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Thoughts on New 3-Player Coop Dungeons


3-Player Coop is in full swing and with it comes a flurry of highs and lows, excitement paired with despair, along with a new hurdles of challenges to overcome. I have been able to play a modest amount of 3-Player since the release on Monday and was able to clear all the non-Endless Corridor levels through pre-made teams as well as random-matchmaking.

This article will simply summarize my thoughts and impressions thus far as well as some advice moving forward. If you wish to read a more detailed article on preparing yourself for 3-Player Coop, you can find it HERE.

Video commentary

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Random matchmaking

One of the best aspects of 3-Player Coop is the built in matchmaking system. A large barrier to the enjoyment of 2P mode was the difficulty in finding partner who had synergistic teams. As such, 3P being both a more solo-oriented experience by comparison helps you quickly find a match and actually get to playing.

While random matchmaking can be exciting and possibly amusing, it also has the tendency for troll-oriented teams (although I have managed to dodge all of those). This is because you are matched with two random players and do not see their teams until you actually enter the dungeon so you cannot preemptively dodge the match. Continue reading Thoughts on New 3-Player Coop Dungeons


Preparing for harder 3-Player Coop Dungeons


3-Player Coop has been released in North America, but our first taste was with an easy to clear evolution material dungeon. While this may seem a  bit lackluster, it was probably done to “test” the servers as well as giving players a more gentle transition before the real content is released.

As such, this article will be going over what you should be prioritizing in this temporary downtime.

Video commentary

–video coming soo

How does 3-Player differ?

3-Player Coop is significantly more polished than 2-Player in that there is a dedicated match-making system in place. This will enable you to randomly match with 2 strangers while preserving a solo-y feel as you use your unique own team/health bar and only share the board in between turns. Continue reading Preparing for harder 3-Player Coop Dungeons

Awoken Liu Bei Button Farming Skill Delay Resist Tamadras


I have finally been converted over to the dark side: I own Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei on both accounts. Puzzle and Buttons is a strange concept for me as I have only seldom used my old Australis Australis paired with Liu Bei team despite having 3 max skilled Dios Ult Zeus Dios. However, now that I have the strongest leader in coop, I took the time to browse the ALB Discord Server for team building inspiration.

The ALB Discord server has sample team builds for every dungeon imaginable along with strategy and step-by-step instructions. It is also a way to connect with other Awoken Liu Bei users and I highly encourage you to take a look.

The Liu Bei team I use to farm Special Descend Rush is significantly faster and less mentally taxing than my previous Sarasvati 3069 team (full breakdown can be found HERE). Outside of speed, Liu Bei teams rarely induce mental fatigue as they are so straight forward and is a significant boon when playing a dungeon over and over again.

My team is quite similar to the Discord team, but these should be used as a template as you may be missing a few of the key cards to success. Lacking the template team is sometimes a nice thing as it requires you to theory craft your own team and it did take me around an hour to commit to this team. Being able to solve these types of puzzles and using the cards you have been dealt is one of the aspects of PAD I do enjoy.

Video clear

—video goes here—

Team build and explanation

The strategy I use is to one shot Zaerog Infinity through his 75% damage reduction shield. This is done via a damage enhance, a full board enhance, and Dragon Dragon Killer and Devil Devil killer Killer awakenings.

Awoken Liu Bei Teams for SDR Farming (No Pass/Stall)

Team A
Inherit Awoken Freyja Red Sonia Australis
Card A Liu Bei
Ult Zeus Dios 2639 1259 Ult Zeus Dios

Team B
Card A Liu Bei Ult Zeus Dios 1117 Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Inherit Awoken Yomi Green Odin

Continue reading Awoken Liu Bei Button Farming Skill Delay Resist Tamadras

Meta Snapshot: Alternate Accounts and How to Successfully Create One


Today’s Meta Snapshot will explore the rising  popularity of alternate (alt) or additional accounts. This article will define what an alternate account is, how to go about raising one, the viability in today’s meta, and why it feels go to play with yourself. For reference, Mantastic is rank 642 and Fantastic is rank 600 which gives me a strong understanding of how to successfully play two high level accounts. Do keep in mind that I have been playing both account for over 1,000 days so my level of progression will differ from other players.

Video commentary

What is an alternate account?

Simply put, an alternate account is an additional account for a player who already has an existing one (often referred to as their main). In the past, players created alt accounts to help alleviate boredom during the dark days of 10 stamina/min. However, many people did not stick with it due to a lack of coop  and slow progression years ago.

Today, many players have started to make new accounts not only to fight off boredom, but to play coop ‘solo’ by piloting two accounts.

