Question time with Mantastic – March 2017

Going to change the format to answering directly here. Not sure what I was thinking making a new post and more work for myself


Due to the success with my previous Question Time post, I feel that I should be doing this on a monthly basis to help satisfy my Reader’s curiosity that may not have a Google-able answer.

I may or may not close comments around April time.

Video commentary

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How this works

The idea with this post is to allow my readers to ask questions that are not covered by other articles or Google. In order to ask a question, you simply need to leave a comment and provided it is reasonable, I will respond directly to your comment. I have opened up my website to accept comments from anyone, including those without a WordPress account. However, it is advantageous to create an account if you plan to comment long term or simply want a notification that I have replied.

Questions not about Puzzle and Dragons should be marked with an [OT] (Off-Topic) as I may limit those to a certain degree.

What to ask

What you ask should be interesting and try to appeal to as many players as possible. As I intend to answer these in a more public platform, it is best if your question has some potential overlap with other players who may be in the similar situation. If there are questions that have significant overlap, I may simply address all of them with a single answer.

Great suggestions are game meta questions such as what is the viability of XYZ card moving forward? How does a new evolution or future buff impact a card’s usefulness? Thoughts on particular cards/new monsters or what is the best way to approach a particular mechanic etc.

Part of the purpose of this post is to have questions asked that are not large enough to be covered by a particular posting.

You should also try to provide as much detail as possible along with being specific as broad/generalized questions may not be as helpful overall.

What not to ask

Questions that overlap with existing articles

Your questions should not already be covered by an already existing post. For example, you should not be asking about a Myr team building guide as I have already extensively covered that in a previous posting and may simply receive a response with the appropriate link. The idea is to ask questions that I have not already addressed or are too small to be covered by a full posting.

If you can branch/build off of an existing article, that is okay, the idea is the answer should not already exist.

Box reviews

Linking your monster box and simply asking me to make you a team is not an appropriate question here and is borderline insensitive for the most part. If you are unwilling to take the effort to try and make a team for yourself, why should I do it for you? This mostly applies to Facebook inbox requests and not so much website comments. I much prefer team building questions when you have taken the time to do some research on your own and provide your current team/ideas of what could work etc. Refining a good idea is much better than starting from scratch. For example, this is a Fantastic question that I am more than happy to answer:

I currently am running Krishna with the intention of eventually clearing arena ( I’ve never done arena and will watch videos on how to tackle it). My current team is 
Khrishna (urd)
Caocao (horus)
Gadius (yamato)
Napoleon (antares)
How can I optimize my team?
Subs/units for skill inheritence I have:
Hino, shiva, baldin, rodin, tsubaki, leilan, leilan, ares, squall, belial, verdandi.

This is a more appropriate approach for this posting as it presents your team and offer a few variations for inherits/sub choices and that will be addressed as that shows initiative on your end along with looking to min-max or polish your roster.

Release dates

I have no idea when a particular card will be released and will probably say Soon unless it is Ra Dragon 3265.

Off-topic Questions

I am open to the possibility of several interesting Off-Topic questions. These can range from tidbits of my personal life to what other hobbies I may or may not have. I only ask that these are not too personal nor rude. In addition, I would appreciate these questions being labeled with an [OT] at the start.


I encourage each and every one of you to ask a creative question and will try my best to answer them as they come in. I will try to make this a reoccuring post at the end of each month as it has proven successful.

Everyone is able to leave a comment without a WordPress account; however, it is better to have one moving forward.

Happy Puzzling and be creative!

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95 thoughts on “Question time with Mantastic – March 2017”

  1. If you could introduce a ‘fantasy’ collab covering an anime/manga/etc. and have it introduce a new mechanic, skill or awakening, what would you choose for the theme and what would you choose for the mechanic?


    1. I don’t actually consume Anime/Manga so I am probably a bad person to ask as it is all foreign to me. As for game meta, I mostly want to return to a more “pure” combo leader skill


  2. Hi there,
    JP player here and we recently got 5 new cards that buff a certain element x4 (each card buffing 1 element). For example, I got a yellow bird that buffs light damage for 1 turn by x4 with a cooldown of 15 turns.
    Do you think these cards will be as “mandatory” as the gemstone series?


