Why not to Purely Farm/Grind Rank Experience


I have been receiving many questions over the past few months about what is the best way to power-level or grind up rank experience. Truth be told, the best avenues are utilizing Ganesha 3071 paired with either another Ganesha or a stronger multiplier leader and mowing through content. However, the most common place this occurs is Monday Dungeon and this is actually a terrible waste overall. For myself, I have never played dungeons with the sole purpose of Rank Experience outside of the stone acquisition or acquiring the last few points of experience for a rank up.

Each subsequent rank up increases the experience required for the next level and by rushing through, you are losing out on numerous opportunities to develop and actually progress within Puzzle and Dragons.

This article will focus on why purely farming rank experience is a poor investment of your stamina along with the justifications to this stance. While there are some exceptions, it is largely a poor avenue of stamina spending for the average player.

Video commentary

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What is rank farming

Rank farming is essentially what it sounds like: repeatedly playing a dungeon that has an exceptionally high rank experience to stamina ratio. Often times, these dungeons are meant to be fast and easy to play and can help players rank up at an unprecedented rate.

Unfortunately, there are actually many drawbacks to ranking up this fast as you often waste stamina, lose out on actual puzzling skills, losing out on the opportunity to develop your monster box, hitting a wall faster, and the inability to chain rank ups from valuable dungeons.

For reference, you will gain 1 more maximum stamina every other rank up after hitting 50 friend list space and 2 team cost otherwise.

Wasted stamina

Every time you rank up, you will immediately restore your stamina to full and any unused will simply go to waste as there is no rollover effect. Thus, if you do not try to capitalize on the excess stamina, these rank ups essentially did not help you accomplish as much as was possible. Now, I do understand that with coop and a much shortened early game that players will naturally rank up quickly and the main problem occurs when you begin to waste more and more stamina at higher ranks.

This notion of wasted stamina can be extended to expiring your finite rank ups and stamina refreshes. Due to the fact that every rank up restores your stamina and cannot be reacquired, you do to a certain extent have to be careful with how you use them. For example, if you simply blow all your rank 300-400 rank ups via Monday Dungeon, you will have lost all of that opportunity to progress in the game outside of ranking up.

I have been playing for over 1,250 days and I remember always trying to optimize my stamina usage every day as it took 10 minutes to restore stamina and the lack of lucrative dungeons to play. Which leads into my next point: a lack of puzzling skills.

A lack of puzzling skills

With the ease of access to rank experience, many players have dramatically inflated their rank relative to their time played along with actual puzzling skills. For example, it probably took me around a year to achieve rank 350 whereas a motivated individual can achieve that in a few months. While we may share the same rank, the actual time spend playing dungeons is significantly higher in my situation. As such, I have had more time to develop and refine my orb matching skills as opposed to someone who has only played for a few months that has the potential to button and play coop.

While this may be viewed as a player skill issue that can be refined over time, but it can become problematic as these players will feel lost when actually facing challenging content. In addition, rushing through the game also lowers your own box decision skills. To a certain extent, a purely rank grinding player may be unable to efficiently team build, research a dungeon, or tackle challenging content.

Inability to develop your Monster Box

If the majority of your rank ups are occurring from Monday Dungeon, your Monster Box will be the first to suffer. Monday Dungeon offers essentially no collateral benefits outside of the rank experience. This will result in an underdeveloped Monster Box as you will be lacking pluses, evolution materials, and skill up fodder.

As such, you may find yourself scrambling to acquire these drops from other dungeons, but because you have blindly ranked up to a higher level, you will be unable to actually chain a rank up from these other dungeons as the rank experience required has increased. This will also result in you hitting a wall faster and waiting even longer in between play times.

Hitting a wall faster

Hitting a wall is a term used to describe a point in a game when you are stuck in terms of progression. Depending on how GungHo you are towards PAD, this wall will occur at varying times and be represented by different dungeons. This could be your first Rogue Descend or Arena 1, but regardless of what your wall is, you will always be able to overcome it in time. This will often be achieved via a more developed Monster Box or improvements to your Puzzling skills, but it will take some time to overcome.

However, if you have blindly ranked up, you will hit this wall significantly faster and be less able to overcome it due to the fact that your rank ups are more scattered due to your higher rank. As such,  you may feel more frustrated as you will have to wait longer in between rank ups as you are less able to divert stamina elsewhere.

Unable to chain rank ups

Chaining rank ups refers to being able to repeatedly play PAD and never stop ranking up. Depending on the dungeon you choose to play, this can repeatedly occur for a very long time. For example, you can technically achieve over rank 800 from purely Monday farming with dual Ganesha, but all of the above points will heavily apply.

