May 31 – June 1 Godfest & Debut of Zela (New 7* GFE)

Godfest Basics

The format for Godfests has been dramatically changed through their REM Renewal along with Full Disclosure of Rolling Rates. These changes dramatically improve your chances of rolling a specific card as the pool of available monsters is significantly smaller as only a portion of the all possible monsters are featured at a given time. This is great news for players as you are better able to focus your Magic Stones on key cards.

Godfests no longer advertise “rate increases” and instead Highlighted specific cards along with 6* Godfest Exclusives being available. As such, these events are the best time to roll the REM as the current meta is heavily favouring these rare and elusive monsters.

Rolling rates may change or vary with each Godfest event and some 6* GFE may have higher rolling rates.


Thursday’s Godfest marks the debut of the first 7* GFE: Zela . She comes with two unique evolution paths but will most likely be used in her triple 7 Combo 45 form as it is able to unleash explosive amounts of damage. Furthermore, this Godfest contains a respectable roster overall and may be worth rolling in if missing many of the featured cards.

As with always, the decision of whether or not to roll is dependent on your own Monster Box and needs.

Official announcement can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Godfest overview

Unlike Godfests of the past, only some 6/7* GFE will be featured. If they are listed as unavailable, you will be unable to roll them during the event.

May 31 – June 1 Godfest
6/7* GFE available


6/7* GFE not available

  3391 3392  3370 2991    3236

You ideally wish to line up a Godfest that overlaps with several key targets to improve your overall chances of success. Thus, it may be advantageous to wait for a more opportune Godfest if the current one does not feature enough key targets.

Based on the revealed rolling rates, 6* GFE will have 0.6% hit rate each for a total of (0.6*20) 12% for any 6* GFE. With that being said, some 6* GFE may feature an increased rate and you simply have to check the displayed rolling rates each time.

 Zela Debut

Zela is the first 7* GFE to be released and is possibly setting an unhealthy prescedent moving forward. This is because she is incredibly powerful along with being even harder to roll than her 6* cousins.

We have seen the trend of GungHo heavily pushing Powercreep away from Farmables and Pantheon cards which can make newer content more restrictive and less accessible overall. Thus, with the introduction of Zela (and more 7* GFE in JP), we may be entering a period where the top tier prizes are even more limited.

Regardless, Zela is an incredible card to own and will more than likely be a blessing for most Monster Boxes.

  • Two distinct forms
    • Choose either VDP  or 7c 45
    • 7c is almost always better
  • 1,100 weighted stats
  • Amazing active skill
    • Makes hearts and wood orbs
    • +2 combo count
    • Removes locked orbs
  • Bind immune
  • Can have three 7c and FUA 
  • Animated
  • Modest, albeit orb hungry leader skill
  • Wood is a less desirable colour
  • One SB Skill Boost
  • Longish base CD

Despite having two distinct forms, her triple 7 Combo 45 with the Follow Up Attack  is almost always the better form. This is because she offers explosive damage along with the highly desirable FUA. This enables her to function amazingly well on any combo or wood team but her main drawback is the fact that she is Wood.

Presently speaking, the top leaders are Edward , Yusuke , and Diablos . All three leaders have flexible team building requirements, but Zela cannot be used on Yusuke teams due to no Light attribute (and non-synergistic active).

With that being said, one can still use Zela on Edward and Diablos teams, but she is less desirable on Edward due to no Light (cannot benefit from his base active) along with her board changer being unlikely to help the team overall.

Thus, Zela would be relegated to Diablos teams which is still perfectly acceptable and her board changer is helpful there. While other combo teams can utilize her, they tend to be less powerful overall. Regardless, Zela will be a phenonminal sub provided the team can capitalize on her strengths.

On the other hand, her Void Damage Penetration  form should only be pursued if you are truly desperate for this type of awakening. This is because she comes with no natural offensive awakenings and her Super Follow Up Attack  is generally inferior to a regular FUA.

As a leader, Zela is stronger in her 7c form as it enables players to better take advantage of her explosive damage, even if unable to hit 2 or 3 wood combos. The fact that both leaders will have a personal 8x damage is meaningful and helps reduce the need to have wood orbs present. With that being said, she is still not the best leader due her low multiplier with only a single Wood combo despite having a wonderful passive damage reduction.

GFE Tier list

This list reflects a card’s overall usage/viability in the current meta as well as moving forward. Cards are in no particular order within each tier.

Use these rankings as a starting point and not as absolute truth. Highly valued cards only have merit if you have a team to support them so they are somewhat subjective to your own Monster Box.

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should almost always keep the first copy of anything you roll

6* GFE Tier List – May 30, 2018
 Scheat 2991   3268 3391  

arrow-down-red-300px 3236
 3392 3233
May 30 – June 1, 2018 Godfest Rankings

Overall, this Godfest features a respectable line up and may be worth pursuing if missing many of the top prize cards. At this point there are no scheduled Collabs/Special Events coming to NA outside of the the off chance we get the recently announced Magic the Gather that JP will be having.

Notable changes
3236 Ilm A -> B

Ilm continues to find less value/usage due to the absence of more and more Ranking Dungeons. The First Pad Challenge Tournament was supposed to be part of a 4-Ranking Dungeon event but we never actually got the rest. I am not sure why GH keeps skipping Ranking Dungeons but this trend continues to make Ilm less desirable overall.

