Awoken Liu Bei Button Farming Skill Delay Resist Tamadras


I have finally been converted over to the dark side: I own Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei on both accounts. Puzzle and Buttons is a strange concept for me as I have only seldom used my old Australis Australis paired with Liu Bei team despite having 3 max skilled Dios Ult Zeus Dios. However, now that I have the strongest leader in coop, I took the time to browse the ALB Discord Server for team building inspiration.

The ALB Discord server has sample team builds for every dungeon imaginable along with strategy and step-by-step instructions. It is also a way to connect with other Awoken Liu Bei users and I highly encourage you to take a look.

The Liu Bei team I use to farm Special Descend Rush is significantly faster and less mentally taxing than my previous Sarasvati 3069 team (full breakdown can be found HERE). Outside of speed, Liu Bei teams rarely induce mental fatigue as they are so straight forward and is a significant boon when playing a dungeon over and over again.

My team is quite similar to the Discord team, but these should be used as a template as you may be missing a few of the key cards to success. Lacking the template team is sometimes a nice thing as it requires you to theory craft your own team and it did take me around an hour to commit to this team. Being able to solve these types of puzzles and using the cards you have been dealt is one of the aspects of PAD I do enjoy.

Video clear

—video goes here—

Team build and explanation

The strategy I use is to one shot Zaerog Infinity through his 75% damage reduction shield. This is done via a damage enhance, a full board enhance, and Dragon Dragon Killer and Devil Devil killer Killer awakenings.

Awoken Liu Bei Teams for SDR Farming (No Pass/Stall)

Team A
Inherit Awoken Freyja Red Sonia Australis
Card A Liu Bei
Ult Zeus Dios 2639 1259 Ult Zeus Dios

Team B
Card A Liu Bei Ult Zeus Dios 1117 Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Inherit Awoken Yomi Green Odin

The team has a total of 18 Skill Boost Skill Boost awakenings along with a Dragon Killer Dragon Killer on G/G Astaroth 1259 and both Dragon and Devil Devil killerKiller on G/L Parvati 1117. These Killer awakenings ensure you are able to kill each floor in a single turn and do not have to gamble with the number of wood orbs spawned on floor 1 or the locked orbs on floor 5 and 6. Red Sonia Red Sonia is barely skill up and acts as a skill delay buffer.

Team A cannot use Tengu as his dark typing will cause him to become bound Tengu.

Australis’s Australis active is important as it provides wood skyfall from floor 3-6 and helps mitigate the risk of other locked orbs appearing.

You can use any combination of enhance actives, but Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi is preferred as you are given ample time to move orbs which may be vital if many locked orbs are present.

In order to have your damage enhance ready by floor 5, your team requires at least 18 skill boosts if you use a Norse God and 20 for a Gemstone Princess if you inherit it on Liu Bei.

Any card that has an inherit MUST have at least 2 Skill Delay Resist Skill delay resist latents which may feel ironic as you are farming for these drops. However, is critical to ensure you have all your required active skills as the invading Tamadra hits very hard and you do not have actives to spare. For cards that do not have a mandatory inherit, you can either use the latents or inherit a very long cooldown to act as a buffer.

Finally, the level of your monsters is irrelevant as this is a Rogue dungeon and you will start at level 1. However, plus eggs do matter and it is highly encouraged to be fully +297.

Dungeon strategy

The dungeon is quite straight forward once your team is set up and the only true puzzling you have to do is matching as many locked orbs as possible and connecting wood on floor 3. If the SDR Tamadra should invade, simply proceed as if it were a regular boss.

Dragon Killer Dragon Killer is exceptionally potent in this dungeon and helps ensure you safely pass all the floors with only a single combo and minimal enhanced orbs. Devil Killer Devil killer is also required to one shot Zaerog on floor 6.

Blue is for Team A

Red is for Team B

Step-by-Step SDR Farming
Floor 1 Dragon Killer Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 2 Devil killer Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 3 Dragon Killer Poison 2639
Australis Australis
Connect 8+ wood orbs
Floor 4 Dragon Killer Green Odin Green Odin
Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 5 Dragon Killer 2 turn damage enhance Awoken Freyja                            
Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 6 Dragon Killer Devil killer Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Yomi Awoken Yomi


Awoken Liu Bei does require a certain degree of Puzzling to to theory craft a suitable team for end game content. However, once the team has been formed, it becomes quite brainless to repeatedly clear. I do look forward to mindlessly acquiring SDR compared to my previous methods as this can be a wonderful stamina dump when short on time.

