Ganesha + Goemon Button Farming Kanetsugu Descended


Kanetsugu still remains one of the best dungeons to play for plus eggs outside of Star Den. While the All-Attribute restriction was frustrating in the past, it has become significantly more manageable due to Skill Inheritance and we can now button through quite efficiently. While buttoning is wonderful, buttoning with a Ganesha 3071 leader will dramatically improve your experience gains to help shorten the wait times between rank ups.

Video Clear

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Team composition & Strategy

Many of the following cards can be easily interchanged with someone else and you can use Skill Inheritance to fill the gaps. The main requirements are naturally your leaders (Beach Goemon for water coverage), a bind immune defense break on team 1 and Dragon Killer Tsubaki 3260 on team 2. Other than that, you can use different subs that fulfill the same purpose.

This event has Kanetsugu with a No Dupes restriction instead and can make team building significantly easier; however, I will showcase an All-Attributes team for future reference.

Goemon/Ganesha Kanetsugu Descended – 18 Skill Boost
Inherit 3241

B Goemon rodin 3392 3273 Thuban
Red Sonia Set Goemon 3260 3071
Inherit Awoken Archdemon Lucifer
Goemon/Ganesha Kanetsugu Steps
Floor 1 Button rodin
Floor 2 Button 3392
Floor 3 Button 3273
Floor 4 Shiva 3241, Goemon B Goemon
Floor 5 Swipe
Floor 6 Blue Spawn: Laser Awoken Archdemon Lucifer

Wood Spawn: Sonia Red Sonia + Set Set
Floor 7 PASS if wood spawn

Goemon Goemon + Ganesha 3071 (Set Set)


Being able to acquire 5-7 plus eggs per run while collaterally benefiting from 42,785 rank experience is quite wonderful. While Rogue Descends still remain a more lucrative dungeon, Kanetsugu is closing the gap with Ganesha while being much easier to clear.

Happy Puzzling!


8 thoughts on “Ganesha + Goemon Button Farming Kanetsugu Descended”

  1. Very cool. I don’t have 4 of those cards nor a 2nd account to easily play this with. Perhaps in the future.

    Also, have you tried out a dual Ganesha build? Perhaps with dual Folklores?


    1. I lack a Ganesha on Fantastic so not as easy for me to test out double builds.

      However, dual Folklore should work provided you have 3 board/orb changers and the same dragon killer idea


  2. Isn’t Yamatsumi the better descended for Plus egg farming now? You’ll get 5-6 plus eggs but a lot more EXP! Eventhough I don’t feel like a Button team can do this…


      1. The fifth floor of Kanetsugu has only a 2/3 chance of being a +egg(Manekimewdra the other 1/3 so enhance can’t be +egg) and the 6th floor isn’t a 100% drop. So the least amount of +eggs you will get from a run is 5 and the max is 7.

        With Yamatsumi only 6 of the floors can drop and floors 4 and 5 don’t have a 100% chance to drop either. So min is 4 and max is 6.

        Yamatsumi is also much more unforgiving. If you get lazy and miss a combo after going bug eyed from farming the dungeon forever, there are floors that can kill you with 1 hit if they are knocked below thresholds.

        It would take sustained bad playing to get killed on Kanetsugu.


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