Challenge Dungeons 37 Solo Clear Videos 8-10


With 4x Technicals providing me with unlimited rank up potentials from Machine Hera (I only require 3-4 clears depending on overflow), I was able to experiment around more with this set of Challenge Dungeons and am happy to provide some glorious solo clears with some of my favourite leaders.

Challenge 10 – Sarasvati

This is one of my happier PAD moments as I had to try and come up with a team with enough Skill Boosts to avoid excessive stalling with a glass cannon leader while retaining a certain degree of damage control for floor 1’s resolve. After floor 1, I essentially followed the same strategy for the subsequent floors as my Meridionalis clear.

Challenge Dungeon 37 – Level 10 Sarasvati
Card 3069 3391 3069 3242 3069
Inherit A Hermes Carat Awoken Yomi 3276 Scheat

The glorious damage screenshot:

Challenge 10 – Meridionalis

My first clear of Challenge 10 so it is a bit more rough around the edges by comparison.

Challenge 9 – Dark Metatron

No RCV dungeons are wonderful for Dark Metatron as I am able to always ensure I stay at my maximum damage multiplier. The Spanking on floor 4 was also a nice touch.

Challenge 8 – Sarasvati

Any high multiplier leader without difficult activation requirements will excel in this dungeon as it is only 5 floors. Futhermore, a true button like Famiel Famiel acts as both a board changer and execution for floor 4 and their high defense.


This set of Challenge dungeons heavily favours glass cannon/non-tanky teams as most of the danger is simply having enough damage to one shot every floor.

Let me know what you used to clear this set of dungeons.

Happy Puzzling!

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15 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 37 Solo Clear Videos 8-10”

  1. And I thought my Noctis team shat out damage. My spike only hit for like 20% of Orochi’s HP bar. Sarasvati, Wow.


    1. Well Sarasvati is probably one of the most potent glass cannon leaders that excels in content like this =D

      The video description was on point for me too 😉


  2. I don’t have Sarasvati on my alt, but I do have Kundali… I was able to pair them up pretty well for an easy run on Challenge 8. Famiel for Leeza, Meri as a safety net for the boss, all worked great, thanks for the guide 🙂


  3. Wait, since we just need to basically oneshot every floor, would you say that this is a
    I’ll see myself out.


  4. Made it to Orochi once. Didn’t have any OE and didn’t bring a burst inherit. Meri’s full multiplier will be enough, I said. I’ll be fine, I said.

    I was not fine.


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