Let me know how you have been farming SDR.

Happy Puzzling!

27 thoughts on “Awoken Liu Bei Button Farming Skill Delay Resist Tamadras”

  1. With my cached 297s, I’ve considered finally plussing my ALB team members… (I’ve had 3 max skilled dios for a while now)… I’ve avoided button farming up to this point because it seems less fun to me, but obviously it’s super efficient. Also, my alt account doesn’t have all the max skilled dioses yet (it does have ALB though), so there’s still more work to do.

    But it sounds like you’re finding it worth it?


    1. It is fun theory crafting as I am lacking Leeza and NY Tengu. I spent a good hour writing things out to find the most efficient team possible.

      It is most certainly more time efficient (as you will see from the soon to be uploaded video) and does provide a break from thought intensive grinding. It can also be used as a way to quickly dump stamina when short on time.

      It is good to have and you can use as often as you desire


    2. Well, I rolled 2 last times on the bleach machine on a lark on my alt account, and actually rolled Aizen. My alt has the subs for Aizen as well, so before working on a ALB, I’m going to coop with this team. That should finally help give me access to some safer/cheaper Linthia runs, and Arena 2/3.

      ALB will have to wait 🙂


      1. Well done to your alt! Aizen is looking like an amazing card as he can clear essentially all content in the game. Furthermore, he may be one of the best options for upcoming ranking tournaments due to unconditional 36x and ability to easily hit damage cap


        1. Hey Mantastic,

          Sorry to hijack this.. but on my alt account I rolled Aizen from my free roll which was sweet luck, but don’t have one on my main account. I really like his play style but I am wondering if there are any other co-op leaders that can work well when partnering with an Aizen co-leader?


              1. That is a good point and would be further augmented with future evo. Cross and 5o1e all require the same number of orbs

                Main issue with Tamazo is the added HP which was Aizen’s weakest point


  2. Although this is REM and rant heavy. After being a whale for once because my main got Genryusai after 4 rolls I spent $130 which later became $260 due to poor decision in hopes of Aizen for ease in A1-3 for my alt to have Genryusai and possibly Aizen. Got too greedy so guess just Genryusai. Now I can farm SDR and myr as sad as it may with more ease.

    Team A: Genryusai, Tsubaki (G.Odin inherit), A. Ares, Yamato Takeru, R.Odin.

    Team B: Genryusai, Sanada Yukimura, Urd, R.Sonia, Gladius.

    F1: Team A starts R-Odin unbindable so Nordis just says hi, do a row + 3 combos is enough.
    F2: Team B do a row + 3 combos
    F3: Team A use R.Odin, a row + 6 combos or a row + 3 fire orbs/3 Combos
    F4: Team B use Gladius for more fire orbs if needed, PASS to Team A , do a row and 2 + combos.
    F5: Team B use R.Sonia, a row + 5 combos, but normally able to do 2 rows for insurance.
    F6: Team A use A.Ares or Genryusai whichever is left, kill with 2 rows + 5 combo or just damage, if Zaeorg 00 survives, just use Team B Urd + Sanada to finish off.

    Took quite a bit of failed runs to know the right team composition and moves to ensure successful run but now its a lot easier. More or less 100% success rate unless I’m not paying attention, usually watch shows while farming.

    In the event of SDR invade, currently not enough SDR on either team so I just use Yamato Takeru or Gladius to heal and do a pass to recharge depending on the floor it visits, but one SDR are enough on team just make a row and move on.

    R.Odin useful for Nordis due to unbindable and poison for Volsung.
    Tsubaki only because I don’t got a more appropriate inherit for G.Odin skill although I could have used A.Horus and its F/L Tsubaki because I was too cheap to change to double dragon killer Tsubaki for super insurance. A.Ares just to make it easier to have ‘Return to Zero’ used if Genryusai isn’t available.

