Cosmic Trinity Farming


Cosmic Trinity Annihilation (CTA) is an end game dungeon that features nearly all the bosses in the game in a randomized order with greatly inflated stats. Furthermore, the final floor is home to three new encounters who are intimidating to say the least.

However, with the release of additional cards, CTA has become significantly more manageable to the point where there are a variety of teams that can function as a carry as they have the means to seamlessly defeat the final bosses.

This article will be going over the common carry team set ups as well as advice on what type of compositions all three players should bring.

Video commentary

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What is Cosmic Trinity Annihilation?

Cosmic Trinity Annihilation is a 7 floor end game dungeon that has randomized spawns. The first 6 floors are drawn from a pool of various bosses that gain more inflated stats the further you progress up to the point where they become somewhat silly as they can boast amazing amounts of health, deal lethal amounts of damage, and potentially carry silly mechanics. However, floor 1 almost always tends to be relatively easy and many teams may wish to stall there if required.

After floor 1 (barring Sopdet), the pace begins to ramp up. You will encounter bosses you have seen before, but they will have dramatically augmented stats that increase with each passing floor. It is this reason that many older teams struggle as they lack sufficient damage to overcome these spawns as they can surpass 40 million towards the end.

Unique hurdles to Cosmic Trinity

Every dungeon has it’s own hurdles and Cosmic Trinity is no exception; however, due to the rules in 3 player, you cannot use the same set ups as in other dungeons.

First off, 3 player means you have to rely on only your own awakenings, health pool, and actives. Bind clears will not take effect across other players and you must be able to bring a self sufficient team. Furthermore, stalling becomes problematic as you can only charge up your skills every 3 turns which could result in you reaching the boss after only taking 2 actions. Thus, you must find a delicate balance between performance and Skill Boost Skill Boost oriented cards.

Finally, there is a certain risk when playing 3 player as there is no sophisticated in game communication and we only have a NICE! button to work with.

Self sufficiency

When playing in Cosmic Trinity, you have to essentially build your team like you would if playing solo. This means having the answers to binds, 100% SBR Skill Lock Resist coverage, and access to some actives at the beginning of the run.

While this is achievable by a wide variety of teams, you may not always be able to feasibly stall for those components to come up and must be prepared to advance quickly through the dungeon.

The following is a brief mental checklist of what I try to bring in any Cosmic Trinity team:

  • Enough Skill Boosts Skill Boost to have some actives ready by your first turn
  • 100% SBR Skill Lock Resist coverage
  • A solution to binds (bind immune leaders are preferred)
  • Ability to deal sufficient damage
  • Killer awakenings are an asset
  • Durability (HP/RCV) is an asset
  • Do not bring orb hungry mono colour or 5o1e teams

The reason why I advise you to not bring orb hungry mono colour teams is their inability to kill a floor from most given boards and their reliance on orb changers. Conversely, 5o1e teams are perhaps the worst to bring as you will not have an enhanced orb on your turn unless other players run those awakenings.

However, there are many mono colour teams that rely on 2 colour combos and this is perfectly achievable as you can budget an active each turn and deal spectacular damage. Furthermore, two combos worth of orbs is statistically possible from most given boards.

Carry teams

Due to the fact that Cosmic Trinity has been out for several months (and that JP has had it for about 3 months longer), players have devised tactics to create teams that can “carry” other players as they have the capacity to deal with at least 2 of the 3 final spawns. I only say 2/3 because Azathoth  is far less common by comparison.

In essence, a carry team is able to have the required actives charged up in a timely manner (ideally by the time you reach the boss even if you never stall) and can deal enough damage while bypassing the boss’s mechanics.

Looking at all the Cosmic Trinity bosses, they all share Devil and Dragon typing which makes those respective killers (Dragon Killer Devil killer) and latents essential to success.


Cthulhu has 200 million health, 50% resolve, and spawns a clouds on the bottom row. Furthermore, he will deal 60k damage on his first turn adn then throw up a combo shield that forces you to hit 7 or more combos.

However, he can be easily mitigated through a full mono board changer and Mel  style active that spawns a column of different orbs. You can also use anything that produces a fixed amount of different orbs to use in conjunction with your board changer.


Nyarlathotep has 300 million health but has no resolve. Instead, he will cover the entire board in super darkened orbs for 30 turns. These super darken orbs are not revealed when moving over them and must be matched away to remove the darkness. While this is horrible overall, you can easily utilize a full mono board changer or bi colour boards with heart orbs. The key is to use the heart orbs to showcase the different orbs in the dark and match accordingly.