  • Able to play coop at your own convenience
  • Have full control and only have your self to blame for mistakes
  • There is a certain joy when raising a new account (applies to most games)
  • Have twice the stamina to play with
  • Have twice the free magic stones to roll
  • If your accounts are different letter groups, you gain additional time slots to run the hourly dungeons
  • Can tell strangers you play with yourself in your spare time

Continue reading Meta Snapshot: Alternate Accounts and How to Successfully Create One

[Videos] Challenge 10 & 9: A Mantastic & Fantastic Coop Spectacular


This round of Challenge Dungeons came with a wide array of challenging spawns along with problematic mechanics that require careful planning to overcome. All the videos were lifted from my Twitch stream (which you can catch every Monday and Thursday at so excuse the lack of editing. Blue Sonia Blue Sonia is an Fantastic leader due to her high burst potential, wonderful damage control, and insane recovery. Due to the music being played on stream, some countries may not be able to view them on YouTube; however, you can simply re-watch the past broadcast on Twitch =)

Challenge 10

Challenge 10 had a wide array of troublesome spawns that required you to have damage control, bind clearing, and high burst damage to succeed. I made a nearly lethal error on the second floor as I misread that he will bind all monsters for 4 turns on his first attack. Lesson learned: carefully read all the dungeon mechanics!

Blue Sonia BL Hermes Bankai Andro Ryune I&I Blue Sonia
Blue Sonia BL Hermes Awoken Oorochi Blodin BL Hermes Blue Sonia

I used B/L Hermes BL Hermes as a base for inheriting Awoken Sakuya Sakuya to remove the preemptive dark binds from Nordis. Normally having a card that is not bind immune inherit a bind clear is risky; however, Nordis will only bind dark monsters so I was safe.

Hermes Inherit
I eventually broke the transfer

Aside from the miscalculation on the second floor, everything went according to plan and just goes to show the power of Blue Sonia when it comes to stalling.

CH10 kill shot
Nordis got wet

Challenge 9

Challenge 9 should have been renamed “How to Kill Ilsix” as the other floors were relatively straight forward by comparison. I chose to use Blue Sonia due to her amazing recovery and her ability to easily handle Ilsix at the end. Continue reading [Videos] Challenge 10 & 9: A Mantastic & Fantastic Coop Spectacular

The Pressures of Coop/Multiplayer


Coop/multiplayer everything patch: doubling the disappointment for half the stamina. Perhaps that is not the best slogan (albeit accurate) for the shifting meta towards a more cooperative gameplay in Puzzle and Dragons. However, GungHo has been pushing the coop/multiplayer feature for the past several updates as a means to make it more appealing and enjoyable way to play PAD. Upon it’s debut in North America, there was a certain degree of skepticism as we were the unfortunate victim of a poorly timed release of no more solo-play and a challenge dungeon series that had to be played via multiplayer. Thankfully, this issue has been permanently corrected and we are now essentially in the glory days of multiplayer with only a few new updates to come to enhance our quality of life.

Currently, all descends, rushes, Arena, daily dungeons, and limited time hourly dungeons are available to play in coop for half the stamina. The hourly dungeons are of particular importance as only the hosting player has to have the correct time to play and anyone can join their room. Finally, our teams are bolstered with 4 more subs/actives along with an increased health pool to make our runs easier and faster to clear.

However, amongst all of these amazing benefits, many players are starting to feel the pressure to play coop (to min-max your stamina) and the actual pressure associated with matching under a time limit or with another person watching. As such, I wish to pen down my thoughts to help alleviate some of the newfound stresses in Puzzle and Dragons Continue reading The Pressures of Coop/Multiplayer

My Perspective on Multiplayer

Multiplayer/Coop has been live in NA for a modest period of time now and has given us numerous laughs, heart aches, and frustrations. Puzzle and Dragons was originally a solo game that could be picked up and put down at will. There was less pressure to perform or match quickly and you could even put aside your device mid dungeon and come back at a later time. These features combined with the whole match orb/collect pretty girls/puzzle process medium is probably the reason many of you are playing today. For the most part, PAD has been a solo game with only some interaction between other players. Then came the introduction of Best Friends, Ranking Dungeons, and finally Mutliplayer.

Best Friends gave new meaning to virtual partnerships as it granted players access to numerous benefits and access to more leads for prolonged periods of time. A smashing success overall. On the otherhand, Ranking Dungeons have probably been met with mixed reviews. Granted these are completely optional and only award a one time, varying reward and you do not need to attempt (but should at least for the participation rewards). Introducing the game’s only PvP (player versus player) component can be frustrating, especially given the limitations of the scoring system, but again it is completely optional and does not have too big of an impact in the long run. Another bad side effect is the feeling of not being good enough as you are given a (albeit inaccurate) percentage ranking based on a poorly designed scoring system.

Now we have the Multiplayer feature which has a diverse array of emotions from players of all progression and skill levels. Upon Coop’s initial release, I wrote a nice little post on my initial impressions if you care to take a look. However, after about two months of largely playing with myself, I have a much stronger opinion formulated on multiplayer. As a disclaimer, my alt account, Fantastic, is nearing rank 500 and is quite developed and I am able to form a very powerful Blue Sonia Blue Sonia team between my two accounts. This allows me to excessively play with myself as I always have a partner who is ready to go. Continue reading My Perspective on Multiplayer