    1. While I may not be Mantastic, I am a mod of both his stream and Discord and could possibly include my thoughts. I feel that these cards, while powerful, are still lackluster when compared to gemstones. Gemstones (mainly carat and facet) and easily achieve a 4x multiplier and possibly even higher, AND they last for 2 turns. These birds are just 4x flat and lasts for 1 turn. It’s generally more beneficial to use enhances that are possibly 2x for 3 turns or 2.5x for 2 turns as they simply last longer. So to answer your questions, i feel that these cards will not be “as mandatory” as gemstones, but definitely useful if you lack any other form of damage enhances.


      1. apparently, they were now buffed to x5 and 2 turn haste with the same cooldown (15). Can I ask why a buff lasting longer is better? Dont we normally use attack buffs to plow through 1 strong boss?


        1. Take arena 3 radar dragons for example. Mainly Gaia Dragon and Hephaestus Dragon. They are incredibly tanky and having 1 turn of a buff generally won’t cut it. Also, if you had a buff that lasts for 2 turns or longer, you can safely kill radar dragons (after certain HP thresholds) and still have the buff for the Kali floor.


    2. For the most part, Gemstones provide more than enough damage for two turns so they will most likely still be burst inherit of choice for a long time to come. Also, mono-element bursts can hinder certain teams


  3. Do you have any tips for team building for more beginner players (people who have basically just cleared King of the Gods). I know many players personally (including myself), that have trouble finding good subs with a limited box. Tips like, maybe how to choose a leader, subs, and inherits. Stuff like that.


    1. Hi! I may not be Mantastic, but I am a mod for both his stream and Discord and I can be of some help (to an extent). Firstly, if you are looking for team building help and advice in the game, you should turn to Mantastic’s Discord server at as there are many many many people there who are willing to help you out and possibly help you tackle some tougher dungeons to give you a sort of “boost” in the game (myself included). If you have joined already, then great! Just ask in the proper channel (if you do not know which channel, refer to our #rules channel) and we will be more than happy to help 😀


  4. How do you keep yourself under control during godfest and REMs that release an awesome new power increase or gameplay? I am trying not to roll and spend more but Gung-ho got my number. I’m sure you have built a method to your spending and rolling.
    Ps. It’s not just your GOD! It’s everyone’s. just a little humor from a Christian brother.


    1. Heyyy! Another fellow Christian! 😀 And I may not be Mantastic, but I help mod his stream and Discord and if I may offer a bit of my “advice” so to speak, the self control in rolling during GodFest really comes down to the question: “Does this GodFest benefit my box and my team in any way?”.. Are the gods that are featured something we desperately need, something that would be nice to have, or something that we simply have no use for? And if it’s something that we need, then we roll. If it’s something that would be nice to have, we might take a few chances at it or not. But if it’s something we just have no use for, we simply pass on it. Besides, godfests tend to happen once every 2 weeks (or twice each month), so if you miss out on one, there will be another one soon and who knows? Maybe you were able to save up more stones for more rolls during a godfest that actually benefits you! 😀


    2. I only roll if there is tremendous value and GH has a bad tendency to debut cards with bad Godfests so I usually pass those and wait until it is more ideal as I want the most bang for my magic stones.


  5. [OT] Hello! How is your day going at the time you are reading this? Also if you don’t mind me asking, what ethnicity are you? I’ve been curious.


  6. Could you make a list of your top 10 favorite skills of all time? If possible, make it a list of your top 10 USED skills of all time. Just something fun for you and fun for us enthusiasts! If the lists are different (favorite/used) maybe make both.


    1. Carat has become the most used active on essentially any team due to the sheer power she provides.

      Other than that, I am not sure who would be a stand out active skill as they all have purpose for their respective teams and I rarely cross inherit anything other than Carat.

      I guess one important combo I have used is Wedding Akechi + Saria for Myr as it was my kill shot.

      Perhaps the more universal actives would be tri-colour board changers that make hearts as they tend to be the most desired across two elements


  7. Hi! Thanks for doing a Q+A. I am tying to create a Sherias Roots team, but I’m still new (rank 246). My current set up is:

    Sherias Roots
    Ragdrag (not evolved, can’t get evo materials yet)

    With this setup, I only have 80% SBR. What should I replace to get 100% SBR?


