Thoughts on Upcoming Springtime Sonnets Event & 4x Technical Dungeon EXP


The Springtime Sonnets event comes this Friday and is dramatically different than previous events as there are no Skill Up bonus rates and instead, we are given new bonuses that have never been seen before in NA/EU.

There are quite a few places you can spend your stamina and I wish to highlight the areas where I feel are most important while providing insight on how to best manage the 4x EXP in Technical Dungeons.

Video Commentary

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Titania Descended

Titania  is going to be the second farmable monster that can be successfully inherited. This has great applications from both a pseudo SDR protection (28 turn CD when unskilled) along with granting all players access to a Gemstone-style active skill.

Titania is able to provide 1.15x ATK for every Enhanced Wood Orb & +light orb on your team. Thus, her multiplier formula becomes 1 + (0.15*n) where n = the number of those respective awakenings. Thus, 8 orb enhance awakenings will yield a 1 + (0.15*8) = 2.2x multiplier for 1 turn.

While a Gemstone is superior for the most part due to buffing 2 turns, Titania is farmable and can achieve very respectable on a variety of teams. For example, Myr Miru teams by default have 6 enhanced orb awakenings and this number goes up as you incorporate common subs. This may provide you with sufficient burst if you are lacking other options.

On the other hand, you can simply leave Titania unskilled to act as a wonderful buffer against Skill Delays as the 28 turns provide ample time to use the desired base active skill.

Regardless on how you choose to use her, it would be wise to acquire one for burst uses and maybe a few others for SDR protection.

5x Great & Super rates

Now is the best time to try and level up your Reincarnated cards and hopefully the Enhance Carnival in the PEM rolls back around.

No bonus Skill Up rates

This is probably the first time an event has no featured any sort of bonus Skill Up rates. This may seem puzzling, but with the introduction of King Tans and more readily accessible Pys Shynpy, I have found myself simply using these guaranteed methods instead.

4x EXP in Technicals

This is the first time NA/EU will be receiving 4x rank experience in certain technical dungeons. This is instantly transforms them into highly lucrative dungeons as you can now efficiently chain rank ups.

I wrote about the downsides of purely farming rank experience in a previous article and the main takeaway message was to not blindly rank up and waste your precious stamina. Each rank up refills your entire stamina bar and any excess stamina is wasted. Furthermore, the experience required to rank up increases with each level and being a lower rank enables you to essentially play non-stop.

However, many higher ranking players are beginning to have difficulty chaining their rank ups and must find lucrative mediums to do so. Thankfully, the 4x Technicals all provide wonderful collateral benefits should you wish to purely farm them. In addition, you can simply use them as a way to provide a large burst of experience to close the gap on your next rank up.

The following dungeons will benefit from 4x EXP:

  • Ultimate Arena-No Continues
  • Ultimate Descended Rush!
  • Machine Athena Descended!-No Dupes
  • Machine Zeus Descended!-No RCV
  • Machine Hera Descended!
  • Alt. Hypno Forest-No Dupes
  • Alt. Temple of Trailokya-No Dupes
  • Alt. Shrine of Green Water-No Dupes
  • Mythic Stone Dragon Cave
  • Castle of Satan in the Abyss

With Arena, the 4x will only impact the base value. Thus, it will now be 2x from what we are now used to as it has been at 2x EXP rates for the past few months. Thus, an Arena 1 run will grant around 500,000 rank experience.

Which one to play?

The simple answer is play what you are capable of clearing; however, now is a great time to try and acquire your Challenge Mode stone for the non-Annihilation dungeons that are at 4x. However, you will probably begin to encounter the “problem” of having too much stamina when you are about to rank up and the trick is to try and dump it as efficiently as possible.

This can be done via attempting dungeons that are normally too difficult/uncleared. If you succeed, that is Fantastic, but even if you fail, you at least have stamina leftover to rank up with. Attempting and failing a dungeon is fine as long as you learned something from it and make adjustments to your team as required.

On the other hand, you can use your excess stamina to knock out uncleared Challenge Modes in both Normal and Technical dungeons, playing the daily dungeons for evo mats, or King Infestations. All of these do help you progress forward in PAD as you can continue to develop your box while ranking up.

In addition, you can also begin clearing untouched coin dungeons or even paying the 10 million coins for Tamadra Infestion.

One thing you can also do is play Kanetsugu in the Challenge Dungeon tab until Sunday as you can easily acquire 5-7 plus eggs while gaining a modest amount of rank experience. I did compose a quick team that can button through with Ganesha as one of the leaders:

All of these are viable stamina dumps and I encourage you to play what suits you best.


The Springtime Sonnets Event marks the debut of 4x EXP in technical dungeons. This is a Fantastic time to help chain successful rank ups while playing lucrative dungeons. In addition, I highly encourage you to efficiently use your excess stamina to acquire more cards/materials to help round out your Monster Box.

Let me know what you think about 4x Technicals.

Happy Puzzling!

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30 thoughts on “Thoughts on Upcoming Springtime Sonnets Event & 4x Technical Dungeon EXP”

  1. If you are planning to play various content and then use one of the technicals to get that last bit to your level/stamina refresh(as you should be), then i would say go for Alt. Temple of Trailokya.