Azathoth has 500 million health along with a void of over 30 million. In addition, there will be 99 turns of locked orbs falling down which can mean doom for teams without an orb unlock. At this point in time, it is mostly just Yog  teams who can seamlessly clear Azathoth in one turn due to the power of his high leader skill and Pixel Cloud . If you see a Yog player with the proper set up (shown below), you must pass or make 0 combos to ensure no locked orbs fall down as it will disrupt their ability to kill in one go.

Teams used

The following are templates for various carry-style teams or specific setups to help you advance through Cosmic Trinity. Some may have some room for adjustments but others are more rigid.

I am only showing the required Killer Latent for success; however, ample usage of SDR Skill delay resist is usually the default choice otherwise.

In the spirit of redundancy, if you see any player with this set up or something very similar, pass to them right away on the boss floor.


Inahime is unable to match 3 connected orbs which would seem counter intuitive, but is actually an asset under the right conditions. Being unable to match sets of 3 means you can pre-match a board for your partners along with ensuring you can save their specific colours for their next turn.

Outside of the potential for teamwork, Inahime boasts an amazingly high multiplier for only 2 fire combos (requires 8 orbs) which can often sweep through most of the first six floors. However, their main strength is the ability to capitalize on Tsubaki 3260 and their double Dragon Killers. This when used in conjunction with Killer latents enables them to have amazingly high damage output.

Inahime Cosmic Trinity
3260 3260 3101
Latent Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer

This is the set up I use (I can inherit variuos fire attribute cards for stat transfer) but this works due to the fact that you use the Urd + Sanada combo to produce a 2/3 fire enhanced board with hearts. This can then be moved into position to deal with Cthulhu or Nyarlathotep. I am well aware that this requires more effort as you have to do a bit of puzzling on the boss, but requires no stalling.

The other option is to run Beach Goemon B Goemon instead of Sanada and using Mel  to form a column of heart orbs. However, this does require an orb enhance or other damage boost and you do have to stall 2 turns (only have 11 Skill Boosts)


Nene is not a traditional carry team as she lacks the ideal options to handle the 2 common bosses due to no double Killer sub. However, she is able to make use of Whaledor  and his 5 Skill Boosts. This will be done in order to carry Fujin 3414 to have the absorb void ready by floor 6 with no stalling should you encounter Hanuman. Hanuman is probably the most toxic spawn ever designed with 41 million health and 1 million absorb for 99 turns. While there are other teams who could potentially utilize Whaledors, I feel that Nene does it the best as she still retains massive damage output with only 2 water combos and can take advantage of the inability to match 3 connected orbs.

Nene Cosmic Trinity
3391 3069
Inherit 3414 3103 Carat BL Hermes

You must use Mori 3103 for the 2 turns of haste to ensure you can have Fujin charged with no stalling. Blue Odin3391  provides additional damage from his row Water Row awakenings to help out on the earlier floors while Sarasvati 3069 is required for the final SBR Skill Lock Resist awakening. The Carat Carat inherit provides an outrageous damage multiplier and can ensure you teammates have more than enough output against the final boss.

Sarasvati’s inherit can be any orb changer of your choice.


I feel that Oichi is superior to Inahime due to being able utilize the full board changer plus Mel without any stalling. Furthermore, the team building requirements are significantly lower as you can use two farmable cards. However, a large portion of your damage comes from being able to use Mito 

Oichi is also able to benefit from the inability to match connected 3 orbs to better set up boards for her partners.

Oichi Cosmic Trinity
Avalon Drake Ult Zeus Dios
Latent  Devil killer Devil killer

Just be aware that you can replace Avalon Drake for Tengu Tengu but this will offer you less damage overall. Yomi  can be any wood orb enhance.


Yog is one of the best leaders in Puzzle and Dragons and it is no surprise that he excels in Cosmic Trinity. Yog’s main weakness is his health-conditional multiplier, but this can be easily circumnavigated via his base active and the fact that CTA is a short dungeon.

Furthermore, Light has arguably the strongest Pixel cards which enables Yog teams to deal sufficient damage to one shot Azathoth. Pixel Cloud  is particularly strong as he has both a natural Killer and Box awakening.

Yog Cosmic Trinity
Inherit Cross Valk Beach Myr
Latent  Devil killer Devil killer
Devil killer
Dragon Killer Dragon Killer
Dragon Killer

The general concept with Yog teams is you use Yog’s base active followed up by Ana Valkyrie Cross Valk. This will produce an entire board of enhanced light orbs. You then use Beach Myr Beach Myr to make a guaranteed spawn of 7 heart orbs which can then be manipulated into place to either trigger Follow Up Attack  or Box  awakening.

On a side note, you are able to build Yog teams with Avalon Drakes Avalon Drake, NY Tengu 2540 to carry a Fujin as a sub.

 Dark Metatron

I used to use Dark Metatron as my farming team of choice in early August. However, this was before Follow Up Attack and the above options and no longer use this team. However, it is still nice to refer to but does require some stalling and is less consistent due to requiring more active skills. You can find that corresponding article HERE.