    1. It may be helpful if you give an idea of what potential subs you have available. As with all gacha games, the cards one gets are entirely based on luck so listing your lucky pulls may help narrow down sub choices. 🙂


      1. I was thinking more of a “what to pray for” kinda thing, as i’ve gotten pretty unlucky and have a very limited sub pool. Thanks for your response though 🙂


        1. Susano is not actually covering any key colours as your other cards already provide coverage and he would be the least hard hitting card due to less TPA. As such, Cards like Indra or Kali would be good “what to pray for” things =)


  8. Hi, I left a long comment elsewhere but I also had a very simple one I’ve been wondering about for a while. I loved your advice about using dupes as skill delay buffers that give a nice bonus, and have done so with quite a few (I have four Andromedas for example). But Revo Susano presented a dilemma — on the dupe, should I inherit the original leader skill that lasts longer, or the newer one with the haste? Because sometimes I won’t get skill delayed, and will end up using the inherited one. I guess same question will apply to A.Indra and my two dupes, though I don’t currently use him for anything. Thanks again!


    1. Hi! I’m not Mantastic, but I am a mod of both his stream and Discord, and if I may offer some of my advice, it really depends on what content you’re looking to clear. Generally speaking, for shields, it’s better to go with the shield that lasts longer and has no haste. For harder content such as Arena 3 and even Colosseum, you will find that an extra turn of a shield is muuuuuch more beneficial than sacrificing that extra turn for a haste instead. So yeah, I say go for the longer shield instead of the version with haste 😀


      1. Makes sense to me. Sometimes the haste is helpful on ALB, when I’m trying to keep as many skills up as possible, but what you’re saying makes sense. Thanks.


        1. I only have 1 Susano and I wish I had him in his non-awoken form as the longer shield is far more important than a single turn of haste outside of niche situations. The same would apply to Indra

          This is a universal suggestion, but it can make the difference in end game content such as 3 turn indra shield to tank 2 Hera Dragon hits etc


  9. Hi, I’ve really been enjoying your writing for a while. I have a couple of related questions I’ve been saving up about dark MP teams.

    I can reliably clear most Mythical content, but haven’t beaten any of the Zaerog-type dungeons, Machines, or Arena. I’m rank 373 after 738 days of playing, and I feel I should be farther, so I just bought YomiDrag — primarily in hopes of farming Arena 1 and the roguelikes for MP — and I’ll have enough for DAthena whenever they release her.

    1) My subs for YomiDrag are currently both forms of Akechi, A.Haku, and Devil Haku (max skilled and left over from APanda team). For DAth I was thinking Castor (I need D/B, right?) APanda, AOkuni and AHaku. Other notable dark subs are AHades, ALuci, Lu Bu, Durga, DMeta, Zuoh, AYomi. Any obvious changes I should make to either team, or obvious inherits? I haven’t done any inherits at all on dark yet, weirdly.

    2) Seems like the biggest gap in my dark sub list is Eschamali. I’m not really spending stones on anything right now — sort of saving them for the return of Heroine, because I’d love a Meri or the huge sums of MP from dupes — but what would be the optimal conditions for rolling Eschamali? Something like 5x GFE with only 1 pantheon? Or is this even worth the likely heartache, and should I stick with my Heroine plan? (There was a time when I’d have had the same question about DKali in hopes of one day assembling a RaDra team, but I’ve sort of decided that’s just trolling myself.)

    3) Machine Hera and Hera Dragon — to evo Yomi Drag — looks hard. I was thinking maybe Ilm/Minerva, with Ilmina as a key sub? Can my current YomiDrag team handle MHera more easily?

    4) Or am I just overfocused on YomiDrag? Should I have just kept focusing on my ALB, Ilm, and Lakshmi teams for these goals? I have a consistent co-op partner for all these leads, by the way.

    OK. Sorry for the abundance of detail in these questions, but I sort of think the answer might be simpler — like I said, it’s all sort of the basic question about whether I’m on the right track with these dark MP leaders to move into real endgame content. Thanks again for the opportunity.


    1. hey! I’m not mantastic, but I am a mod for both his stream and Discord, and if I may offer my advice:
      1) I wanna say that having both forms of akechi and both those hakus are kinda meh for yomidragon. Yomidragon doesn’t necessarily rely on rows because it makes yomidragon extremely orb hungry (5 orbs for the sparkle for his leader skill, then an additional 6 orbs for a row = 11 orbs total is not the best). Thus, having the dark/dark akechi and the devil haku is not the best option for yomidragon. But i do see that you mentioned how you have Castor as well as A.Yomi and i feel that these 2 subs are much better replacements than akechi and haku. You can always inherit akechi and haku onto castor and yomi so you dont “lose out” on what you had initially, but i feel like castor and yomi’s awakenings are much more synergistic with yomidragon (fellow yomidragon user myself)

      2)The most ideal chance at rolling Eschamali would have to be during 5x GFE during a day when Eschamali is featured.. If not, you could also attempt to wait for another time gungho decides to have a REM where you’re guaranteed a GFE for 10 stones each pull… But yeah, otherwise, you’re just gonna have to pull during the days when Eschamali is featured.

