The 75% vs 50% damage reduction is quite irrelevant as you would mainly be using the shield to survive a “reasonable” hit and both should do the job. I was dearly hoping Kush would receive an active cd buff like U&Y did. I am still not quite sure as to why the Wonder Boys received one, as their active was already quite powerful in comparison to other rainbow leads. Complaints aside, Kush ‘s weighted stats climb to an impressive 840, and they are reasonably well balanced. On mono green teams, she is your second best shield choice after Susano with Kush’s main advantage being Skill Lock Resist . On rainbow teams, Kush is most on colour for U&Y and can be used to also fill the green slot for other teams. As much as I hate to say two cards that are similar have a significant power difference, it has to be said that Susano still outclasses Kush in every aspect when factoring in the teams in which they play a role. Please do not take this the wrong way and sell your Kush for MP as she may receive buffs down the road, but at this time, she is a second-rate shield sub. I do have my Kush hypermaxed and still use her quite often and will likely use her more once Sakuya goes live, so I am still excited.

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