Efficient Cosmic Trinity Farming with Mantastic and Fantastic


Cosmic Trinity is one of the hardest dungeons in the game as it features 6 floors of randomly spawned Descend Bosses that gain increasingly higher stats. Furthermore, if you are able to survive the randomness of each floor, you will be greeted by one of three incredibly challenging bosses on floor 7.

It is both the randomness, massive damage output, and health of the each floor that makes Cosmic Trinity challenging. However, if you have well invested teams with the appropriate Killers and inherits, you will be able to overcome the majority of floors and even cheese your way through the final floor.

However, even the most prepared teams can face certain death if the wrong spawns do appear so it can be challenging to have a perfect clear rate.

With all that being said, I have devised an efficient set up for my two account that enables me to easily bypass all 3 final boss encounters with Cthulhu  and Nyarlathotep  being killed in one or two turns.

Video commentary/gameplay

–videos coming soon—

Fine print

This is not the only efficient set up that can be created but is the best I can put together given my two Monster Boxes. I still require some stalling on the first floor, but given Dark Metatron’s durability, it is rarely a problem and is even easier when I play with just myself.

Team set ups

I use Mantastic as the kill set up against Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep which requires 3-4 active skills. Thus, Fantastic tries to utilize more orb changers as well as a long lasting burst inherit to help push through the earlier floors. Furthermore, with the no skyfall clause, I am able to successfully use dark skyfall actives to help ensure I can sweep repeated floors. Finally, I try to avoid orb enhance awakenings as it can throw off damage calculations.

Mantastic Cosmic Trinity (Boss Killer)
Card Awoken Archdemon Lucifer
Inherit Wee Jas 3110 Eschamali Red Sonia
Latent Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer
Fantastic Cosmic Trinity (Pre-Boss Killer)
Card Dark Valk
Inherit Flex Ryune Empty Eschamali
Latent Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer Devil killer

 =  -> Red Sonia ->  -> Wee Jas 4 Combo, 1 Row

  -> Red Sonia -> 3110 -> Wee Jas 4 Combo, 2 Rows

On Cthulhu  you may not need to use Durga  if you are already in your health zone and have Fantastic’s Durga boost carrying over. The 6 heart orbs are able to help you heal, but you do have to absorb a 60,198 damaging hit.

In theory, I can dance around a bit with Nyarlathotep if I use my Akechi 3110 beforehand as I usually end the run with some actives to spare.

Why Pandora?

Pandora  is pivotal to this set up as she has no Orb Enhances Dark Orb Enhance, high natural health, two Skill Boosts  Skill Boost, ample Row Dark row awakenings, and Time Extend. I want to have no orb enhances as my set up enables me to deal exactly the right amount of damage to Cthulhu to bring them under their resolve threshold with my active skill usage. Furthermore, the Rows also help me control my output for prior floors as my damage will be significantly lower to help with Resolve spawns.

In addition, Pandora is able to equip Devil Killers Devil killer which is crucial for handling all the bosses along with quite a few other earlier spawns. Granted Haku  can use Dragon Killers Dragon Killer so there is no net gain on the boss, but there are more Devils in the first 6 floors.

For Cosmic Trinity I prefer Pandora, but for most other generic content I tend to favour Haku as the Orb Enhances, dual TPA TPA, and 7 Combo 45 facilitate faster gameplay as you are less orb hungry.

General Strategy

Mantastic’s side ideally wants to retain all 4 of his key actives to seamlessly deal with Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep but it requires a bit of stalling on floor 1, even with my total 13 Skill Boosts. However, the first floor tends to hit like a wet noodle with only a few presenting some threat (outside of Sopdet) and if necessary, I can simply stall on floor 2.

Once my active skills are ready, I will sweep the first floor with no actives and then I now have 5 orb changers across my two teams for the 5 remaining floors. Furthermore, the enhanced skyfalls can help me cool/collect dark orbs to further reduce the need to use actives. Thus, it is possible to go quite quickly provided the spawns lack dangerous mechanics.

Mantastic does not require health management when entering the final floor as Durga  will be used for sufficient damage. Now Fantastic may or may not have used their Durga beforehand (sometimes required on exceptionally tanky floors) and I may need to exercise caution in my health when entering the boss.

I try my best to never use my Pass Turns unless something has gone horribly wrong and I require the other side’s actives or health pool (even with 2 players, the 3P Coop rules apply in that we have our own health pools).

Azathoth spawn

If you are fortunate enough to encounter Azathoth , the safest strategy (provided you do not run countless orb unlocker actives) is to stall out the 99 turns. This may sound horrible, but it is not as bad due to the fact that you are only hit once every 4 turns. This can lead to fast stalling of 1 or 0 combos and only matching more to replenish heart orbs.

Once the locked orbs are gone/during the 99 turns, you should bring him as close to 70% as possible (will have 350 million HP remaining). Once in position, you try your best to deal as close to 30 million damage at once and then continue to chunk away at his health as he will immediately revert to a 1 turn timer with status shield. However, the first turn when under 70% will not result in any damage so for myself, I can use Durga and heart breakers safely.

I usually try to save 1 Durga for <10% when he does a skip turn in case I need to readjust my HP.

When we receive the 3×3 box awakening, Yog  will become the best solution to Azathoth.


Cosmic Trinity is an amazingly challenging dungeon that has become easier over time as we have been able to devise intelligent strategies to seamlessly handle the two most common encounters.

The strategy I use is the best I can produce from my Monster Box and it is not the only one available. This set up does also allow for a third person to be pseudo carried provided they do not bring excessive orb enhance awakenings.

Let me know what you have used to conquer Cosmic Trinity and whether or not you plan to make any revisions.

Happy Puzzling!

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8 thoughts on “Efficient Cosmic Trinity Farming with Mantastic and Fantastic”

  1. Hmm… I am a little surprised that there isn’t more usage of the new FUA awakenings to be honest, especially given their hyped inclusion to NA.

    I was theorycrafting a little, and figured a green team with Mito and Verdandi might work the best against Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep at least. Mito’s devil killers would provide a lot of burst while Verdandi can ping down Cthulhu’s resolve.

    They’re both healers, so maybe a Kushi lead. It’s a work in progress, but I think a team like that could do rather well in the end.


    1. On that note, Diaochan might also fit as a good inclusion against Azathoth. Removing orb locks constantly is good, as is a 10% reduction in damage. Also has 7c.


      1. Yeah this is the team I have been using pre-FUA and the one nice benefit is that it is relatively low skill as you dont need to be a combo wizard to use it. Provided you have active skills, you cannot fail the two common spawns


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