Conversely, you could play Zaerog Infinity to around 500-550 without ever stopping in coop. By comparison, Zaerog Infinity offers 500 Monster Points, a Super King, 3-6 plus eggs, and a useful boss drop. All of these will dramatically improve your Monster Box and actually help you advance in terms of game progression. However, if you have wasted rank ups via Monday Dungeon, you will be unable to chain these rank ups as efficiently.

This also applies to playing dungeons on the side for the acquisition of other resources and then utilizing Zaerog Infinity for the rank up.

For example, my main account is rank 749 and it takes me around 1.8 million experience to rank up. As such, I will not be able to abuse a lucrative Rogue Descend to chain rank ups compared to someone that is rank 400 who requires 300k rank experience.

Exceptions to farming for rank experience

While the above points hold true in the majority of scenarios, there are some exceptions that should be taken into consideration. In the old and dark days of PAD, team cost used to be a serious issue, but with the new badge system and +80 team cost right away, it is no longer a real concern for the most part.

Rank 267

Presently speaking, we have a special REM pull for rank 150 and 250 with a future rank 500 spin. However, the rank 500 pull only recently came out in JP and will take a few months to come to NA. Furthermore, the chances of a rank 500 renewal occuring within 6 months are slim to nil. Thus, you probably have more than 6 months to actually acquire rank 500.

Thus, rank 267 is probably a reasonable goal as it will enable you to have a maximum of 150 stamina along with only requiring 157,627 experience to rank up. In all honesty, the ranks before this go incredibly quick, even without rank farming and will probably occur without much conscious effort.

As a slight extension, you will gain 50 additional max stamina every 100 ranks so this may be of interest for players who do not play on a regular basis and tend to dump stamina in Guerrilla dungeons

Enough stamina to not wake up the next morning with a full bar

I remember I used to wake up in the middle of the night (mostly to go to the washroom) and also quickly entering a dungeon to prevent stamina capping overnight. While this may seem excessive, it is worth achieving a sufficient rank to do this without an interrupted sleep cycle. I strongly dislike wasting stamina and I always try to go to bed after using sufficient stamina beforehand.

Presently speaking, we regenerate 20 stamina per hour and depending on your sleep habits, you may require varying amounts of stamina to prevent capping. For reference, rank 267 grants 150 max stamina while 367 is 200. The amount you require to prevent waste will vary, but it is worth hitting that amount.

Alternate accounts

Alternate accounts do not necessarily follow the same rules as your main account due to the fact that they have an account to carry them. Furthermore, their role/purpose varies from person to person and how you choose to proceed will be dependent on your own personal goals.

What you should be doing

Instead of farming Monday dungeon, you should ideally be playing Rogue Descends for accessible rank experience. Without Ganesha, Zaerog Infinity is on par with rank experience gains, but offers far more collateral benefits by comparison. If you are able to chain rank ups, you should divert stamina to either Tamadra, PreDra, or Tan farming along with the acquisition of skill ups.

You can purchase these dungeons for 500,000 from the Coin Dungeon section so you can have access to them at any time.

If you are searching for generic skill up materials, it is best to farm Arena 1 to acquire a random colour Py. In addition, Arena 1 offers a wonderful amount of rank experience and you can use the excess to acquire other components from less stamina/rank experience efficient dungeons.

Naturally, you will need to divert your stamina elsewhere for certain events, but that is generally what I do for the most part when I have nothing to play (I often play Arena 3 instead as it offers more rewards).

Where to use Ganesha

Ganesha is the only card in the game to provide bonus rank experience when clearing a dungeon and you should use to this to better time your rank ups. While it may be inefficient at lower ranks due to the chance at wasting stamina, it is invaluable at higher ranks as you can shorten the wait times and continue playing.


Farming purely for rank experience is actually detrimental to your overall PAD progression as you often waste those crucial low-rank stamina refills to better chain rank ups. While it may make you feel good to see a higher rank beside your name, you are most likely going to encounter a wall along with lacking the required Puzzling skills for advanced gameplay.

Despite the fact that I could endlessly farm rank experience (even at rank 700+), I choose not to in order to preserve the valuable rank up stamina refreshes for opportune times.

Let me know how you feel about Monday dungeon and farming for rank experience.

Happy Puzzling!

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Ganesha Monday

Mostly including this at the end as I can foresee it being a common question. There are many variants, but this is for the most part the “core” and easy to assemble team:

Ganesha Monday
Inherit *see note

3071 Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist
Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios 3071

*The two Skill Boost Skill Boost card can be anything and all you need is either a way to deal true damage/poison/defense break as a Dios swipe will not deal enough damage to kill the red Dubmythlit. You also ideally want one SBR Skill Lock Resist to ensure 100% immunity against the Red Golem spawn.