GFE Trading Post

After the excitement of the Yu Yu Hakusho Collab and our first taste of the GFE Trading Post, many players may be in need of restocking back up on 6* GFE. Sadly, gunning purely for 6* GFE was best done during the previous Super Godfest where the chances of rolling a 6* GFE were significantly higher.

Regardless, the Trading Post/Monster Exchange System makes it highly undesirable to actually sell any 6* GFE as they can instead be traded in for a desirable/rare card.

Pantheon/5* GFE Highlights

With the presence of a Godfest, only 6* GFE are Highlighted. As a result, the 6* Pantheon cards now lose their Highlighted rates and drop down to around 0.64% chance to roll which makes them on par with 6* GFE.

This creates an interesting conundrum, during non-Godfest events, the chances of you rolling a 6* Pantheon card are significantly higher but you cannot acquire the GFE.

With this in mind, it is still best to roll in Godfest events as the 6* GFE tend to be stronger overall and you can at least still roll a 6* Pantheon card at the same time.

Rolling rates may change each Godfest so always double check the line up beforehand.

Featured Cards

The Rare Egg Machine will continuously rotate various Pantheon and former 5* GFE cards that will overlap with Godfests; however, I am unable to find what will be available starting tomorrow so just simply check the disclosed rolling rates to see what is available.

Collabs vs Godfests

Prior to the reveal, it was quite risky to roll in Collabs as they often left players more disappointing than anything else. However, after seeing various Collab rolling rates, you have a pretty solid chance at acquiring a 7*+ card. Of course you will have to weigh the pros and cons along with examining the lowest rarity rolls from the Collab.

On the bright side, we are going to be entering an era where we will be able to utilize the Monster Exchange System to trade in for a desirable card. This was most prominent for acquiring Yusuke  as players did not actually have to roll in it and could simply exchange four 6* GFE.

Sadly, Collabs are starting to shift towards the strongest cards in the game which is unfortunate for newer players as there is simply not enough Magic Stones to go around.

As a result, it has become more valuable for veteran player to roll in Collabs due to the fact that it offers cards you cannot otherwise replicate. On the other hand, newer players will tend to find more merit in regular Godfests as they need to round out their Monster Box before chasing more niche cards.


The upcoming Godfest is reasonable overall and does include our first ever 7* GFE; however, unless the rolling rates are magically higher than normal, it will just be slightly better than average.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below along with how much you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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27 thoughts on “May 31 – June 1 Godfest & Debut of Zela (New 7* GFE)”

  1. Wow GungHo really Want our money ok so my personal opinion is to skip because even though there are some very powerful cards like Kaede,cotton, and etc it’s a very low chance and your more likely to get Dino riders instead. so skip and wait until there’s a collar with a powerful monster or until super godfest happens again (not likely anytime soon) or players choice (if it’s not very heavily changed)


    1. I agree that hoarding/saving stones until the next big event is the best course of action. This GF has no boosted rates and is mostly just including the new Zela.


  2. Took a chance and rolled my stones. Huge mistake. Did 8 rolls didn’t get a single GFE. Got all garbage cards that I will likely sell.


  3. I took a chance..and got a Ney, not mad at all really, but now what color should I got for? As always, great work Mantastic!


  4. Thanks for the write-up bro. I’m actually happy I rolled cuz I got Caladbolg, Fujin and Cronus. I use wood more often than some others so these work for me. All 1st’s for me. Good luck all.


  5. I yolo rolled and got Zela.
    Thanks for your review, I decided to pursue for her 7c form and used her as a leader. I enjoyed using her, and she’s definitely one of the strongest wood damage dealer.

    Do you have any recommendations on which friend leader to pair up with? I currently paired her up with anubis (because out of my 130 friends, only one person has her (‘n ‘) ), but felt like there may have better choices.



    1. I would say Diablos is a favourable pairing as you gain both a bigger board and a similar damage reduction value. Only risk would be 99% gravities (I believe it will drop you below 50% but double check my math) but otherwise the bigger board and higher chance for wood orbs present should work out


  6. hey i just rolled a zela but don’t know how to make a team, i also happened to roll kaede so can they be used as subs to each other?


    1. Team building for almost anyone is mostly catering the needs to the dungeon at hand but both Kaede and Zela can be used on each other’s team

      What kind of content are you looking to clear?


  7. I’ve been hoarding stones for over a year, finally decided to roll and got mostly trash. I spent 60 stones and got all troll golds and dupes although I did get a Ryune dupe which I wanted. Thankfully I rarely roll these days so I still have 732 stones left but it still sucks.


      1. Nothing in particular. I’m a big Evangelion fan so last year I spent like 100 stones on that and didn’t get anything good. I got really discouraged from spending stones after that so I’ve just been hoarding them ever since. I just roll a couple times whenever there is a Collab I like. However I am running into a problem now where a lot of my cards are outdated so I’m gonna roll next time there is a super godfest because I need some 6 Star GFE.


        1. That is a good idea and tbh, the best way to approach powercreep in this game: hoard until a big event and go nuts to get caught up on all the meta cards =)


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