      3) Ilmina might not be the greatest sub to use for either of those dungeons due to her having Killer awakenings which could ruin the damage control needed for Hera Dragon dungeon, and also those killers are not relevant at all in Machine Hera. 😛 … For machine hera, you can use Myr as she is extremely reliable for the dungeon, especially in co-op. As for Hera Dragon, it requires specific requirements where you can possibly get carried through, although im not too sure what those requirements are.

      4) I wanna say yes and no to being too invested in Yomidragon. Yes because you have not obtained the final evo for Yomidra and without that final evo, it’s quite terrible as a lead (in this current meta that is). But also no because it’s not a bad idea to get a “head start” on your team. Athough, as for ALB, you really wanna farm up dioses and with that, it will enable you to farm MP with ease. Ilm and Lakshmi are great leads to use and I personally say that you should focus a bit more on these as these are the leads and teams you have more “access” to (seeing as how yomidra’s final evo is quite a long way for you)


  10. [OT] So when are you going to ask the “Pretty Pancake” the BIG question? It would seem you are both happy together and i think all of us fans would love to see it live-streamed when u do propose!


  11. Hey, Mantastic! I love your write-ups and your meta analyses.

    I’ve been on the US server for a long time and have invested modest amounts of dollars toward godfests over the years. Lately, however, I have been playing for less than an hour per week.

    I haven’t hypermaxed any teams, but the last time I got close, my team and leader were outclassed by powercreep. I had two hypermaxed Red Sonias, and other veteran players can attest to how fast Ronia lost popularity.

    I’d like to be more efficient with my time and I often login just for rewards and gift dungeons. My intention is to clear more descended and special dungeons to complete quests. Do you think it’s a better use of time to level up one team and clear dungeons later? Or should I try to clear any dungeons I can with the monsters I have at my disposal and with underdeveloped teams?


  12. Hello! I really enjoyed the last Q & A, glad you’re doing another. What do you think about off meta lead combinations? Although I could make a top-tier myr team, would playing off-meta teams be worth it? I’ve been looking into making a Kuramitsuha team, Isis team, Romia/Anubis team etc. Do you ever run more gimmicky and niche teams not to clear content, but simply to laugh and have fun when it works? I should probably get a Myr, but I really don’t feel like jumping on the bandwagon and I’m terrible at crosses. I have an Acala, Dantalion and Aizen just crying in my box ;-;


    1. I do play off-meta leaders when I have excess stamina in A1 and try to record and upload them provided it goes well =P

      Mixing it up is always a good thing a sit keeps the game interesting and it does help that I do have many well invested cards so I can run a full +297 team on a whim.

      I would still invest in your primary “meta” team first then diversify after as if you are able to clear more content, you will have more resources to play around / experiment with


  13. Here is a fun question, if you could bring over 1 JP exclusive collab to NA, what would it be? Personally, the new JP magazine collab is looking pretty nice.



  14. What are your thoughts on the upcoming 0 stamina dungeons? Aside from max leveling a couple of things Hera IS and Tamadrodin, I can’t think of how I should take advantage of the event. Is there something else I should be planning on doing when it does roll around?


  15. What is your favourite collab silver and why? (Not necessarily the best one, just the one that you like the most because of art or uniqueness or anything else)

    Thanks for answering questions!


  16. I’ve recently discovered a new(ish?) Ana armor monster that’s JP only with the roughly translated name of Old Wood Dragon Armor, Ana. I love the leader skill due to it combining many cool elements, such as the “require another monster” (Bastet Ace) and the combo shield + multiplier style that NY Yomi has. I think it has a shot at being somewhat meta worthy, with the pretty sick multipliers (100x ATK + 44% shield) and the amazing active skill. What are your thoughts on this new monster, and the general idea of needing other monsters to have an additional multiplier?