I don’t have any of these teams/leaders

This will most likely be the norm for many players but you are still able to enjoy the benefits of CTA provided you can bring a composition that is favourable.

One hurdle the above teams is combo shields due to either a lack of time extends or the inability to match connected three. Thus, if you are able to play a combo-oriented leader (and have the player skill to match), you can be an asset.

Thus, I feel that Blue Hunter  performs the best provided you have ample 7 Combo 45 subs. Blue Hunter has both an HP and RCV multiplier that enables him to tank any hit in the dungeon along with the ability to sweep most floors from any given board.

I would rather run Blue Hunter than Anubis 3385 simply because 7 combos is more realistic than 8 (average board has 7.5) and the augmented health pool. Anubis is capable of much higher spike in damage, but the lack of consistency on a 6×5 board is problematic.

Conversely, you can run a purely supportive team that brings utility such as shields, delays, and damage boosts.


Cosmic Trinity is still a challenging dungeon if unprepared, but has become significantly more manageable over time. With carry/kill teams now in available, players are able to seamlessly sweep through the final floors without much effort.

While Cosmic Trinity does not offer Killer latents or Monster Points as prizes, the three boss drops are powerful subs on a variety of teams when used in coop and are worth pursuing overall.

Let me know what you think about Cosmic Trinity and how you approach this dungeon.

Happy Puzzling!

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25 thoughts on “Cosmic Trinity Farming”

  1. With the release of Kiri, Nene should be a future ideal card for Cosmic Trinity. First of all, both Kiri and Nene can take devil killers, which maximizes the amount of damage you can do to the boss.

    Kiri itself if very powerful for any water team, as she changes the enemies attribute to fire, and has triple dragon killer. which gives a 182.25x boost to the bosses, along with Nene’s x256 (If Kiri is fully awoken, has triple devil killer, and changed the attribute to fire). Kiri herself is enough to one-shot Azathoth with another pixel awakening.
    If those terms are fullfiled, then Kiri herself will do 100M damage with a 2 combo master.

    Nene itself, is not a very bad card as she is flexible like Inahime, and Oichi, however cannot connect 3 orbs. I do understand that these cards also need lots of board changers, as I myself play Oichi and Nene.


  2. If you don’t have Yog, you may be able to get away with pairing similar leaders with Yog. For example, if you pair Ameno with Yog then you get the same multiplier (since you’re using an active every turn so you’ll have plenty of light). You do lose one skill boost, so you’ll need to think about team composition or stall.


    1. The final damage output may or may not be jeopardized (I cannot test due to not owning either leader). However, if you can guarantee you can sweep all the none bosses, you will still be a desirable partner


  3. It’s not said enough, this is the kind of high quality insight, with immediately useful illustrative examples, that makes me appreciate what a fine fellow you are. Thanks for posting, and I hope you are doing well in day to day life.


    1. Thank you very much Jason for the kind words and encouragement =) It is comments like these that give me motivation to continue creating content

      PS, my day just got a little bit brighter after reading this


  4. Is there any replacement for beach Myr? I cant seem to find any other sub that makes at least 6 hearts without messing up the light orbs.


    1. There are other options but they are still hard to get. You have Xiang Mei’s new evo (just came out in Japan) Halloween Xiang Mei, Weejas, Kaede and sumire. Some problems here are that Xiang mei isn’t out yet Halloween is hard to get weejas has a longer active and sumire and kaede don’t make hearts so you can’t to follow up attack


  5. I’m not sure where to put this but I found a way to kill azathoth while still having viability with killing the others without cloud with yog

    Yog/ Saria/Wukong/Pixel Tifa/Carat/Yog
    Inherits: none/apoc/anavalk/sumire/none/none

    This way I have haste on saria and have the kill board up in 2 turns the problems are with sumire you can’t kill Cthulhu.
    I’m also trying to improve this team. Is there anything I should improve about this team that anyone can see?


  6. I just tried for the first time today with Blue Hunter. Got all the way to Cthulu. Then my team mates both died. On my last turn I activated a follow up attack and took him from full to about 1/3 of his health. Because i was no longer in multiplayer…i lost my 1.5x for each lead. If i had had a teammate, it would have been a victory. Oh well, it makes me a little more willing to try it some more.

    Question though…I have most of what is needed for a Yog team. The only things i dont have are beach myr and Ma Chao for inherits as well as a killer latent or 2.

    Beach Myr has come and gone but HXM is purchaseable…would she be a worthwhile investment?


    1. If you are truly set on farming CTA with Yog, HXM is worthwhile as she can spawn the same kill board. Ma Chao is mostly for the unlock so not really needed

      Killers can be traded for =P


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