Awoken Pandora or Bankai Pandora, a Comparison

With the very fast release of Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora and finally the release of Bankai Pandora Bankai Pandora in NA, players now have a tough decision to make: which evolution do I do? This is perhaps the first time we actually need to weigh the pros and cons of an evolution tree as most have been quite straight forward as one was always the outright winner. However, each Pandora has their own pros and cons and I wish to analyse their roles as to better help you decide which evolution is right for you. If you are fortunate enough to have 2 Pandora, you should make one of each evolution as to benefit from the best of both worlds.

 Awoken Pandora
Awoken Pandora

 Bankai Pandora
Bankai Pandora
 Type  Devil / Physical  God / Devil / Healer
 Stats  802.60 Total
 839.27 Total
 Active Green Arrow Dark
Light Arrow  Heart + 1 turn haste
9 turn CD
Green Arrow Dark
Light Arrow  Heart
8 turn CD
Leader Skill  1.56x HP & RCV / 25x ATK for connected 8 dark orbs  25x ATK for matching 10 connected dark orbs
Yomi D Yomi Dragon sub?  No  Yes
Awakenings  Dark row Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Skill Boost Dark row Dark row
Dark row Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
Dark row Time Extend TPA Time Extend
Fits on
which teams?

Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Awoken Lucifer
dtron Dark Metatron
Awoken Pandora Herself

Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon
Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi
Castor Castor
Haku Awoken Haku
Awoken Pandora as a sub

The major factors you need to take into consideration is whether Pandora will be used as a staple sub on your Yomi Dragon team Yomi Dragon and whether you need more rows or wish to lead a devil team with Awoken Pandora .

Awoken Pandora is vastly superior in leadership potential as she offers the same damage, but with less orb restriction and gives a significant health and recovery boost. For more reading on Awoken Pandora team building, feel free to check out my full guide HERE. Furthermore, dark row Dark row devils are common so you should have flexibility in team building. In addition, she matches nicely on Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer teams as the extra row adds modest damage. Bankai Pandora is the stronger sub in most cases as she has better base stats, an extra time extend Time Extend , and new two prong attack TPA awakening. This fits well with the match 5 orbs/1 enhanced (5o1e) teams as it can be cumbersome to match a row over a TPA. Bankai Pandora can also work as an outstanding sub on Awoken Pandora teams as Bankai Pandora has much higher recovery and more utility in awakenings, but has no haste which may diminish her value because your team can be somewhat of a system due to your 2 leaders having haste.

For myself, I had to think for a bit to decide that going with her awoken form Awoken Pandora would suit my  Awoken Archdemon Lucifer team better as my Yomi Dragon is missing too many key subs to function at the highest level.

Hopefully this chart helps you decide which evolution is best for you and let me know which path you chose. If you prefer watching a video, feel free to watch Ragnarok’s commentary and video depicting the pros and cons of both Pandora:

Happy Puzzling!

34 thoughts on “Awoken Pandora or Bankai Pandora, a Comparison”

  1. Note that Super ult Pandora also works on the three teams listed for Awoken Pandora. She makes a nice substitution if you’re a baddy that wants more time extends (and the extra weighted stats is nice despite lower health).

    As for me I’ll be going 2 Awoken Pandora 1 Super ult Pandora. Glad I decided to keep all 3 of mine rather than selling one when I rolled my third way back when.


    1. Of course she can work, but it is not as “ideal” if you are going row based as sometimes every little bit of damage helps. It all depends on what your team needs, health, rcv, more uitility etc.

      I wish I had 2 so I could enjoy the best of both worlds, but for now all my hard work in skill ups pre-fairy buff was gobbled up by Awoken Pandora XD


  2. I have a few minor issues with this comparison. first of all, awoken Pandora is significantly better than super ult Pandora as an awoken haku sub since she covers fire and her haste greatly increases the potential to cycle actives. Also super ult Pandora is probably a better awoken Pandora sub than another awoken since the time extends and massive rcv are likely much more important than the marginal benefit of a 14th or 15th row on the team. other than that I think your analysis is pretty accurate. I personally only have one Pandora so I’m going to make the super ult bc she seems to have the most versatility. she can still sub very well on the awoken lucifer team(not quite as well as awoken Pandora, but the ability to be used on both lucifer and yomi dragon is very crucial. I have most of awoken pandora’s key subs, D/D haku, zuoh, lucifer(for arena 2), Claire, etc but would probably still rather use lucifer as a lead due to the ability to use yomi dragon as a sub.


    1. For Awoken Haku, you already have Claire, Diza, Nepthys as red potential subs, and was more so trying to capitalize on the additional TPA awakening as you are mainly focusing on those and not rows.

