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0 Stamina Normals + 4x EXP Descends: What to Expect & how to Maximize your Experience

Challenge Mode Magic Stone clears are resetting soon so do them all now. You should also stock up on coins to purchase Tamadra Infestation as a Stamina dump


0 Stamina Normals and 4x EXP Descends are coming to Puzzle and Dragons this month (I do not know the exact date, but it is soon) and this will be a first for NA/EU. Like 4x Technicals, this upcoming Extravagant Easter Event will be a fun filled adventure as we will now effectively have unlimited stamina in to play around with.

This is Fantastic and perhaps the main limiting factor will be how much time you have to dedicate to Puzzle and Dragons during these events.

This article will help provide my thoughts on 0 stamina normals, 4x EXP Descends, suggestions as to where you can spend your stamina as well as various team compositions for tackling Legendary Earth.

One thing I want you to keep in the back of your mind is the dangers of blindly farming rank experience. You can read about that in a different article HERE.

Video commentary

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To Ganesha or not to Ganesha

Before I jump into the events specifically, I want to address the idea of using Ganesha 3071 during these periods of enhanced rewards. Ganesha is the only leader who can increase the rank experience gained when completing a dungeon. This has tremendous applications as you are now able to when you rank up as you are able to modify your experience gains by 1x, 1.5x, or 2.25x based on the number of Ganesha leads you bring. Continue reading 0 Stamina Normals + 4x EXP Descends: What to Expect & how to Maximize your Experience