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Why not to Purely Farm/Grind Rank Experience


I have been receiving many questions over the past few months about what is the best way to power-level or grind up rank experience. Truth be told, the best avenues are utilizing Ganesha 3071 paired with either another Ganesha or a stronger multiplier leader and mowing through content. However, the most common place this occurs is Monday Dungeon and this is actually a terrible waste overall. For myself, I have never played dungeons with the sole purpose of Rank Experience outside of the stone acquisition or acquiring the last few points of experience for a rank up.

Each subsequent rank up increases the experience required for the next level and by rushing through, you are losing out on numerous opportunities to develop and actually progress within Puzzle and Dragons.

This article will focus on why purely farming rank experience is a poor investment of your stamina along with the justifications to this stance. While there are some exceptions, it is largely a poor avenue of stamina spending for the average player.

Video commentary

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What is rank farming

Rank farming is essentially what it sounds like: repeatedly playing a dungeon that has an exceptionally high rank experience to stamina ratio. Often times, these dungeons are meant to be fast and easy to play and can help players rank up at an unprecedented rate.

Unfortunately, there are actually many drawbacks to ranking up this fast as you often waste stamina, lose out on actual puzzling skills, losing out on the opportunity to develop your monster box, hitting a wall faster, and the inability to chain rank ups from valuable dungeons. Continue reading Why not to Purely Farm/Grind Rank Experience

Metalit Mondays: New Meta for Ranking Up?

Note: All values are doubled during half stamina as every run is twice as efficient.


After years of hating Mondays with the rest of the population, GungHo has finally acknowledged the existence of Mondays through the new Monday Dungeon! Unlike the other weekday dungeons, Monday will grant a sizeable amount of rank experience instead of evolution materials and will grant lower rank players the opportunity to rank up very fast and efficiently. However, before attempting any dungeon to farm/play repeatedly, always make sure your clear rate is nearly 100% and investigate the dungeon prior to entering.

Monday Dungeon comes in two difficulty levels:


  • 60,000-63,000 rank experience (1,230 / stamina) – 50 stamina
  • 6 floors
    • Floor 1-3 provide 2-5 turns of stalling and about 355k HP
    • Floor 4 has up to 1.2M HP and give a few turns before killing you
    • Floor 5 has low-HP, 433k defence monsters that can be easily bypassed with poison (eg. Lilith Lilith) or true damage (eg. Ra Ra)
    • Boss Floor: 300k defence & 840k HP. Requires sizeable burst to kill

Continue reading Metalit Mondays: New Meta for Ranking Up?