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Sin Dragon Key Shard Farming – 2P Pixel Woodsie + Zeus Dios


The Sin Dragon and Key Heroes event features powerful Weapon Assists that can be farmed by repeatedly playing the event dungeon over and over again.

For myself, I have decided to use my Fantastic account to self coop as I already had the entire team made along with it being easy to use and low investment.

If you are wondering why farming these Shards is important or which Keys to pursue, please check out my Sacred and Cursed Key Guide HERE.

Video clear

Team set up

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Awoken Liu Bei Button Farming Skill Delay Resist Tamadras


I have finally been converted over to the dark side: I own Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei on both accounts. Puzzle and Buttons is a strange concept for me as I have only seldom used my old Australis Australis paired with Liu Bei team despite having 3 max skilled Dios Ult Zeus Dios. However, now that I have the strongest leader in coop, I took the time to browse the ALB Discord Server for team building inspiration.

The ALB Discord server has sample team builds for every dungeon imaginable along with strategy and step-by-step instructions. It is also a way to connect with other Awoken Liu Bei users and I highly encourage you to take a look.

The Liu Bei team I use to farm Special Descend Rush is significantly faster and less mentally taxing than my previous Sarasvati 3069 team (full breakdown can be found HERE). Outside of speed, Liu Bei teams rarely induce mental fatigue as they are so straight forward and is a significant boon when playing a dungeon over and over again.

My team is quite similar to the Discord team, but these should be used as a template as you may be missing a few of the key cards to success. Lacking the template team is sometimes a nice thing as it requires you to theory craft your own team and it did take me around an hour to commit to this team. Being able to solve these types of puzzles and using the cards you have been dealt is one of the aspects of PAD I do enjoy.

Video clear

—video goes here—

Team build and explanation

The strategy I use is to one shot Zaerog Infinity through his 75% damage reduction shield. This is done via a damage enhance, a full board enhance, and Dragon Dragon Killer and Devil Devil killer Killer awakenings.

Awoken Liu Bei Teams for SDR Farming (No Pass/Stall)

Team A
Inherit Awoken Freyja Red Sonia Australis
Card A Liu Bei
Ult Zeus Dios 2639 1259 Ult Zeus Dios

Team B
Card A Liu Bei Ult Zeus Dios 1117 Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Inherit Awoken Yomi Green Odin

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Best Farmable Monsters to Obtain – January 2017


With 2017 in full swing, you should make it your New Years Resolution to acquire all the beneficial farmable monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. What will be most helpful will vary from box to box, but you should at least pursue most/all of the listed cards because they are always available and have varying degrees of value.If you feel I have missed anything out, please let me know in the comments below.

Video commentary

—video goes here—


These are who I consider to be the most vital farmable monsters moving forward into 2017 for Puzzle and Dragons in no particular order:

Gainut Scarlet Icon Volsung Linthia Nordis Z8 Miru Awoken Zeus 3074 2526

Cross Valk Flame Armour Ogre 312 Echidna Zera 2809 2121 2398 2894 1206

1090 Blast Aurora Dragon Generate Earch Dragon Tornado Holy Dragon Cyclone Devil Dragon 2739 2740 2741 2742 CDK R

1466 604 2639 3045 2055 1064 Ult Zeus Dios Tengu Griffin hera beorc

3237 1206 Lilith Goemon Swallow Tail Diza Hera-Is Elia Grisar 440

3159 3365 283 784 Kaguya-hime 1230

Rogue descends bosses

Rogue Descends are the purple/pink dungeons that have a leveling up mechanic. This means your monsters start at level 1 and gain experience as you progress through the dungeon based on their team cost. These tend to be challenging dungeons with the bosses having difficult evolution paths and a lengthy skill up process; however, they have varying degrees of usage and have become easier to acquire due to stronger teams/leaders.


Gainut Gainaut
Gainut has the beneficial coop boost Multiplayer Bonus along with a full board changer that creates fire, water, wood, light, dark, hearts, and Jammer orbs. This has many applications on rainbow teams, but has the most value on Ronove Ronove teams. Gainut covers two awkward colours along with an active that creates a wood heavy and heart crossable board when used in conjunction Ronove’s short cooldown active.
Scarlet Icon Scarlet
Scarlet once made powerful system team due to her fire generating active and haste component. Presently, she is able to act as a stand-in sub on virtually any mono-fire team as she provides beneficial awakenings along with the same helpful active that can help correct a poor board changer or cycle through other abilities.

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Awoken Liu Bei – Review and Analysis


Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei has been released in North America and has caused quite the storm with his arrival. However, his true power is not as apparent as other top tier leaders and I want to explore why Liu Bei is relevant and how you go about making a successful team for him.

Liu Bei at a glance

Liu Bei
A Liu Bei
Physical / Attacker
4,125 HP / 1,845 ATK / 103 RCV
816 Total
Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb Jammer Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost Bind Immune Bind Immune Wood Row

Active Skill:
Dark Heart Arrow Green
Recover 20% Max HP and 2 turn bind clear
10 turn CD

Leader Skill:
2.5x ATK when matching 6 linked wood orbs. Max 4x at 9 orbs. 2x ATK / 2x RCV for Wood on turn skill used
64x ATK / 4x RCV

Sample gameplay

Awoken Liu Bei would normally be a lackluster leader due to the active clause for additional healing and recovery. Granted you would probably be needing an active to match 9 wood orbs, but we have seen from before that skill delays (or in the case of skill binds due to no SBR Skill Lock Resist) can ruin these types of leaders. However, with the introduction of coop, we now have the actives from 10 different monsters as well as their awakenings. As such, Awoken Liu Bei teams are able to form a push button team to farm some of the most challenging content available.

Mythic Plus Linthia Descended:


Mythic Plus Devil Devil Rush:

You can do your own further research by using the search term 覚醒劉備

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[Video] Scarlet System vs Hera-Beorc Descended

A Mantastic and Fantastic way to farm for what I hope will be a future Liu Bei A Liu Bei / Zeus-Dios Ult Zeus Dios system team. I sadly lack a Liu Bei on Mantastic so my motivation has been very low in farming for the numerous skilled Zeus-Dios as I will be unable to effectively coop with myself. Regardless, enjoy my Farmable Scarlet Scarlet icon System team making short work of Hera-Beorc Descended:

I will be making a follow up post as to why there has been such hype around Liu Bei / Zeus-Dios system teams. For now, I continue to play with myself using my Scarlet System.

Scarlet vs Hera B

Happy Puzzling!