    If you have a Meridionalis and some skilled, +ed blues it is quite easy to run her with a Ganesha. Meri’s damage output with 1 row is enough for all but the the Kappa’s, the masks and the final dragons. Just progress using skills if need be until a Kappa spawns and kill everything but it with a single row. It will use Yushi dish its first turn and get you blue skyfall that lasts 99 turns. Very easy from there and most often you don’t need to use skills until the end.

    This gets you 144000-177000 xp for 30 stamina(solo mode).

    The team i use is:


  2. Hey,i would ask an off topic question around the current gala of midnight rare machine. should i try to get some good subs for future dark athena? i don t have Haku or a similar sub to form a very good team around athena. What do you think about. save the Magic stones or try my luck?

    Thx a lot!!


    1. Not sure what you mean exactly but you shouldn’t roll during a gala only. especially if you’re trying to roll for something specific. wait for a godfest with haku, the rate would be better than a gala.


      1. Thanks for the Response. I thought i can get some good Assets for the dathena that i will buy as Soon as it Comes To na/eu. Do you know How is the Chance To roll one of the Midnight Gala?


        1. Well first, you don’t need to rush out trying to get optimal subs, the consensus seems to be that DAthena won’t come to NA for several months. Second, all the Galas have the same “higher rates” at REM. Not sure if its changed, but i THINK 3 years ago the rate was x2. Maybe thats still the rate, but now we have 3 years worth of more monsters in the REM.
          Its up to you if you wanna roll now. If you’ve got the money go for it, though I’d personally wait for a godfest that has Dathena specific cards, specifically because: GFEs during godfests vs. no GFEs during galas.


          1. Ok i understand now 🙂 But it sounds frustrated when we have to wait several months, i was sure that Athena will come at the end of the month because of all the MP and time limit of the MP right now. Where do you get your informations about D athena?


            1. My informations mainly come from reddit, setsupad, and this site. “Several months” is the safest guess, as that’s usually the average delay between JP to NA. Some revos came to NA just under a month after JP, but then you have Ultimate RaDragon who took FOREVER (almost a year?) to come to NA. So you could be right and she might come out at the end of the month and surprise everyone, or we won’t get her till 2018. There’s even speculation she could be JP exclusive, though that’s unlikely. Just gotta wait and see what Gungho do.

              Whether or not she comes out this month doesn’t change my answer to your original question. You could still buy her if she came out next week, but you lack optimal subs and still need to wait anyway for a godfest instead of rolling gala. Actually are you sure you don’t have good subs? Even without haku, DAthena is pretty strong with a large pool of subs that you could probably make a decent team, just not something that will tear through A3. you could still use DAthena to great effect while waiting for a haku.

              What do you mean by “time limit”? Do you mean the timing of the free MP we’re getting?


              1. I might have some good subs in my box like Grida, Castor, Zaerog or SHinji. But i can t wait to get a good leader to finally clear the arena 1, My best teams are (Destroyer) Shiva dragon with good subs, Yomi Dragon with Ok subs, and a Myr team with weak subs. But i m still not able to clear Arenas for the radar dragons like Hephaestus Dragon for the next evolution. I always play in solo mode, because its difficult to find someone who wants to play Multiplayer. Usually i should clear arena with my Shiva or Yomi team, but i think i just not good enough skills wise 😀

                In the “purchase Monster” shop there is a mark on the different Monsters that shows how long they will be available, all Monsters are they until 31/3 my guess was that with the free MP we can acquire D athena next month after the purchase monsters end, what do you think?


                1. lol dang you’ve had/farmed/bought a lot of mp. 600k for Yomi+Shiva and you still have the 750k for Dathena? based on the timing, I guess it does increase the odds she could be out by months end. You should go to the news section, they’ll probably be the first to update if her NA/EU release is announced.

                  Myr, Shiva, and Yomi are all great leaders already, you could just work on building those. You’re right though, Dathena will be much easier to use. Those subs you have are decent for Dathena, but remember you also need to have 5 good to optimal inherits, especially if you’re trying to clear Arena 3. Hopefully you have a shield, delay, gemstone/damage, and board-changers already you can inherit onto dathena team.


                  1. HAHa, yeah i play for a while, and sold some cards i did t know what to do^^ i have some other cards for inherit, but do you have some advice for me?


                    1. Hmm I wouldn’t really know what to suggest you without knowing your box. a shield, delay, gemstone/damage, and board-changers are just basics to go by when building for A3.

                      I’d actually suggest getting PadHerder or something similar and asking here or on reddit what would be best teams for you personally based on your box.


  3. As someone with only Paimon and Wukong, do you think Titania makes it worth it to bother with Myr? I have a friend with Saria on Myr, would put Titania on my own Myr, and just use those three as a team


  4. Was able to get four Titania’s. I found that I am really good at getting Six to seven combos. Too bad you need eight to actually do dmg. Haha. So I figure one as an Assist for my Myr team (complete WIP), and one as an Assist for my Kaede team. Keep the other two as extra skill bind protector Assists with their 28CD? Not sure it’s worth using them for skill ups.


  5. I should make sure I get in my MHera farm runs this event, if me and my partner have time. I want to max skill mine and we did find a rather stable MZeus build but we need time…


  6. I have to say, I loved this event with the 4x exp for technicals. I got a lot done on the game with being able to use my stamina for evo or enhance materials, but then run Arena a few times a day to level myself and the pop back to evo materials.


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