    In Team B, Gladius just because no other suitable suit and it provides heal + devil killer but unnecessary with Urd + Sanada combo or Urd + Sanada + Genryusai if you got all 3 up still. R. Sonia just to have higher chance at double row for Gaianut, never had hindrance from locked orbs or lack fire orbs from R.Sonia. Sanada could be inherited instead since an overload of rows but no better replacement currently. Same for R.Sonia.

    Hope this was hopeful for those who got lucky with Genryusai or the hopelessly rich.

    P.S. Glad to get Genryusai at least. SDR farming is too difficult for Dios team (got no ALB) multiplier isn’t enough at times and SDR/Gaianut likely to screw you hard.

    Hopefully M.Hera will be with easier with Genryusai but I’ll need to test it later after I’m done with Myr.


    1. Thank you for sharing your strategy! There are of course optimal/template teams existing, but not everyone is able to recreate those and it is great to see someone being creative with their team compositions.

      If you plan on heavily farming SDR, it would be wise to to find some sort of delay protection from the invade whether its in latents or inheriting longer skills. It greatly cuts down on the fuss and improves consistency. You will also farm back all the SDR used quite quickly


  3. *Yoda voice*
    Fear leads to Lui Bei
    Lui Bei leads to buttons
    Buttons leads to mindless farming
    Mindless farming leads to suffering


  4. My alt doesn’t have Liu Bei so I work on keeping teams compatible with the more common setups to ensure I can find a farming buddy quickly.

    My current A team
    ALB (Awoken Parvati)
    Machine Athena (Australis)

    B Team:
    ALB (Awoken Parvati)
    G/G Astaroth (Grodin)

    This means with the more common setups I have plenty of wiggle room in case there’s a ton of locked orbs at Gainaut/Z8. I’d inherit Awoken Yomi onto ALB but tans are in short supply. If I knew my partner was bringing G/G Astaroth or G/L Parvati I’d use your setup in a heartbeat.

    What are your thoughts on one ALB inheriting Fenrir to kill the poison skyfall debuff?


    1. Parvati is the key for the no pass/extra turn strategy and I believe Ceres has the same two killers but harder to skill up enough for grodin inherit.

      As for inheriting fenrir. Don’t really have space for my set up and I’ve only died once from poison after maybe 65 runs.


      1. So can you use dark wood fafnir instead of Parvati? Dark wood also has the same two killers, although the downside is that plussing him and putting in sdr feels like a waste. Also easy (although time consuming) to skill up.


  5. My alt (now returned to my friend)’s account has 4 Liu Bei and my fiance’s account has 2, my friend’s friend has 2. I have…0 Will the injustice never end?

    Thankfully I’ve heard Dios/Dios, ALB/Dios, and Perseus/Dios can farm Linthia almost as mindlessly as ALB/ALB so all hope is not lost!


    1. I used Australis paired with fantastic liu bei and farmed most rogues and devil rush as stamina dumps. You can also use Dios paired with alb for sdr, but I never looked into it as Sarasvati worked and I may have lacked some cards

      Check the alb discord I linked as it may have some sample teams


  6. I use a slightly different strategy, as my friend and I didn’t have enough SDR to put 2 on every sub when we first got this dungeon – fortunately, I had access to a few subs with 2-turn haste, which works just as well!

    You inherit your double haste onto one of the ALB leads – this way, regardless of the team that gets delayed, you have access to the active. I used Ishida Mitsunari, as he as a 13 CD, while the holiday Sonias and Mori Motonari are at 14. The fastest option is Aemo, the silver from the FF collab, at 12 CD, and she even gives a CTW on top of that, to potentially help with clearing locked orbs, but when I put the team together, she hadn’t been buffed yet.

    Using this strategy means you need a LOT of SB on your team in order to have ALB ready on turn 1 (in case of a first-floor invade), which pretty much means Tengu on each team (some comps will let you get away with Avalon Drake instead though). Additionally, P1 Tengu has to be the NY Tengu, as dark Tengu will get bound.

