[Video] U&Y vs Scarlet Descended Multiplayer with Mantastic and Fantastic

I decided to take my video making skills through another descend and ended up with what I hope is an entertaining and informative video of how I am farming for my Scarlet Scarlet Icon System. Audio is okay to listen to and the narration should be helpful. I also want to say that I am my own worst enemy and blame Mantastic for a near death experience at the end. Dungeon for reference.

Mantastic: U&Y I&I Susano Kali Metatron U&Y

Fantastic: U&Y Famiel Oku Sun Quan Metatron U&Y

Even though this recorded run was not completely flawless, I feel it is worth sharing as it showcases how to recover from less than ideal situations and how vital communication between partners is. In addition, knowing where and when to use actives is crucial as it is harder to restall for them as the subs only recharge on that player’s turn. In addition, haste will only affect that player’s monsters so ideally try to use their actives more if given a choice. Leaders will become available at the same rate as if you were playing solo.

Furthermore, with the advent of skill boost Skill Boost and recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakenings being shared across both teams, you will enter the dungeon with all actives ready and be able to form a row of hearts to clear your partner’s subs from their bind state.

As the video’s final burst wasn’t very spectacular, here is a screenshot of how it is supposed to look when I pass my turn:

U&Y burst

Lastly, I am not sure if it was coincidence, but I experienced more than usual amount of disconnections in multiplayer while recording (even though both accounts are beside each other and I am sitting beside my router). Was a waste of what was otherwise a flawless run too.

Scarlet DC

Regardless, let me know what you use to reliably farm Scarlet Scarlet Icon and if you are taking advantage of the newly altered coop dungeons to effectively costing half stamina on a permanent basis. Also, would there be interest in me posting my Mythic-Plus clear even though it will lack gameplay audio.

Happy Puzzling!

13 thoughts on “[Video] U&Y vs Scarlet Descended Multiplayer with Mantastic and Fantastic”

    1. Oh thanks for the tip! How does AZ compare to Mobizen? I am not too concerned about the watermark.

      Sidenote, the first time you post something to my site I have to moderate it (to ensure you are not spam). Now every subsequent comment from you will automatically show up =)


      1. The quality depends on the phone so i un really know. The main upside for me though was that it didnt cause the game to lag like mobizen did after a while.


        1. Hmmm, my phone has been rapidly declining the past year so I am not sure if it will make too much of a difference but may look into it any way. Thanks again!


  1. Hey could I friend you on my friend’s account? One of my friends has stopped playing recently but wants to return to playing the game when he has more time, so he’s letting me babysit it indefinitely. He mains U&Y but nobody seems to use U&Y anymore and all of his U&Y friends have switched leads, which makes me sad because he has a pretty kickass team and I love using U&Y.

    I tried to send you a friend request but all your spots were full…would you be willing to clear up a spot for my account? If you don’t that’s perfectly understandable 🙂 But I’d love to be able to use your U&Y, and I still haven’t used his best friend reset either 😉

    ID is 395 396 220 if you’re interested. IGN is Knight, rank is 349, nonIAP.


    1. First off, congrats on your art being featured on the GH stream (I believe you are the same Foxwaffles XD)!

      You must have tried to add Mantastic (who is always full and only runs U&Y to coop with Fantastic). I added you from Fantastic who has the Pentamaxed U&Y and cycles between HM/PM Awoken Shiva, Yomi D, and U&Y as the three most common leads (BFF will see all 3).

      Hopefully it helps =D


      1. Ah thank you so so much!!! Finally a U&Y on the friend list. It was so sad to see them all go! Totally send you a BFF invite.

        And yes I am the same foxwaffles that likes to draw art and submit it 🙂 I’m actually currently majoring in animation and my dream is to be a video game concept artist. So I totally dig the art in PAD ❤ Thank you for the compliment ^-^


        1. Glad I can be of help =D My own list is pretty sparse but I always keep him up in one of the bff slots unless I am farming something specific at that time.

          Well done on getting featured! Definitely put that on a resume, its not everyday Senpai notices you =P


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