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PAD Community Resources: Where to Click and Learn – April 19, 2017


The Puzzle and Dragons community covers a wide range of platforms to inform, entertain, and educate the player base. All the subsequently mentioned resources are well worth a look as they provide content or points of view that differ from mine.

I plan on continuously updating this list every few months to keep you up to speed on the latest resources in the PAD community. I have also duplicated this post in my drop down menu at the top under Classic Help Guides. Let me know if I missed anyone and I will edit accordingly.

The ordering within each category is in no particular order; however, I place new additions to the list at the top to better help drive traffic to them. Furthermore, I try to categorize community members by their most notable platform, even if they have other mediums.

Video commentary

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discord Discord

Discord is a text and voice chat platform that tends to be utilized by gamers. However, they are far more powerful than a simple chat room as they can help facilitate matchmaking, possess in-depth strategy guides, and help bring the community together. If you have not already, I highly encourage you to download and install Discord on your mobile device and/or desktop.

discord Awoken Liu Bei Server *New*

Liu Bei has quickly emerged to become the premier farming leader for the average player. Unfortunately, his relevancy is reliant on coop and you will actually have to find a partner and the ALB Discord Server is the best place to find them. Not only do they post strategy guides for all relevant dungeons, but you can quickly find a like-minded individual and button to your heart’s content. Continue reading PAD Community Resources: Where to Click and Learn – April 19, 2017

New Content Update – Evolutions & Buffs Overview


An amazing amount of content was released last night and it is almost overwhelming trying to keep abreast with what is hip to the hop and worth pursuing. This article will try to help provide some clarity to the new cards and which ones you should prioritize if resources are limited.

In addition, I will also be briefly touching upon the notable buffs and eventually begin work on a farmable monster tier list from an inherit and leader/sub point of view.

Video commentary

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New evolutions

If you refer to the official GungHo Facebook Page, there is an incredible amount of content to scroll through and the reincarnation process is resource intensive as each cards requires 16 million experience to level up. As such, you should resist the urge to reincarnate things you are using if you are unable to re-max level them.

Naturally, who you prioritize with your resources will be based upon your individual box needs and you should take my recommendations with a grain of salt.

 Amon & Baal

The main problem with Belial, Amon, and Baal was that they had low value actives and desperately needed this Awoken evolution to revamp them. Now, they did lose some “signature” awakenings, AKA Amon’s Machine Killer Machine Killer and Baal’s Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus and bind immunity, but these were replaced with dual TPA TPA. While Machine Killer is quite unique, it has situational value at best with the access to the new Killer latents and the fact that most water cards are Physical and thus qualify to use them (which I use on my Meridionalis 3276 team).

On the other hand, Baal’s Coop Boost tends to be hazardous as it would cause him to hit significantly harder than the rest of the team. In addition, the loss of bind immunity is not appetizing. Continue reading New Content Update – Evolutions & Buffs Overview

150/250 Memorial Rolls + One-Shot Challenge Clear Videos


A few things are currently happening in PAD, but the 4x Descend EXP is a little melodramatic due to the fact that there is no 10x Plus Eggs occurring simultaneously. I am still in the midst of writing about 0-Stamina Normals, but here is a couple videos from my YouTube channel to hopefully tie you over.

150/250 Memorial Roll Reset

You cannot complain about free rolls and I document my rolls as they come in during the video so feel free to jump around.

One Shot Challenge – Zeus Dragon

Both of my accounts including my Mom had Zeus Dragon (I still do not know how it is chosen as we are different starter dragon colours or different letter groups) so I only recorded a single playthrough with Meridionalis 3276. This was my first attempt and was done “blind” in the sense that I did not know which Radar Dragon I was facing so I brought all the counters possible for each spawn.


Let me know what you rolled from the 150/250 Memorial REM as well as how you tackled the One-Shot Challenge this time around.

Happy Puzzling!

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Ultimate Gadius: Worthy of the GFE Title? An Analysis

Gadius is receiving his new ultimate evolution and will be putting the Dragons back into Puzzle and Dragons with two menacing heads and abs so chiselled you would cut your hand rubbing along its surface. GungHo has been hit or miss with some Godfest Exclusives (GFE) and Light Metatron Metatron being the unfortunate poster girl for underwhelming 5-star GFE. Hopefully they turn things around for our newest beefcake member.

Dragon & Healer
3063 / 1204 / 753
Fire Row Bind Clear awakening Enhnaced Fire Orb Time Extend Fire Row
New: Bind Immune Bind Immune Devil killer

: All  Arrow Fire Light Dark Heart + haste
10 turn CD

LS: 6.5x ATK with 2+ Heal combos
42.25x ATK (Fire Row and heart orb reliant)

Typing and Awakenings

At first, the healer typing had no relevance to the current meta (aside from a fire monster having high RCV) and still has no practical purpose. However, with the introduction of a new set of MP Dragons, Gadius Gadius becomes an irreplaceable sub on Xiang Mei Xiang Mei teams due to the lack of fire / healer type cards. From an awakenings perspective, Gadius is fantastic as he now has bind immunity to go along with his bind recovery Bind Clear awakening awakening and heart generating active. However, he is still missing a Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist awakening which is a massive downside in today’s meta. Granted we do have access to more monsters who have 2x Skill Lock Resist , but if you plan to use Gadius as a lead, you would be hard pressed to achieve 100% immunity. Not having 100% immunity can be managed with tankier teams that have augmented health pools and recovery values, but Gadius has neither. Finally, the new Devil Killer Devil killer awakening provides 3x damage versus devil type bosses and will greatly aide in burst damage. Continue reading Ultimate Gadius: Worthy of the GFE Title? An Analysis