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[Meta Snapshots] Damage Absorption was a Mistake in Arena-Style Content


Puzzle and Dragons is one of the most complex and content heavy games on the market due to the numerous years it has been available. For more veteran players, many aspects may feel like second nature, but when you take a step back and think about Resolve, Weapon Assists, Super Awakenings, Ranking Dungeons, or even simpler things such as Team Building, one may realize there is so much going on.

Due to the sheer volume of content available it is inevitable some mechanics will be better received compared to others but one thing GungHo tends to reuse older mechanics but make it harder by ramping up the numbers or combining several aspects at the same time.

Sadly, Damage Absorption is one mechanic that has been kept around and is the worst designed ability in Puzzle and Dragons. This is because the HP values have kept going up along with damage output which makes it impossible to not hit over the threshold without an active skill being used. As a result, every team must bring at least 1 Damage Absorption Void active in order to actually finish a dungeon in this day and age. While more options have become available over time, the fact that you need an active to counter this in order to pass a dungeon is not a fun way to play the game.

Video commentary

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Brief history of PAD dungeons

Puzzle and Dragons is one of the oldest and deepest mobile games on the market. Like any game, PAD started out reasonably simple and the main appeal was the orb matching component. As such, the spawns found within dungeons were relatively static in that they only had a health value, defense, and a single attack value. Continue reading [Meta Snapshots] Damage Absorption was a Mistake in Arena-Style Content

Best Farmable Monsters to Obtain – January 2017


With 2017 in full swing, you should make it your New Years Resolution to acquire all the beneficial farmable monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. What will be most helpful will vary from box to box, but you should at least pursue most/all of the listed cards because they are always available and have varying degrees of value.If you feel I have missed anything out, please let me know in the comments below.

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These are who I consider to be the most vital farmable monsters moving forward into 2017 for Puzzle and Dragons in no particular order:

Gainut Scarlet Icon Volsung Linthia Nordis Z8 Miru Awoken Zeus 3074 2526

Cross Valk Flame Armour Ogre 312 Echidna Zera 2809 2121 2398 2894 1206

1090 Blast Aurora Dragon Generate Earch Dragon Tornado Holy Dragon Cyclone Devil Dragon 2739 2740 2741 2742 CDK R

1466 604 2639 3045 2055 1064 Ult Zeus Dios Tengu Griffin hera beorc

3237 1206 Lilith Goemon Swallow Tail Diza Hera-Is Elia Grisar 440

3159 3365 283 784 Kaguya-hime 1230

Rogue descends bosses

Rogue Descends are the purple/pink dungeons that have a leveling up mechanic. This means your monsters start at level 1 and gain experience as you progress through the dungeon based on their team cost. These tend to be challenging dungeons with the bosses having difficult evolution paths and a lengthy skill up process; however, they have varying degrees of usage and have become easier to acquire due to stronger teams/leaders.


Gainut Gainaut
Gainut has the beneficial coop boost Multiplayer Bonus along with a full board changer that creates fire, water, wood, light, dark, hearts, and Jammer orbs. This has many applications on rainbow teams, but has the most value on Ronove Ronove teams. Gainut covers two awkward colours along with an active that creates a wood heavy and heart crossable board when used in conjunction Ronove’s short cooldown active.
Scarlet Icon Scarlet
Scarlet once made powerful system team due to her fire generating active and haste component. Presently, she is able to act as a stand-in sub on virtually any mono-fire team as she provides beneficial awakenings along with the same helpful active that can help correct a poor board changer or cycle through other abilities.

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