    Here’s the PADX link to the monster I’m talking about:



    1. Just a warning, this is a PAD radar exclusive card right now, so there is a fairly high chance she will not be coming to NA. I personally like the initial form the best as an option for those lacking acala. However, I’ll leave the thoughts on the monster to mantastic though.


      1. I like the idea of combos for a damage mitigation but personally dislike forcing a (bad) sub on the team. The potency would be much stronger if you did not have to bring along a card with situational value.

        As for the colour cross form, it is a really budget Acala and I would probably just use her combo form


    2. I think you have to literally buy him in JP (just like DAthena was before she was available in the MP for 750k)


  17. What do you think of the MP cards being released to either dungeons or REM? And do you think that this, including the news of the MP cap increase, will lead to more expensive MP monsters along with the idea of it being easier to accumulate MP from sources other than Predra infests and Rouge descend farming?


    1. The dungeon-MP cards may be something like Dark Athena was originally: buy with IRL $ and get code to redeem dungeon etc. Maybe

      As for increasing the cap, I do feel they will release newer and more expensive cards but I do not think they will introduce newer/more lucrative MP sources as it is already quite easy


  18. Hey I’m currently working on an Bastet Team, and I was wondering, should I focus my subs more on full board changers, which I have 2 verdandis, a meimei, a ishida, and both regular and pirate gronia. or single/double orb changers (artemis. Michael), or other wood generators (Osirus). I have also considered adding fujin on my team for the 7 combo awakening because it feels like a ton of damage. Also for general mechanics with bastet, should I focus on combos or TPAs? Like should I focus on a high combo count first and TPAs are a bonus, or focus on TPAs and a high combo is a bonus. By high I mean around 7 (I’m not that good yet)


    1. Going for TPA or combos comes down to how much TPA your team actually has eg. running subs like Vishnu/Kaede will yield massive amounts of damage where as subs like Osiris want both

      For yourself, I would run cards like Osiris as bases and inherit board changers overtop. Your priority should be stacking TPA cards and inheriting board changers/utility as needed. As for running Fujin as a sub, it is okay if you need the active skill


  19. I’d be interested in your pros/cons for 1) different size screens to play on and 2) stylus vs finger.



    1. All comes down to personal preference as I use an iPad Mini (Mantastic) and Nexus 5 (Fantastic) for my gameplay. Both accounts use my index finger as that is what I am used to.

      I would say you shouldn’t go any larger than an iPad mini’s screen as it is too large imo


      1. I have a random tip here. Fully dried super glue on the tip of your finger allows for a connection while letting your finger move across the screen with little resistance. Only use with a screen protector just in case.


  20. I have a simple, yet tricky question that I’ve asked elsewhere but have not received an answer for. In regards to the Zeus Dragon guerilla dungeon, how many stones would I expect to spend with a glass cannon team?

    I don’t a HP multi lead and don’t have anything close to a finished ALB-Dios yet, so that’s probably my best option. I was thinking either Revo Bastet or Revo Anubis, With my Bastest team (3 of four of the subs are +297.) I can crank out 10-15 million or so with a TPA or two, and therefore keep under the absorb.

    I guess I can also run my radra team and pair with a Uuvo radra for the boosted HP. Anyhow, is there a general estimate to the amount of stones I could possibly spend?


    1. Just to add to the TPA-damage part, I can that much damage with 2 TPA along with achieving Bastet’s full multiplier.


  21. What leaders would you recommend someone whose disabled or is an eldery person whose condition/age prevents them from moving orbs faster than an average player would?


    1. Leaders without challenging activation requirements as well as tankier ones to allow more forgiveness. For example, Krishna is very forgiving and mostly relies on orb changers. Yomi Dragon follows a similar train of thought but with an even easier activation requirement


  22. Hi mantastic, for the longest time now PAD has had the funny idea of giving me good subs for leaders I don’t have and good leaders with no subs for them from the REM.
    Because of this my water box now looks like a TPA teams dream but from what I’ve seen in guides theres not really a good leader for a water based TPA team so I was wondering if you think theres any good leader that can make use of TPA’s in water that can clear arena 3 or any of the machine dungeons?

    Right now my box has the following for TPA subs:
    2x orchi
    1x valkyrie reine
    1x hatsume
    1x mel
    2x coloring book kali
    1x claymore
    2x nut
    1x scheat
    2x skuld
    1x umisachi&yamasachi
    1x idunn&idunna

    I don’t have a sarasvati or kundali which I thought would be good for a water TPA team (but this upcoming godfest does have a kundali which i’ll try to roll for) and I don’t really know what else to look for in a leader that would work well.

