Fantastic Rank 500 Box Tour

Today has been an exceptionally Fantastic day as I hit rank 500 on my second account as well as Mantastic unlocking 300 max stamina shortly after. To mark this grand occasion, I did a video recording Fantastic’s box that showcases the teams I run along with my plus egg distribution and next pad goals. I am fortunate that I have two high end accounts as I always have a partner ready to go for coop and I could rank up exceptionally fast if I was motivated due to the half stamina costs to enter.

Also, go me on finishing a Scarlet Scarlet icon system =D It does not really have any uses aside from novelty and I will record some game play in a future video so you can see what hours of time farming can produce. If you want to learn more about how I have been farming Scarlet, please check out my post and video dedicated to her HERE.

I have been (im)patiently saving stones for a very long time now and dearly hope a 4x GFE comes soon as I need more things to work on. For more reading as to why I am waiting for 4x GFE over PCGF, please read this article HERE.

I will include various screenshots in case you do not wish to sit through the video and simply want the highlight reel:

Fantastic Plus eggs

F Yomi D

F UandY

F Shiva

F Blonia

F button

F all attribute

F Scarlet

F Kali

F dqxq

I look forward to my next 100 ranks and hope you all have a Fantastic weekend =)

Happy Puzzling!

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Rank 500 Box Tour”

  1. The video has been deleted by the user… 😦
    Awesome box man, your “alt” account is far better than my main. haha
    And congrats for the 500


    1. I just noticed this myself and I have no clue how it happened. I never deleted it and cannot seem to recover it =(. I guess as a consolation prize my screenshots showcase what I have lol


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