      I do agree with using Bankai as a sub on Awoken and made changes accordingly =) Using awoken as a sub for Luci all depends on how badly the extra damage (or extra haste) will be and if you are confident in your own matching skills and thus not needing the extra time extent.

      I would prefer to use Luci as a lead due to more flexibility and ability to use Yomi Dragon for binds


  3. I run a D/Meta team but I am going with the Bankai Pandora. Yea, I miss out on rows but I like the time extend and RCV. In my mind at least, I think the TPA might be useful in certain cases where I am short on orbs or need to chip off some HP before killing something (like 50% resolve type things). The fact that she still retains her 2 rows means when I do form rows, she will still contribute to the damage. Sure, it is not 3 rows like the Awoken form but 2 rows is not too shabby either. Haha.


      1. I guess she makes up for the low hp with higher rcv, which I found to be useful in some situations. Lower hp means easier to hit that 50% mark and the high rcv can be used to heal up if needed.


  4. I have a Luci, awoken haku, and I’m planning on getting a yomi dragon. Can you help me decide which pandora to get? I only have one..


    1. You are most likely not going to lead with an Awoken Pandora as you lack many devils and you would be far better off using a Lucifer or Yomi Dragon team. If Lucifer is not viable, Yomi Dragon is a fantastic lead and you should go for Bankai

      Awoken is slightly stronger for Lucifer for damage, but has less RCV and no extra time extend. She is also less flexible so Bankai is the safer choice

      PS If it is your first time posting on my blog I have to moderate it (for spam purposes) so any further comments made now will show up immediately


        1. She does work, but her extra awakenings mostly go to waste. Yes the additional RCV is helpful, but eventually you will have enough from plus eggs to not be warranted. Also ,haste is very powerful and should not be overlooked


  5. I just have to ask, since you’ve used the term many times already…by bankai are you referring to the term used in Bleach? Quite appropriate of a term to use, also bleach collab! 😀


    1. I’d say it is a bit of both the Bleach collab influence and how the term has been floating around as a means to state a monster is an ultimate evolution of an ultimate evolution (looking at L/G Sakuya)

      It also saves space typing out the full name XD


  6. Ah I didn’t realize the term was floating around, although the term bankai in the anime/manga doesn’t mean an ultimate of an ultimate, it’s still a nice way of imagining it!


    1. This may be getting too technical, but it kind of does mean ultimate of an ultimate. A zanpakuto starts out as an asauchi, a kind of blank canvas. After being handled by its user for a an extended period of time, the user’s soul imprints on the asauchi and it becomes their personal zanpakuto. Through much training, Shikai can be performed, in which the zanpakuto releases into a different form, gaining a unique set of strengths/abilities. Then, after an incredible amount of training, usually a minimum of 10 years, Bankai can be performed, in which the zanpakuto gains yet another release state, this one even stronger.

      You can tell I am a huge Bleach fan 😂😂


      1. I’m a Bleach fan too, but right now with the whole Quincy arc I can’t even handle the absurd powers happening. 😛
        Yea, that’s why I was asking about the term Bankai a while back!


  7. Sorry to burst your bubble … Awoken Pandora only gets 4x atk for matching 8 orbs. So dual Awoken Pandora leads will only get you 16x attack and not the potential 25x attack of dual lead Cruel Bleak Night, Pandora.

    Also, the activated ability changes names from Secret Box to Forbidden Box with the addition of the haste. Making the switch loses the easy skill up from dark fairy and limits you to badpys. Also, any previous skill ups to secret box are not carried over.

    Also the flexibility of not being restricted to only devils and being able to use subs like D. Meta and Yomi D. on Cruel Pandora teams is amazing!

    Just my 2 cents, I prefer my Cruel Pandora over Awoken. Hope that helps to edit the guide as well.


    1. You forgot to take into account this part of Awoken Pandora’s LS: Devil type cards HP x1.25, ATK x1.25, RCV x1.25. Assuming one wants to maximize damage on Awoken Pandora, you would be using dark devil cards, which has quite a huge sub-pool. And you get survivability too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As Eluvier mentioned, Awoken Pandora buffs HP/ATK/RCV to all devil types by 1.25x (1.56x with dual leaders), thus she gains essentially 50% increase to health and recovery along with pushing her damage up to 25x with only 8 orbs. By comparison, Uuevo Pandora has to match 10 connected dark orbs for 25x with no bonus to health or recovery.

        The power of Awoken Pandora lies in her tankiness and granted devils types are a restriction, they also happen to be one of the deepest options for dark row cards. A 25x ATK row leader is not much if there is no survivability component and Awoken Pandora will remain the stronger option as a leader.


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