    If I do get a kundali this godfest then I’m thinking of trying something like:

    My question for that would be is there something better I can make with my available subs (I have more water subs without tpa’s if you think something would work better) and what would be good skills for inherits?


    1. You are correct in that there are no ideal/strong water TPA leaders and I would say the best bet may be Nut’s new evolution as she is able to form a tanky and reasonably hard hitting water-tpa team that focuses on combos. I am not sure if it would be enough for A3 without full investment, but it does have a chance at least if you have sufficient burst damage.

      Duplicate Nuts would be ideal due to low base CD and more 7c awakenings and I would suggest running Orochi, Skuld, and Blue Valkyrie/Scheat as other subs

      Give that a shot and let me know how it feels and we can tweak inherits from there


  23. I’ve recently been toying with the idea of a TPA meri team. With subs such as orochi (4tpa), scheat (5tpa), and the newly announced Revo Sun Quan (4tpa), blue has a lot of good tpa options (others with 2+ tpas include Skuld, nut, U&Y, Aoshi, rukia, RKamui, Kraken Rider, Famiel, Alfecca, Gan Ning, ryune, I&I, starling, mirage plesios, and a few others that I’m likely forgetting). Since meri already has 10 rows with just the leaders, an ideal board could be an 8 orb row, a 6 orb row, and a tpa, or maybe an 8 row and 2 tpas would be even better (need to do damage testing still). Do you think this is a viable team option? I know finding the SBR will be difficult with the subs I mentioned, but assuming multiplayer that wont be a large problem. For my sake, it would just be for fun/messing around, but I figured this was a good avenue to ask for newer players who might have gotten meri (or rerolled for her) and have seen you clearing a ton of content with her, but lack the ideal subs.


    1. For the most part, you clear most things with only 6 orbs in a row (~1m per card) and the best way to add damage is either OE or rows. Trying to use TPA will make her far too orb hungry and you really kill most of the content with your 100x and a row.

      The main thing is that if you are concerned about max damage, TPA is not the way to go as Meri do not have any so by default, 1/3 of your team will be dealing far less damage. On the other hand, rows benefit everyone


      1. My thought process, as I was messing around with this type of team, is that even the weak 6.25x multiplier with good tpa cards can clear trash floors for early dungeons, allowing you to actually save orbs and making her less orb-hungry, and then burst using rows. This started by me doing the challenge mode technical dungeons and realizing I did not need 6 orbs to kill non-bosses in any of the dungeons up until the number dragons. If I has 6.25 instead of 2.5, then it would be even simpler if I had tpa subs (but no friends with any up).

        I tried it out in true endless and it works quite well, and I will try it in extreme and ultimate endless soon. Also I realized with the incoming ult, you’ll have 12 rows with just the leaders, making adding rows more less useful compared to adding OE. Was mainly just a thought experiment to see if it works for those lacking OE/row subs. I understand that it is not at all optimal, but I personally think it is a viable option for those without many options, and was wondering if you thought so as well.

        Thanks for the response.


        1. Well the thing is, if you feel that is is working for the type of content you wish to play through, feel free to experiment and see what works best for you

          I just feel that this team will have issues tackling true end game content for the most part but 6.25x with heavy tpa will sweep through easier content


  24. Hello Mantastic, I really want to see a review of the new upcoming Norse God reincarnations and Arch-angel reincarnation (including Awoken Amon). I’m dying for some reviews and what to include for an ideal team for reincarnated Astaroth, as I’m hoping she is a now a viable end game green team leader. I may just be excited and you are planning to do one anyway but, I’m anxious on what you have to say. Thank you so much if this helps bring you to do one!


    1. I will certainly be writing things when those cards come to NA but may or may not do one this next week (time and health pending). However, I may just do a lump thoughts on the new JP evos that were announced these past few days

      However, Norse still cannot compete with gemstones a bursts, but do make powerful subs if you want the body

      Belial/Amon etc do become much strong as they now remove hazards and have a more reasonable skill up level


    1. Adult Ryne has a better chance, but the active skill clause is problematic as you cannot rely on a normal row for damage so you will find yourself constantly dumping actives to clear basic floors


  25. Mantastic,

    Will Revo Sun Quan finally give B/R TPA cards a good leader? Scheat, Barbarossa, and Gan Ning are all very cool but I haven’t found a good lead for them, until now?

