0 Stamina Normals + 4x EXP Descends: What to Expect & how to Maximize your Experience

Challenge Mode Magic Stone clears are resetting soon so do them all now. You should also stock up on coins to purchase Tamadra Infestation as a Stamina dump


0 Stamina Normals and 4x EXP Descends are coming to Puzzle and Dragons this month (I do not know the exact date, but it is soon) and this will be a first for NA/EU. Like 4x Technicals, this upcoming Extravagant Easter Event will be a fun filled adventure as we will now effectively have unlimited stamina in to play around with.

This is Fantastic and perhaps the main limiting factor will be how much time you have to dedicate to Puzzle and Dragons during these events.

This article will help provide my thoughts on 0 stamina normals, 4x EXP Descends, suggestions as to where you can spend your stamina as well as various team compositions for tackling Legendary Earth.

One thing I want you to keep in the back of your mind is the dangers of blindly farming rank experience. You can read about that in a different article HERE.

Video commentary

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To Ganesha or not to Ganesha

Before I jump into the events specifically, I want to address the idea of using Ganesha 3071 during these periods of enhanced rewards. Ganesha is the only leader who can increase the rank experience gained when completing a dungeon. This has tremendous applications as you are now able to when you rank up as you are able to modify your experience gains by 1x, 1.5x, or 2.25x based on the number of Ganesha leads you bring.

While this may feel appealing, you have to remember that if you rank up, your stamina is fully replenished and any excess is wasted. Thus, if you are a low rank and able to efficiently chain rank ups, using Ganesha can become a hindrance as you may end up wasting precious stamina.

For higher ranking players, this may be less of a concern as you may not be able to actually chain rank ups from normal playing and requiring a little something extra to close the gap.

However, in 0 stamina Normals, using Ganesha is actually a hindrance as it costs nothing to enter and all you are saving is time. By this, I mean that using Ganesha will actually yield fewer clears than using no Ganesha as you will rank up 1.5-2.25x faster from each clear (if using 1-2). The main counter to this point is time being the limiting factor. As such, you need to decide how fast you wish to rank up and how much many hours you can dedicate during this event.

0 Stamina Normals

0 Stamina Normals is  another new and exciting aspect to come to NA/EU as it will allow players to effectively have unlimited stamina as you can always rank up by closing the gaps via a dungeon of your choice. Not only is this a Fantastic time to clear all the Challenge Modes (which are resetting soon) as it will cost 0 stamina to actually attempt.

If you are trying Challenge Mode for Normals, Heart Cross leaders are particularly effective as there are no preemptives and your cross damage component will carry forward every turn provided you sweep each one. Conversely, you can simply use the highest multiplier leader you own in the colour that is effective against the featured element.

Legendary Earth

Provided you have already cleared all of the previous Normal dungeons and challenge modes, the best thing to play is Legendary Earth. Legendary Earth offers 25,000 rank experience without any Ganesha along with the chance at up to 3 kings. This will effectively provide unlimited experience along with a healthy amount of rank experience for your account.

What makes this dungeon even more exciting is the fact that it can be effectively buttoned through both saving time and mental stamina.

There are countless team compositions available along with the potential to use 1 or 2 Ganesha. As mentioned earlier, using Ganesha means you actually squeeze in fewer runs as you will rank up faster and is mostly used to cut down the waiting times between ranks for the exceptionally high ranking players.

Team compositions for Legendary Earth

Legendary Earth features only 5 floors with the first four featuring high defense, low HP encounters. This means you can either true damage/large nuke them down or simply use a 100% defense break. Otherwise, the main challenge is finding enough Skill Boosts Skill Boost and dealing 4 million damage to the final boss, Heavy Metal Dragon. Heavy Metal Dragon is dark attribute along with dragon typing so using cards with Dragon Killer Dragon Killer are ideal and even a single Tsubaki 3260 will be able to deal tremendous damage all on their own.

From my research, Balboa 3372 is the most popular defense breaking option as he has a relatively low base cooldown and is modestly common to acquire. However, any 100% defense break is perfectly acceptable. A 100% defense break will enable you to simply match 1 combo of any colour you own to instantly kill the first four floors as they will 450-750 health.

Naturally, if you are using non-Ganeshas leads, dealing with the boss will be easier and this will dramatically open up various team building options.

Being able to clear a dungeon in a timely manner will become vital to your success here to both avoid burn out and to maximize your PAD-time.

Buttoning the boss

While this is probably a very REM-Collab heavy build, it is effective as you can use both dual Ganesha and only minimal combo the first four floors:

In essence, you Balboa on turn 1 and then kill with minimal combos and then Lu Bu A Lu Bu (to set HP to 1) plus 4x Grimmjow 3363 for the win.

Naturally, most people do not have that many Grimjows, but we can use a similar idea to create a perfectly viable team.

Bursting down the boss

You will still be utilizing the Balboa defense break strategy for the most part and by removing the Lu Bu and Grimmjows, you now have 5 more actives to play around with.

As such, you should dedicate as many as required to actually deal with the boss and if you have leftover spots, you can bring a button (or 2) to help the dungeon go a little bit faster.

An ideal candidate for this is Ilmina 3274 as she is able to instantly kill a single floor and create a bi-colour fire and light board. This can be combo-ed with orb changers to create a full board of either fire or light orbs, but it may be advantageous to aim for fire as you can fully capitalize on dual Dragon Killer Dragon Killer Tsubaki 3260.

If you are planning on using dual Genesha, you will need to bring Carat Carat for burst damage and ideally have as many Blue Odins 3391 or Tengus Tengu as possible.

