Ultimate Gadius: Worthy of the GFE Title? An Analysis

Gadius is receiving his new ultimate evolution and will be putting the Dragons back into Puzzle and Dragons with two menacing heads and abs so chiselled you would cut your hand rubbing along its surface. GungHo has been hit or miss with some Godfest Exclusives (GFE) and Light Metatron Metatron being the unfortunate poster girl for underwhelming 5-star GFE. Hopefully they turn things around for our newest beefcake member.

Dragon & Healer
3063 / 1204 / 753
Fire Row Bind Clear awakening Enhnaced Fire Orb Time Extend Fire Row
New: Bind Immune Bind Immune Devil killer

: All  Arrow Fire Light Dark Heart + haste
10 turn CD

LS: 6.5x ATK with 2+ Heal combos
42.25x ATK (Fire Row and heart orb reliant)

Typing and Awakenings

At first, the healer typing had no relevance to the current meta (aside from a fire monster having high RCV) and still has no practical purpose. However, with the introduction of a new set of MP Dragons, Gadius Gadius becomes an irreplaceable sub on Xiang Mei Xiang Mei teams due to the lack of fire / healer type cards. From an awakenings perspective, Gadius is fantastic as he now has bind immunity to go along with his bind recovery Bind Clear awakening awakening and heart generating active. However, he is still missing a Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist awakening which is a massive downside in today’s meta. Granted we do have access to more monsters who have 2x Skill Lock Resist , but if you plan to use Gadius as a lead, you would be hard pressed to achieve 100% immunity. Not having 100% immunity can be managed with tankier teams that have augmented health pools and recovery values, but Gadius has neither. Finally, the new Devil Killer Devil killer awakening provides 3x damage versus devil type bosses and will greatly aide in burst damage.

Leader Skill Potential

Gadius’s role as a sub is less clearly defined on most fire teams outside of Xiang Mei Xiang Mei and I wish to focus on his leadership potential. Currently, the top tier leaders have some sort of augmentation to their HP and RCV values. This reduces the dependency of shielding/damage mitigation actives as well as giving you the opportunity to stall for actives on floors that would otherwise be impossible. Unfortunately, Gadius has neither benefit and must rely on his explosive damage to clear dungeons. 42.25x ATK may not sound as impressive on paper with the advent of more 100x leads, but Gadius is able to stack multiple Fire Row awakenings to produce an amazing amount of firepower. Furthermore, this allows you to control your damage which is invaluable versus floors with low value damage absorption shields. The only downside I can foresee is trying to heal large amounts as if you trigger 2+ separate heart combos, you will cause 42.25x damage and must pray for no fire orb matches alongside. Perhaps to combat this you need to link all your heart orbs together as to not trigger your full multiplier. Lastly, with his new bind immunity, you can always have access to your multiplier as well as heart generating active and the ability to form a horizontal row of hearts to unbind all your subs.

Team Building:

This following chart should help give you some idea on basic team building and subs you have at your disposal.

Single orb
Chiyome Minerva Tsubaki Belial Red Mystic Knight Cao Cao Denebola Laila
Fire Dragon Knight Red Riding Hood Scarlet Icon
Double orb
 Uriel Yamato Sanada
Shiva Freyr Red Puppeteer Dancing Queen Hera Sanada
Full board
Urd Gadius Saria Kiriko
Bind clearing: Ame Rozeul Light Red Ama Fire Dragon Knight Red Riding Hood
Phoenix Rider Susano Diza
Gravity: Christmas Hera
Delay: Cao Cao Echidna
Orb changer
Gadius + Chiyome Minerva

Saria + Chiyome

Urd + Cao Cao Red Mystic Knight

Kiriko + Chiyome


Skill lock
Resist Skill Lock Resist:

Tsubaki Belial Freyr Uriel Yamato Sanada Kiriko
Urd Phoenix Rider Cao Cao Red Riding Hood Scarlet Icon Shiva
Gadius Uriel Yamato Sanada Chiyome Gadius

Gadius Urd Scarlet Icon Uriel Cao Cao Gadius


Gadius Gadius is most certainly worthy of the GFE title with the new evolution granting him bind immunity and 42.25x ATK. However, he is in desperate need of a Skill Lock Resist awakening as it may prove near impossible to stall out the required turns without any HP or RCV multiplier. I own a Gadius on Mantastic and look forward to at least tinkering around with him as the playstyle is more novel and easier to use than Typhon Typhon (requires 6 connect heart orbs). Even if not using as a leader, Gadius can make a pseudo bind clearer provided you already have 6 heart orbs or are fortunate enough with his active to generate 6+ heal orbs.

6 thoughts on “Ultimate Gadius: Worthy of the GFE Title? An Analysis”

  1. I am ready for this Evo! Nice analysis of this particular GFE. And interesting way to play Gadius is with TPA subs. The 36x multiplier combined with multiple TPA causes a ton of damage. I know his optimal subs are row based, but the red angel, Phoenix rider, and Urd all have TPA and either reduce damage or create hearts. Again, thanks for the insight!


    1. Yeah that would probably be ideal on the less scary bosses as it requires less orb management. Also, Gadius is now 42.25x, not 36x the new evo so even more FIREpower!


  2. I’m not sure how you think Gadius’ playstyle is easier than Typhon’s as I’d actually argue the opposite.I’d rather make a row of hearts (which then also doubles as bind clear) than need make sure I’ve separated out at least two heart combos. Gadius’ leader skill is less flexible as well, needing at least 6 hearts for full activation whereas Typhon can work with any number of hearts.


    1. Well Typhon ideally wants to make a chain of 6 hearts (in any shape) to achieve the same level of damage. Both leaders are row based and I feel it would be more challenging to make a row of hearts and a row of dark orbs compared to 2 sets of hearts and fire. Forming 2 rows is not unachievable, but becomes significantly harder when they are of two different elements.

      The scaling aspect of Typhon is nice as it allows for more wiggle room when dealing with a non 6-heart orb board, but I feel it is harder when you need the full 42.25x multiplier.


  3. Love the post and hope more people play with Gadius (haven’t had the best luck finding pals) . It looks like this evo has come to the US servers but it’s still at the old 36x and not the 42.5 . 😦

    Gadius helped me on my Jp account when I was lost with my monster box and I fortunately pulled uriel and Takeru which gave me the fundamental team. Adding a max skill echidna as part of my core, I would swap in bikini tron (for unbindable bind clear), grodin (for more auto heal and water dungeons), or either of the Chester wizards (for 3x much needed skill bind block to get 100%). For all attributes needed dungeons I’ve swapped echidna for sun Quan delay and awoken yomi. I’ve had pretty good success while not at arena level but beating most descends comfortably and reliably.

    I was not prepared and used all my red dragon fruits but I can’t wait to hyper max my Gadius and evo my Takeru!


    1. Yeah I am surprised it is only 36 and not the 42.5x =( I wrote this with the extra damage in mind, so it still holds true and should ideally get people excited to branch out and play with new leads.

      Yeah he is quite flexible and you can go rainbow style as needed. Of course ideal teams run full fire monsters with numerous row enhances, but he can mix and match more due to the high base multiplier.

      Well today is Thursday and there is no event so should be no stopping you getting those pesky red-tri fruits =P


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