    While considering a Revo Sun Quan team, who would be a better bind clear between A. Isis and R/B Rozuel, or is there a third option available to NA?

    Should you stay all blue, or can you bring a fire sub (Kuuia), and if you can bring a fire sub what is the limit to how many you should bring?

    Will Revo Sun Quan be a viable/consistent lead for A1, A2 or A3?

    Lots of questions and only you have the answers. Thanks Mantastic!


    1. Sun Quan’s new evo does certainly transform him into a very powerful and hard hitting leader, but I do feel that the active skill clause is annoying along with dual colour requirements and no HP modifier.

      However, with that being said, I cannot fully pass judgement until we see Reevo Hermes who would be his ideal pairing.

      If this is feasible, it will be pretty potent and would be water’s best TPA home


        1. Whoops, thank you for the clarification.

          RHermes and RSQ is certainly stronger than their awoken forms, but I still beleive the active skill clause is the limiting factor

          I feel in coop, you would probably run dual SQ as you have the buffed HP (and higher dmg) and go with the pair for solo for HP

          Either way, we need either a viable water 1-turn card like Gunma to make them more viable


  26. Hello, I was wondering what you think of a possible yomixaizen pairing? Alot of the people on my friends list seem to have aizen and I have almost all of the subs for him (haku, castor, persephone, cecil, ana, okuninushi, satsuki, and i can get a yomi dragon) but no aizen to work with. would a yomi be a good pairing for him or would it not work out well?


    1. Well the main problem is you have to use God’s with yomi dragon. That means no awoken persephone or z8 so that is a down side. You also cannot use a non-cross to sweep floors like aizen so you are going to feel a bit restrictive.

      For yomi dragon you need 2/3 haku akechi, or eschamali


        1. Whoops, well then your sub list is just as open as Aizen’s and your only concern becomes using as many dark/water cards as possible as your RCV will be lower by a large margin. Thus, many AHaku, z8, Persephone etc


  27. What are some of your favourite non-meta leads? I see you use Sarasvati a lot, are there any others you love?

    I feel people are too attached to the meta list they forget that a lot of leaders can clear close to end game content, and tell new players you need XYZ 6 star GFE monster to progress in the game, can you share your thoughts on some other leaders people use with flexible team compositions?


    1. While Sarasvati is not a “meta” leader for end game content, she is one of the best glass cannons available and truly shines in challenge 10s etc as you can blow up every floor quite efficiently (even 1-shotting Orochi through 99% reduction)

      But the meta does exist for a reason as those leaders are simply more consistent and stable. Other teams and leaders can certainly clear similar content, but are far riskier.

      I have a certain fondness for U&Y as it was Fantastic’s primary team for many years and I have one A3 clear with them. Unfortunately, pretty much everything can go wrong and are also horribly orb hungry. However, they are a blast to play!

      Almost any team can clear A1 with enough investment but it comes down to clear times and consistency


  28. Mantastic, a while ago you mentioned that a pair of players with 4 max-skilled Tsubakis each could keep the active skills going continuously. I actually have four Tsubakis, and I was just thinking that a pair of players with four Tsubakis plus a max-skilled Serket would have at least 12 red and 12 yellow orbs per turn, plus a continuous 60% shield.

    Do you think that this sort of continuous-active team has a genuine place, or is it too vulnerable to binds and other traps? Is there possibly a better combination of subs with skill-charge actives that would let you beat high-level dungeons?


    1. System teams falter in higher end content (above A1) as they need to dedicate 4/6 actives for the cycling. This means you only have 2 left for utility/counters.

      You may be better off running R/L Tsubaki and Dragon Killer ones as subs and pairing with a friend Ilmina/ilm/Tsubaki for a hard hitting team that can dance through A1 provided you have a shield for DQ


    1. To me, I feel that it would be quite powerful in that with 1 active, you are able to control your damage perfectly. Seeing as how I’ve been farming with Meridionalis and Toshiros, the no-skyfall mechanic helps a lot in that i get the right amount of damage that i need.. And if every team has access to such mechanic, even for 1 turn, every team would be able to hit for the right amount of damage they need and i can see this being used in places like colosseum and A3 a lot


      1. I think so too. I think it’s a more balanced active that fuijins. It combines dungeon knowledge and player skill.


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