Assumes everything is max skilled (or at least 16 turns or less). Depending on what active you bring for floor 5, you may or may not need to pass turns to Player 2.

Ganesha Monday
Floor 1 Ganesha 3071, Nazca , Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 2 Nazca , Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 3 Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 4 Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 5 True damage/poison/defense break
Floor 6 Ganesha 3071, Dios Ult Zeus Dios

31 thoughts on “Why not to Purely Farm/Grind Rank Experience”

  1. I think you’re underselling the value of hitting 50 stamina milestones like 267, 367, etc. They significantly increase resource acquisition during guerrillas (tans, tamas, etc). At higher ranks, and with co-op, this is less of an issue, but I (and probably many others) still solo farm these dungeons when they show up, and every 50 stamina is a decent force multiplier.

    While I agree with most of your points here, I would definitely say 267 is a more valuable target than 250.


  2. I am a person who believes the real milestones in order are:
    1st Useful Leader (anything with 3x multiplier or higher)
    1st Keeper of Red/Blue/green
    1st Keeper of Rainbow Clear
    1st Master level descend
    1st Hera Descended Clear
    Rank 75!
    Clearing All normal Dungeons
    1st Weekend Dungeon Clear
    1st Zeus Descended Clear
    Easy Regular Descends
    (Goemon, Corpse Wymn.)
    Rank 100!
    First Good (5x+) leader
    Moderate Descends
    (Satan Descended, Zeus Dios, and the like)
    First Godfest!
    Rank 125!
    NORMAL Descends (Legend)
    (Throth and Sopdet, Sphinx)
    Metal Dragon Infestations
    Everything above is Legend or lower
    Mythical Easy Descends
    Keeper of the Gold Clear
    Mythical Moderate Descends
    Rank 150
    Everything above is Wolf Level Dungeon
    Tiger Level Descends (APPROACH WITH CAUTION)
    [Sonia Gran Reverse, Descended Carnival Legend]
    Rank 200
    Endless Corridors
    Demon Level threat
    (Rouge Descends, the Ultimate dragon rush, ultimate God Rush. Those are all legend plus.)
    Rank 275
    Dragon Level Threat (Ultimate God Rush, Ultimate Rouge Descend Rush,
    Ultimate Devil Rush, Ultimate Arena One and 2, All Rouge Mythical Plus Descends, True Endless Corridors Note: all are mythical plus)
    Rank 300 Woo Hoo! You are now a skilled PAD player and should now use Co-op. You can now clear dungeons with co-op. Now grind for MP
    Ultimate Endless Corridors 5×4
    GOD LEVEL THREAT (Ultimate Arena 3, Super Ultimate Colosseum, Guerrilla Dungeons, All annihilation dungeons,)
    Pad King- Beat all dungeons
    PAD GOD- Beat everything in challenge mode or without a leader.


    1. That is quite the comprehensive list! Although we are able to progress much faster now due to Powercreep (and coop), it is still a joy to clear content. That is sometimes why I get excited when I help Pancaaake or MOMtastic advance as it is like reliving the magic all over again

      PS, from your list, I would be a Pad King =P


  3. I have been using my Ganesha for experience of a lifetime and the current Golden Mound is 2x coins so that helps.


  4. I think its worth mentioning the Maniac badges as they require 300 team cost. For me, I had to hit around rank 470 to use the hp badge on my Myr team.

    I also think its while mentioning if your focus is on obtaining crowns in ranking dungeons, rank farming is a decent investment in order to maximise your stamina refreshes through stoning.


    1. Well the thing about Maniac badges is that you need to play quite a bit to unlock, the HP one requires 200 special dungeons so that is a fair number and I feel that by the time a person reaches that, they would be a fairly respectable rank (also the team used varies for team cost)

      As for ranking crowns, I feel that is not really a priority for the average player


      1. I’m at the point where I need to grind ranks to be able to use the +2 seconds badge on my Ra Dra team. I am at rank 561 right now, but will need to reach a whopping 710 ranks (!!!) to be able to use that badge. I don’t foresee myself reaching rank 710 until the next year unless I grind out those ranks. I guess the +2 second badge is not really required, but it would provide so much benefit to a solo player like me that I may consider rank farming.


