150/250 Memorial Rolls + One-Shot Challenge Clear Videos


A few things are currently happening in PAD, but the 4x Descend EXP is a little melodramatic due to the fact that there is no 10x Plus Eggs occurring simultaneously. I am still in the midst of writing about 0-Stamina Normals, but here is a couple videos from my YouTube channel to hopefully tie you over.

150/250 Memorial Roll Reset

You cannot complain about free rolls and I document my rolls as they come in during the video so feel free to jump around.

One Shot Challenge – Zeus Dragon

Both of my accounts including my Mom had Zeus Dragon (I still do not know how it is chosen as we are different starter dragon colours or different letter groups) so I only recorded a single playthrough with Meridionalis 3276. This was my first attempt and was done “blind” in the sense that I did not know which Radar Dragon I was facing so I brought all the counters possible for each spawn.


Let me know what you rolled from the 150/250 Memorial REM as well as how you tackled the One-Shot Challenge this time around.

Happy Puzzling!

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30 thoughts on “150/250 Memorial Rolls + One-Shot Challenge Clear Videos”

  1. hey man i don t know how to clear the one shot challenge, my mar team is too weak, and all i got left is my shiva dragon team?!


  2. Rolled Bastet and Sun Quan
    pretty happy about this

    about OS Challenge, did it with my Gremory Team with the following subs :
    Typhoon Ana

    managed to one shot Zeus Dragon by hitting it with 6M from each monsters


  3. My main rolled Minerva and Sarasvati.
    My alt rolled viper orochi and it’s third satsuke.

    My alt is rapidly becoming full utility. Wish some love would be spread to my main. I’m finding my alt’s Ronove team is struggling to lack of heart generation at times.


      1. I completely forgot that I have a fully evolved and awoken linthia on my alt account.

        So my teams now look like:
        Ronove –
        Rozuel – ame no uzume
        Revo ra – carat
        Rag drag
        Linthia – aemo & mootie for skill delay protection

        Ronove – ronove
        Revo horus – awoken tsukuyomi
        Rag drag
        Revo orochi

        Now both have two full board changers, there’s a bind clear, time extend, delay. The rag dragons won’t let me do arena3, but it’ll help me farm arena1 for py’s to fill out my rosters some.

        Creed’s comment also showed me I have some very nice Ilm/Minerva teams I can build as well. I’m so used to only looking at cards and seeing if they fit my Ronove or Myr teams, I forgot about other leads.

        Thank you!


  4. Rolled Hades and Satsuki!!!!

    And I did it One Shot Challenge with my Minerva Team. My subs are:
    Awoken Leilan
    Yamato Takeru
    Revo. Horus
    Awoken Cao Cao


  5. Hi again, thanks for your encouragement again. I’m still playing because of it.
    ADQXQ really brought back enjoyment for me.

    I also obtained a reincarnated Indra and managed to max the level cause of my hoarded snow globes (to ease against any disappointing rolls) and probably will awaken my second one.

    I got my third Tsubaki and Artemis.
    Still haven’t beat legendary snowy valley but I’m chugging along.


      1. Okay, I won’t do that. Which L/L evo should I pick
        So is L/G Indra, not work having once you have obtained L/D Indra?


      1. Yeah, i couldn’t complain about Ariel. My Raijin is currently running Rozuel. Ariel will help the team be much more light damage heavy. And be a good body for something like bind clear.


  6. Idunn&Idunna and Cao Cao. Better than last time, I don’t need another AA Lucifer (though I wouldn’t mind a second Akechi).


  7. I rolled my second Urd and my first Raphael, the latter of which I’ve been eyeing for a while. Not sure how I’ll use him, but I suppose I could use him for row Myr (currently running TPA). His Miracle of Healing doesn’t necessarily fit though.


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