Thus, your team could have a maximum of 16 Skill Boosts Skill Boost.

A sample clear by Yuki can be found here:

Utilizing Goemon as a leader

In all honesty, being able to use dual Ganesha is probably out of reach for the average player and you may be better of using only a single one along with a (Beach) Goemon B Goemon / Goemon in order to captialize on both his farmability and damage nuke, full board changer, HP reset, and 5x ATK multiplier. You may or may not require additional enhancement (outside of Ganesha) depending on the number of Dragon Killers you can bring so adjust your team accordingly.

While this is not as lucrative from a time perspective, it will be more efficient as you can complete more runs than someone who runs dual Ganesha.

A sample team could be:

Legendary Earth – Ganesha/Goemon – 15+ Skill Boost
Card 3071 3260 3391 3069 Tengu B Goemon
Inherit 3372

This team requires at least 15 Skill Boosts Skill Boost to function in order to have the inherited Balboa come up by turn 1. This will most likely be the team I plan on running and all you need to do is simply Balboa on floor 1, match 1 combo on floors 1-3, Goemon on floor 4, and Ganesha plus swipe on floor 5.

You could actually use dual Dragon Killer Tsubaki and prevent the need to use Ganesha on the final floor (thus saving you a few seconds):

Legendary Earth – Ganesha/Goemon – 15+ Skill Boost
Card 3071 3260 3260 3391 Tengu B Goemon
Inherit 3372
Mass Attack badge

Regardless of which build you choose to pursue, it is best to use the Mass Attack badge. This will enable you to kill floors 1-4 with only a single colour match as that card will be able to hit all enemies even if you only match 3 orbs. This can lead to easier team building as a more rainbow colour coverage will enable any board will have a desired orb in which to kill the dragons.

The second best option is to use the Skill Boost badge, but only do so if it is crucial to your success.

Counting Skill Boosts Skill Boost

If you plan to use Balboa 3372 as an inherit or sub, you must ensure you have skill boosts to use him on floor 1. If do not use any true damage, you will gain 4 more turns to charge other skills prior to encountering the boss.

If you find troubles using dual Ganesha, it may be better to simply use one in order to both kill the boss easier and bring more Skill Boosts.

4x EXP Descends

4x experience in Descends is another Fantastic medium to rank up while acquiring valuable skill ups for useful farmable cards. While this event does not feature 10x plus egg drop rates, it is still worth playing as it will help provide excessive stamina to attempt other dungeons.

Notable cards to skill up include Zaerog Infinity Z8, Myr Miru, Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios, and Tengu Tengu. All of these cards have significant value and I strongly encourage you to play these on their respective days.


4x Descends and 0 stamina Normals are both incredible ways to maximize your stamina usage. The decision to run Ganesha remains up to you, but I encourage you to try your best to not waste stamina when ranking up.

Let me know your plans for these two exciting events.

Happy Puzzling!

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8 thoughts on “0 Stamina Normals + 4x EXP Descends: What to Expect & how to Maximize your Experience”

    1. She has always been able to high kick. You just reached the threshold. I remember it because back in 2012-2014, people would run grodin teams if they didn’t have the burst power for her and grind her down.


  1. I beat Legendary Earth with Miru challenge mode a while back. My team was (subs) Saria, Awoken Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao, Valkyrie Ana, and a Kanna/Thor, and maybe a second Saria.
    F1: Heartcross, match 4 light, kill
    The second floor to the semifinal floor: Kill with 5 light. If you don’t kill, use a saria and match heart cross. Use only One Saria, at most.
    Boss: (In Order) Kanna, Saria, A.DQXQ, Valkyrie Ana. Then MATCH 3.


  2. Your blog is wonderful ! It’s both fun and informative and a nice side-addiction to Pad. But….. you are saying “tremendous” too often !

    Here are some synonyms :

    behemoth, Brobdingnagian, Bunyanesque, colossal, cyclopean, elephantine, enormous, gargantuan, giant, gigantesque, gigantic, herculean, heroic, huge, immense, jumbo, mammoth, massive, massy, mastodonic, mighty, monster, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, prodigious, pythonic, stupendous, titanic, vast. (Informal) walloping. (Slang) whopping.


  3. You recently referred to my Sarasvati team with Scheat as a ‘glass cannon.’ I do realize there are times when there are issues with dungeon binds, and I cannot use this team everywhere, but all of the normal dungeons, including Legendary Earth, are handled fairly easily with it. If you have skilled up orb changers, a double sarasvati blasts through. And, if you have Scheat, you can get by many levels with 2 combos, because of the 5 tpas.

    Enjoying your blog, btw.


  4. I hope to put a lot of time into this event and get plenty of enhance materials. Perhaps even stockpile some for the plethora of Reincarnated monsters due to come our way.

    Another good dungeon to do will be Legendary Seaway. Plenty of enhance materials as well as the chance to max skill Rodins.


  5. For push buttoning Legendary Earth I personally plan to use:


    The goemon are beach goemon for the skill boosts. Both Tengu are max skilled with a Chad inherit and Horus also has a Chad inherit. I used Horus so I wouldn’t have to raise another Tengu for the short cooldown. I have to use the Horus Chad second or third but it’s okay. I just go:

    Tengu – Chad swipe
    Tengu – Chad swipe
    Horus – Chad swipe
    Goemon active to kill
    Swipe win


  6. You bet your biffy I took Meri through Demon Rush the other day. Aside from mowing through the new descend challenge and gaining like 6 ranks nonstop, I got enough Grisars to finish skilling up my Grida (soon as I get one more Badtan, anyway).

    That was one heck of a productive day. 4x experience is awesome!


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