Farm Your Kingtans and Extra Latent Tamadras


The upcoming Monster Bootcamp event features several new aspects that provide incentive to take part in the new bonuses. While there are less Magic Stones being given out via login bonus, the chance at snagging Kingtans and Extra Latent Tamadras are almost too good to pass up on.

Full notes can be found HERE.

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Kingtans enable guaranteed skill ups with the appropriate fodder when fused to an on-colour Monster. This is a wonderful alternative to Pys Shynpy for cards that have farmable skill up materials. Granted Pys are easier to acquire through Arena 1, you are taking a 1/5 chance to acquire the correct colour.

However, Kingtans do have a innate drawback: they require a total of 6-same colour Tans to form (1 for the base and 5 for evolution). Granted you can play Tan Infestation, you are still taking a gamble on which colour Tan drops and it is quite possible to have a poor distribution for the colour you actually want/need. Furthermore, Tan Infestation costs 25 stamina (in coop) for 4 Tans and offers almost no gold or rank experience so it can be somewhat viewed as a liability from a collateral benefits perspective.

For myself, I mostly use Tan Infestation as a stamina dump before a rank up as it is a bit too much of a gamble unless I need most of the colours.

Kingtans in Monster Bootcamp event

During the upcoming event, Kingtans of a specific colour will appear as a guaranteed spawn in featured descend dungeons. Now, this is equivalent to 6 on-colour Tans and a Descend costs the same amount of stamina as Tan Infestation. Furthermore, a Descend will award significantly more rank experience, gold, potentially useful boss drop as well as the chance at Plus Eggs.

Looking at the featured list, Zeus-Dios Descended has the mot value as you are able to acquire both the Woodtan AND Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios. This means you can skill up your Dios army for glorious button farming for the least amount of effort/resources spent.

Regardless, even if you do not care about the other drops, the fact that you can acquire 6 Tans for 25 stamina (in coop) while controlling the colour makes this event far superior to Tan Infestation.

For myself, I seem to always have a shortage of Wood and Light Kingtans due to the popularity of those colours and plan to heavily abuse those respective dungeons during the event.

Full list of invade schedule:

  • 25/8 (Fri): Diagoldos Descended!… King Flamtan
  • 26/8 (Sat): Indigo Descended!-7×6 Board… King Bubtan
  • 27/8 (Sun): Jörmungandr Descended!… King Woodtan
  • 28/8 (Mon): Aamir Descended!… King Badtan
  • 29/8 (Tue): Mephisto Descended!-No RCV… King Shyntan
  • 30/8 (Wed): The Thief Descended!… King Flamtan
  • 31/8 (Thurs): Hera-Is Descended!… King Bubtan
  • 1/9 (Fri): Zeus-Dios Descended!… King Woodtan
  • 2/9 (Sat): Journey to the West… King Shyntan
  • 3/9 (Sun): Beelzebub Descended!… King Badtan

Extra Latent Slot Tamadra

Extra Latent Slot Tamadras are an expensive way to add 1 additional Latent slot to your favourite Monsters. However, you must sacrifice a +297 along with the Tamadra for this to take effect.

This is far too expensive for the average player and will actually subtract 1 from your Quest progress if you have not already hit the 100 mark for a Badge.

However, these rare Tamadras do sell for 10,000 MP.

How valuable is 10,000 MP?

Outside of special events, it will take 20 clears of Arena 2+ or a Rogue Descend to amass 10,000 Monster Points from selling the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA. This equates to 500 stamina (in coop) for the Rogues and 1,000 for Arena (in coop). This is more than your daily natural stamina and also requires a great deal of effort to achieve.

Thus, having Extra Latent Slot Tamadras invade during the Monster Bootcamp event can be viewed as the most stamina efficient medium for acquiring Monster Points.

Cosmic Trinity Invades

Cosmic Trinity may be one of the hardest dungeons to tackle, but with the introduction of Follow Up Attack  and outrageously powerful multipliers, it has become significantly more manageable. While the Extra Latent Slot Tamadras are not a guarantee spawn on Floor 2, it is high enough to warrant running for the cost of 99 stamina.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to PADRadar which may make it challenging for the average player to utilize beyond the 10,000 MP sell price. Still, 10,000 MP for 99 stamina is easily the most efficient method outside of gift dungeons.

I have build a carry setup based on my own Monster Box (can read about it HERE) and it is not the only one presently available and the main idea is you have a way to easily deal with the two more common Boss spawns.


The Monster Bootcamp event is quite exciting as it allows players to pursue new rewards compared to events of the past. For myself, I plan to heavily stock up on Kingtans on each day and using excess stamina for Cosmic Trinity runs.

Let me know how you plan to manage your stamina during the event.

Happy Puzzling!

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9 thoughts on “Farm Your Kingtans and Extra Latent Tamadras”

  1. It is christmas! I have been collecting skill up material and using the minimum number of king tans. Today, I fused all that I could. Have at least 50 slots free on each account to hold king tans. Thinking I will end this event with 9 or 10 of each color.


    1. Light! Very high HP (for Anubis, or other leads without HP multiplier) as well as better awakenings, as God Killer Awakenings are kinda meh. She’s also a better leader and you have to remember that Light/Dark > Red/Blue/Green.


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