    When an invade happens, the “simplest” path is to use your normal active to clear the tama, then haste the delayed team back on the following floor, followed by that floor’s active(s). You might be tempted to use actives out of order since the tama is fairly easy to kill (basically kill with Ishida’s orbs instead of “also” using Australis) but this would mean that you’d still have the Fire+Water locked skyfall debuff, so don’t make that mistake.

    With two Tengus on the teams, I was worried about damage, particularly vs Gainault, since he’s a fire type. To get around this, I made GB Fafnir, who has Physical+Dragon killers and gets 9x against the last two floors. He only has 1SB, so using him meant both players needed Tengu. GG Astaroth has 2SB, so you could then run Avalon Drake instead of Tengu. My friend then rolled a Carat which pretty much rendered damage questions moot, but I haven’t bothered to change the team comps yet since farming Tans to move inherits around is annoying.

    You won’t need a fully attack-plussed team to clear the dungeon, but you WILL need a lot of plusses and/or latents in order to consistently clear F1. 1 combo + a small number of enhanced orbs will leave Nordis barely alive, and he’ll kill you. My NY Tengu has +7 atk and 4 latents, and Fafnir has +51 atk and 5 latents, and ALB+Dios gang are hypered. You could probably do the math and figure out exactly how much damage you needed, but I just trial-and-errored my way through a few F1 deaths.

    For reference, our teams are:
    ALB (Ishida, 2SDR) / Dios / NY Tengu (Chibi Rodin) / GB Fafnir (Australis) / Dios
    ALB (Carat) / Dios / Tengu (GOdin) / Dios / Dios

    With the Carat buff, you can kill Z8 through his shield, although I’ve only done this a few times to see if it was possible, so I have no idea how consistent it is. I usually just clear a few locked orbs while making as few combos as possible (since more locked orbs will just fall down anyway) and then let P2 use the remaining Dios to finish him.

    The only times I’ve died since settling on this “final” build have been flubbing combos on bad boards (usually vs Volsung when Australis doesn’t have enough orbs to work with).

    Good luck to anyone that decides to try a strategy similar to this! Hopefully someone found this useful!


    I believe there is also a very reliable strategy inheriting Awoken Amaterasu, tanking a hit, and then healing + haste to get the team ready again. Inheriting other 1-turn hastes (like Alnair) might also work, but I haven’t thought about them. It would drastically reduce the SB requirement though.


  7. Farming sdr with alb is nice because it lets me burn my stamina quickly, reliably and with a good xp/stam ratio. The dungeon is always there, and players with “team a” can always find a co-op partner quickly.

    The sdr invades are just icing on the cake.


    1. The sdr is the main motivation as devil rush is much easier and drops more plus eggs. Granted devil rush is a bit worse exp, but it’s far easier (can even Australis lead with alb)

      But I do enjoy the fast and profitable stamina dumpa


  8. My husband and I farm for SDR tama with ALB. Our strat is

    team A: ALB (gravity inherit not necessary but I had it left over from another dungeon), 2x Dios, Australias, Jord.

    team B: ALB (spike inherit- we used Izanagi but enhance etc will work just fine), 3x Dios, GrOdin.

    Instead of investing heavily in SDR tamas, we chose to inherit skills with long cooldowns onto our monsters so if we get delayed, it’s no big deal.

    Fl 1: Dios
    Fl 2: Dios, swipe
    Fl 3: Jorg, Australias
    Fl 4: GrOdin, Dios, clear locked orbs
    Fl 5: Dios, clear locked orbs
    Fl 6: turn one- make one combo
    turn two- clear locked orbs
    turn three: Dios, spike, kill matching locked orbs

    It is pertinent that you one shot floors 4 and 5 so that you have a buff (green skyfall) up for Z8 to dispel (as me how I know 😛 ). Basically, if you screw up at all, you’re dead. Took us a handful of tries to get it down, but we have a near 100% success rate (all derp aside).


    1. That’s great you and your husband have found a successful team! Your set up is the easiest to replicate as you are relying on the shield dropping off to kill z8 which is far exotic as you don’t require the few double killer cards. The heavy row influence from Australis also helps on the earlier floors for Team A.

      This type of team was the one I initially looked at, but then I realized I could use Parvati to great success.

      I also think that with any ALB team, if you screw up, you are dead =P


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