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PAD Community Resources: Where to Click and Learn – April 19, 2017


The Puzzle and Dragons community covers a wide range of platforms to inform, entertain, and educate the player base. All the subsequently mentioned resources are well worth a look as they provide content or points of view that differ from mine.

I plan on continuously updating this list every few months to keep you up to speed on the latest resources in the PAD community. I have also duplicated this post in my drop down menu at the top under Classic Help Guides. Let me know if I missed anyone and I will edit accordingly.

The ordering within each category is in no particular order; however, I place new additions to the list at the top to better help drive traffic to them. Furthermore, I try to categorize community members by their most notable platform, even if they have other mediums.

Video commentary

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discord Discord

Discord is a text and voice chat platform that tends to be utilized by gamers. However, they are far more powerful than a simple chat room as they can help facilitate matchmaking, possess in-depth strategy guides, and help bring the community together. If you have not already, I highly encourage you to download and install Discord on your mobile device and/or desktop.

discord Awoken Liu Bei Server *New*

Liu Bei has quickly emerged to become the premier farming leader for the average player. Unfortunately, his relevancy is reliant on coop and you will actually have to find a partner and the ALB Discord Server is the best place to find them. Not only do they post strategy guides for all relevant dungeons, but you can quickly find a like-minded individual and button to your heart’s content. Continue reading PAD Community Resources: Where to Click and Learn – April 19, 2017

500,000 Views & Advice for Starting a PAD Blog


This is a two-part post in that I want to say thank you to all my readers for your continuous support in achieving over half a million site views along with providing some advice/guidance to players who wish to take the plunge into WordPress and start their own PAD blog.

500,000+ Views

When I first started Mantastic PAD in mid October of 2015, my goal was to create content that was accessible and entertaining for all Puzzle and Dragoners. I had around 200 views per day for the first two months with the vast majority of views coming from Facebook referrals (a large majority probably came from me constantly refreshing my page to see how the small changes I made turned out). My content was somewhat fragmented as I tried to jump all over the place as I had so much I wanted to write about. In addition, my writing style was not as polished nor was my direction as focused as it is today.

Despite a slow start, I stuck with writing and posting along with discovering what kind of content people wanted to read. As such, I was able to create articles and guides on popular topics and transitioned away from a blog-style format. This allowed me to devoted most of my focus to helping other players progress through the various dungeons as well as providing commentary/analysis on changes in the meta.

Blog Views
This image was taken on June 20th

As mentioned earlier, most of my initial views came from Facebook referrals as there is a large and established PAD community. Over time, I started to be picked up by search engines due to the increased site traffic and I currently experience the majority of my views from Google clicks. In addition, I experienced a sizeable influx of views from Reddit due to my inclusion in their Skill Inheritance Guide along with numerous Xiang Mei Xiang Mei discussion posts and I am thankful to everyone who references my work.

Advice for starting a PAD blog

Continue reading 500,000 Views & Advice for Starting a PAD Blog