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Dark Row Self Coop Farming Limited Time Dungeons


The past 6 months have given new value to both Coins and Super Snow Globe Dragons due to the Super Level Limit Breaking (level 110 -> 120) which is needed for utilizing the Double Damage Cap Latent.

With this in mind, Shura 3 / World of Carnage 3 is the single best place to acquire these materials. Sadly, this is an incredibly challenging dungeon and will most likely be out of reach for the majority of players.

While this may be distressing, we now have highly lucrative Limited Time Dungeons (timings found under LTD tab) that can be Swipe Farmed in coop. The two I have in mind are a Gathering of Snow Globes (for Super Snow Globes) and Revenge of the King Diamond Dragon (for Coins).

As such, I wish to share my set up and though process for overcoming these dungeons as quickly as possible.

Video commentary

Why Dark?

Both Gathering of Snow Globes and Revenge of the King Diamond Dragon feature Light as the strongest/most durable spawn and being Dark grants everyone 2x damage which can be thought of as a bonus <50% awakening. Furthermore, the availability of Chuan makes this easier along with a full Harem of Lucifers acting as incredibly viable (and accessible) subs. Continue reading Dark Row Self Coop Farming Limited Time Dungeons

Cosmic Trinity – Why Dark Athena and Ra Dragon are Faltering and the Idea of Support Teams


Cosmic Trinity offers the most challenging encounters that are currently available but are gatekeeped behind 3-Player Coop. Now I understand that not everyone likes the idea of trusting random strangers, but at least your own personal progression is less hindered by comparison to 2-Player mode.

With all that being said, new teams and leaders have emerged as more ideal/meta while cards that were previously at the top have begun to falter and decline.

This article will examine what makes a powerful team/leader for Cosmic Trinity, why Dark Athena and Ra Dragon are faltering as well as things you can do to improve your own chances of success barring perfect/ideal teams.

In addition, I will also be touching upon the idea of utilizing a support team if you are lacking top tier teams for Cosmic Trinity.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Support team in action

What is Cosmic Trinity?

Cosmic Trinity is one of the new 3P dungeons that falls under the Complete Annihilation difficulty.  It features various Descend bosses that gain increasingly higher stats up until the point where they can have 50+ million HP and deal essentially lethal amounts of damage to the average team. Furthermore, they appear in a random fashion which makes it challenging to actually plan accordingly. Finally, the final floor is guarded by a brand new encounter that is quite terrifying, but has various ways to cheese it.

Thus, half the challenge is actually being able to survive until the final boss while having the capacity to deal sufficient damage against spawns with 200-500 million health. Continue reading Cosmic Trinity – Why Dark Athena and Ra Dragon are Faltering and the Idea of Support Teams

The Pressures of Coop/Multiplayer


Coop/multiplayer everything patch: doubling the disappointment for half the stamina. Perhaps that is not the best slogan (albeit accurate) for the shifting meta towards a more cooperative gameplay in Puzzle and Dragons. However, GungHo has been pushing the coop/multiplayer feature for the past several updates as a means to make it more appealing and enjoyable way to play PAD. Upon it’s debut in North America, there was a certain degree of skepticism as we were the unfortunate victim of a poorly timed release of no more solo-play and a challenge dungeon series that had to be played via multiplayer. Thankfully, this issue has been permanently corrected and we are now essentially in the glory days of multiplayer with only a few new updates to come to enhance our quality of life.

Currently, all descends, rushes, Arena, daily dungeons, and limited time hourly dungeons are available to play in coop for half the stamina. The hourly dungeons are of particular importance as only the hosting player has to have the correct time to play and anyone can join their room. Finally, our teams are bolstered with 4 more subs/actives along with an increased health pool to make our runs easier and faster to clear.

However, amongst all of these amazing benefits, many players are starting to feel the pressure to play coop (to min-max your stamina) and the actual pressure associated with matching under a time limit or with another person watching. As such, I wish to pen down my thoughts to help alleviate some of the newfound stresses in Puzzle and Dragons Continue reading The Pressures of Coop/Multiplayer

[Video] Challenge 10 “Solo” Blonia Clear

Question of the day: Does it count as a solo clear if you are the only person playing? Even if it is your two accounts? Regardless, here is another video of me playing with myself in this Challenge 10 series:

Everyone is +297 and max skilled. One rainbow resist per team.Blue Sonia Bankai Andro Ryune BL Hermes I&I Blue Sonia
BL Hermes Awoken Oorochi Blodin Mori Motanari

This dungeon was almost made for Blue Sonia as her entire team consists of Dragon / Physical monsters and made it a lot easier to clear as my entire team was benefiting from a 50% increase to all stats. One of the most important aspects of Blue Sonia teams is the ability to heal large amounts of health due to a 6.25x RCV multiplier. This allows for easy stalling and was vital for my strategy as I needed to recharge Orochi for the final boss. Even though my matching wasn’t flawless, I was still able to scrape out a victory and only had to do one attempt.

I find that it is best to wait out the awakening bind on Linthia before using your delay as you can then have an uninterrupted 5 turns to kill her without having to deal with any execution mechanics. In addition, you should try to keep your heart orbs away from the outside columns as she has a high chance to remove them.

I also cleared challenge 9 with the same team, but sadly forgot to record.

Ch9 clear

What did you use to clear this series of challenge dungeons?

Happy Puzzling!

[Video] U&Y vs Scarlet Descended Multiplayer with Mantastic and Fantastic

I decided to take my video making skills through another descend and ended up with what I hope is an entertaining and informative video of how I am farming for my Scarlet Scarlet Icon System. Audio is okay to listen to and the narration should be helpful. I also want to say that I am my own worst enemy and blame Mantastic for a near death experience at the end. Dungeon for reference.

Mantastic: U&Y I&I Susano Kali Metatron U&Y

Fantastic: U&Y Famiel Oku Sun Quan Metatron U&Y

Continue reading [Video] U&Y vs Scarlet Descended Multiplayer with Mantastic and Fantastic

Nordis Descended – Mythical Plus: Mantastic & Fantastic Coop

First of all, I love playing with myself; in coop, PAD multiplayer mode. Now that I have that out of my system, I can properly explain my strategy for clearing Nordis Descended – Mythical Plus which is the found in the coop/multiplayer dungeon section. Mythical Plus differs from the regular Nordis Descended as the bosses have more health along with the nasty PreDRA Fire PreDRA spawn on floor 8. Thankfully, coop allows you to bring 8 subs to better combat the harder mechanics in Mythic Plus.

My 2 accounts (Mantastic and Fantastic) are able to do coop together by using their semi developed Continue reading Nordis Descended – Mythical Plus: Mantastic & Fantastic Coop