Metalit Mondays: New Meta for Ranking Up?

Note: All values are doubled during half stamina as every run is twice as efficient.


After years of hating Mondays with the rest of the population, GungHo has finally acknowledged the existence of Mondays through the new Monday Dungeon! Unlike the other weekday dungeons, Monday will grant a sizeable amount of rank experience instead of evolution materials and will grant lower rank players the opportunity to rank up very fast and efficiently. However, before attempting any dungeon to farm/play repeatedly, always make sure your clear rate is nearly 100% and investigate the dungeon prior to entering.

Monday Dungeon comes in two difficulty levels:


  • 60,000-63,000 rank experience (1,230 / stamina) – 50 stamina
  • 6 floors
    • Floor 1-3 provide 2-5 turns of stalling and about 355k HP
    • Floor 4 has up to 1.2M HP and give a few turns before killing you
    • Floor 5 has low-HP, 433k defence monsters that can be easily bypassed with poison (eg. Lilith Lilith) or true damage (eg. Ra Ra)
    • Boss Floor: 300k defence & 840k HP. Requires sizeable burst to kill


  • 19,000-21,000 rank experience (800 / stamina) – 25 stamina
  • 6 floors
    • Floor 1-3 provides 3-5 turns of stalling and up to 15,633 HP
    • Floor 4 has up to 85k HP and deal almost no damage
    • Floor 5 has low-HP, 100k defence monsters that can be easily bypassed with poison (eg. Lilith Lilith) or true damage (eg. Ra Ra)
    • Boss Floor has 10k defence and 219k HP. Requires modest burst to kill

As mentioned above, you should always play the difficulty you can clear with ease as your goal will be to try and maximize your stamina usage to waste as little as possible when ranking up. With that in mind, you will probably have excess stamina to play around with. You can use this to attempt new and difficult dungeons (as failure is okay because you will rank up any way) or farm for plus eggs or the various hourly dungeons. The decision of what to do with your excess stamina remains up to you, but you can use your less powerful friends for additional pal point generation.

Rank exp 900 days
Tapping on your name will display experience needed to rank up

Refer to the detailed Rank Up Chart on PadX for a breakdown of required experience at ranks 1-500. You are able to repeatedly play the Legend difficulty up to around rank 300 without stopping (lower ranks will give you more excess experience to play around with). This does not need to be done in excess, but here and there as a means to quickly increase your team cost and maximum stamina.

Higher ranking players can still take advantage of Monday dungeon as a means to close the final gaps on a rank up to continue playing, but will be unable to continuously rank up (I require nearly 700k rank experience at rank 530+).

Lastly, if anyone wishes to watch a detailed description by PadRagnarok and his take on ranking up, please watch the video below: 

Hopefully this makes your Mondays that much more exciting or bearable.

Happy Puzzling!

19 thoughts on “Metalit Mondays: New Meta for Ranking Up?”

  1. I played Monday dungeon today, helping my 4 year old rank up so he has more team cost. At just rank 31, I was able to clear it with his scrubby collection behind dq&xq (paired with my hypermax ASakuya). Even if you don’t have a 4 year old, Monday would be a handy time to easily rank up underdeveloped alt accounts, if paired properly with a strong main’s lead.


    1. I would know a thing or two about having a Fantastic Alt account XD

      I completely agree with using an underdeveloped team/account and pairing with your strong leader. I have a friend who recently got into PAD and I do the exact same thing on her account with DQXQ to help her get the higher tier rewards. She got her Awoken Shiva quite early and cleared far more content than her box should have.

      It’s also great you got your 4 year old into PAD! That sounds like some quality family bonding time =D Puzzle and Dragons is actually quite educational and will teach him patience and spacial awareness and some micromanagement etc. I hope he stick with it!


    1. Oh good god that’s ridiculous. It’s like Zaerog Infinity on half stam but better because I can actually farm Monday dungeon. *brain explodes*


      1. Monday is definitely a lot easer XD

        Actually, with the stamina reduction in multiplayer, we essentially have a half stamina buff 24/7. Granted we need to actually partner up to take advantage of it, but it at least remains an option


    1. They intentionally made it easy so everyone can rank up =D I like how PAD is becoming more beginner friendly and less grindy. How many ranks do you plan to go up?


  2. 50K coin dungeon, like groove coaster, also has 3x exp last weekend. 50 stamina for 67K exp !!! I hope it is not a one thing event..


  3. Half stamina monday dungeon i like it. will we ever see a 2x exp monday dungeon ? my A.Artemis is currently on the run in this dungeon cuz half stamina 😀


  4. I tried, really. 😦
    The maximum I could achieve was 20 rank up.
    It is easier said than done. After 3 hours you can’t take it anymore.

    Btw: Mantastic, I recorded a video, I have improved a lot in terms of speed with my tank team.
    I confess I was a little skeptical when you told me Thoria was good, but I am now in love with this team. 🙂


    1. I enjoy using Thoria but didn’t love it for this dungeon. Just used Awoken Shiva, 6 turns and start again. Like you I ranked a bunch between this and Kanetsugu but lacking a push button team I could only take so much.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thoria is reasonably fast if you can use an active every turn =P And 3 hours and 20 ranks is pretty good! You accomplished what would have taken me a month in 180 minutes!

      Also, if you want to improve your speed, go into options and disable skills so you do not need to go through the extra animation

      Liked by 1 person

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