  5. I have been playing for about 850 days and am rank 624. In that time I have done some grinding just for the sake of leveling…but always with a plan. ie. saving my stamina on a given day when Tamadra timed dungeon was on. Then play it 4-5 times and then use the rest of my stamina to farm a high xp dungeon to level up and then continue on Tamadras.

    Having been playing this long I think you get an appreciation for stamina. My start time dates back to the days of abysmal stamina regen. 50 stamina to run a descended dungeon would take over 6 hours to regenerate.

    I know full well what it was like when you describe the measures you would go to to ensure no stamina is ‘wasted’ as I am the same.


    1. Ranking up with a purpose is what you should ideally be doing. To be honest, if you needed the Golems for Mzeus/Hera or the end drop for a skill up, Monday is a reasonable dungeon to play (although Deus Ex is better for Golems) and the main point is warning against mindless rank ups.


  6. You have to mention the sbr needed for the monday dongeon as only 2sb is not enought when you encounter the red golem who binds the skills and you will have only 80% resistance…


  7. Agreed. I started when 10 minute stamina refresh was a thing and even set an alarm once or twice late at night to start a dungeon and avoid stamina overflow or more often stayed up too late to use stamina. Early on I tried to level up fast because of the team cost limit which is not really much of a problem now.

    Even with 3 minute stamina, I still find myself optimizing my main account and now that my alt account is nearing 400, I am trying to optimize it too.

    Players that started with 3 minute stamina likely never felt the pain of waiting for hours to play again.


    1. All those speak true to me as well! Before it was hard to rank up and you actually needed to for the team cost. Things are completely different nowadays and the goals should change accordingly


      1. Once team cost is not an issue, level means nothing. Used to be when I struggled with a dungeon, the usual solution was more + or skillups, ocasionally sbr. Over the past 18 months or so, GH has made those problems easy to resolve. The game has tilted more toward planning the approach to a dungeon, team building and board solving skills.


  8. Love your great blogs Mantastic. You have definitely made my pad experience more enjoyable with the great advice you provide. May I suggest the flex should ideally also have a skill bind resist (Ganesha has two each, so just one more is needed) to avoid the annoying skill bind from the red mech.


  9. Is there a decent guide somewhere for a solo player to farm a Mythical Rogue Descended dungeon? I agree with the idea of this article, but I have a hard time mindlessly dumping my stamina in a productive way sometimes.


  10. I agree with your point regarding having higher exp gap for higher ranks and not being able to chain rank with rogues or other content a player can clear consistently. With the expectation of zero stamina normal dungeons event coming soon, I am unsure whether to use that event to farm more MP. It looks like “free” rankup but it will put me at an even higher rank exp bracket. What do you think, is it worth it?


    1. I know Linthia does not offer the super kings that Zaerog does, and that does hurt her use as a farming dungeon. But my alt and main can’t button Zaerog while they can button Linthia. Is Linthia still a worthwhile dungeon spam in your opinion?


      1. Linthia is still great to farm as she offers different rewards. You are trading super kings (and some rank exp) for evolution materials.

        With that in mind, all the rogues minus scarlet (unless farming for scarlet) are good to farm as they tend to offer a wide variety of rewards


    2. Zaerog is just an example, all rogues minus scarlet tend to offer a wide variety of rewards and collateral benefits. Thus, you tend to play the one you can most reliably beat or require the drops for


  11. This is quite late but there’s also another important factor. NIAP or low iap don’t roll as much and is limited. Farming Piis would actually take up more space in the long run as it wont be used. Definitely farm MP and exp via rouge dungeons if able for constant rank until 500+ and not Monday farm. the Stamia gain would save much more stones over all when farming for dungeons such as STTD since low/niap stones are very limited.

    For players that iap more often iap, they dont mind spending stones to farm since theres more available to them. these players probably can clear most content which would only leave them for Arena/MP farming at the end and have enough pii for when they roll new content. there are still farmable skill ups as well so they will have enough pii saved.

    High IAP is almost a exception to this because they will use stones to farm what they need, making the rank up refill more of a slight bonus than anything. They would probably rather have higher base stamina for making their stone refill worth more. MP isnt a problem to them because of selling rolls.


    1. It is never too late as I still receive notifications =P

      I agree that the degree of IAP will dictate how much this article applies to them as most things change when you have somewhat unlimited resources.

      I feel the problem of excessive Pys due to a relatively shallow monster box (for my progression) and several month binge on A3 to complete my Radar collection (sadly no killer latents then) and ended up with probably 180+ py lying around with nothing to do along with another 100 in the mailbox

      I hardly ever stone for stamina as I know that PAD is a patience game and things will rotate back as well as having a strong enough resource pool to develop new cards when they appear


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