[Video] Challenge 10 “Solo” Blonia Clear

Question of the day: Does it count as a solo clear if you are the only person playing? Even if it is your two accounts? Regardless, here is another video of me playing with myself in this Challenge 10 series:

Everyone is +297 and max skilled. One rainbow resist per team.Blue Sonia Bankai Andro Ryune BL Hermes I&I Blue Sonia
BL Hermes Awoken Oorochi Blodin Mori Motanari

This dungeon was almost made for Blue Sonia as her entire team consists of Dragon / Physical monsters and made it a lot easier to clear as my entire team was benefiting from a 50% increase to all stats. One of the most important aspects of Blue Sonia teams is the ability to heal large amounts of health due to a 6.25x RCV multiplier. This allows for easy stalling and was vital for my strategy as I needed to recharge Orochi for the final boss. Even though my matching wasn’t flawless, I was still able to scrape out a victory and only had to do one attempt.

I find that it is best to wait out the awakening bind on Linthia before using your delay as you can then have an uninterrupted 5 turns to kill her without having to deal with any execution mechanics. In addition, you should try to keep your heart orbs away from the outside columns as she has a high chance to remove them.

I also cleared challenge 9 with the same team, but sadly forgot to record.

Ch9 clear

What did you use to clear this series of challenge dungeons?

Happy Puzzling!

4 thoughts on “[Video] Challenge 10 “Solo” Blonia Clear”

  1. Wish I had a good Bsonia team T^T

    Or even, beyond that, a friend to play with in the first place *sob*

    I was thinking of using Thor/Saria cause that’s the only Dragon-ish team I have available that’s hypermaxed. But I have no friends to co-op with atm… rip me

    Congrats on the clear though! That heart skyfall at the end saved you because the diagonal didn’t work out hahaha. Andromeda would have been a good idea, but you had mentioned that already. Love seeing Bsonia get some love


    1. Yeah, my play through wasn’t as flawless as I had hoped. I was at my parents place and a few distractions here n there XD

      It’s actually helpful for me to go over my videos to see where I had room for improvement (rare to have a flawless run). And that heart skyfall did avoid a heart attack as I wouldn’t have died to the poison, but would have gotten very low

      Just start an alt account, only had mine for 900+ days =P

      Saria/Thor should be capable of clearing it, just need to ask around. Hopefully you find someone before it goes away =)


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